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  1. Do you have the gas tube assembly???
  2. Personally I'd love to hit up the MAA's Basic course! I doubt it will ever happen as I'm 1/2 way across the country, but man it'd be fun! The MAA is one of the most "on course" "on top the ball" organizations in the US. (and before you start with all the "My team is much more 1337" BS, I've never even been to their games. What I have done, unlike most of you, is communicate with their leaders, asked questions, and recieved tons of help for both my team and the Airsoft Safety Association... You should try it before you knock it.) And how many of us have been consulted before a locality makes a law/ordinance concerning airsoft? The MAA was instrumental in aiding in drafting one in their state.
  3. Yes it will work, though depending on your body composition, you may have some fogging issues.
  4. It should. I put the CA version K outer barrel, inner barrel and handguard on my JG C model. The one from EHobby is TM/CA compatible (so they said when I emailed them about the same thing>).
  5. My primary outdoor AEG My G36 family And my Acme Invitaional use only CQB primary
  6. Yes they are. On a whim, I purchased a CA G36 body from Warther's Originals Online (on ebay) and switched all the E1 internals to the CA body. And I've intermixed them a dozen times, using my E1, JG and CA gearboxes and trigger groups in each of the other's body's. I've also moved the fore ends around between the three different brands and everything was fine.
  7. While I don't necessarily agree with Bat's view on us, please remember this. Cops are not attorneys!!!! Meaning that we do not know every aspect of the law, nor do we always know the updates, and the mood of the Prosecutors Office. And we hear the "Officer/Deputy So and So said I could/is my best friend" lines so often it's immediately ignored until proven otherwise. I'd follow the above advice and get it in writing!
  8. Operation: Grizzly Agenda Ladies & Gentlemen, The Official website for Operation: Grizzly Agenda has launched at: http://www.operationgrizzlyagenda.com Ladies & Gentlemen, The Mid-Atlantic Airsoft Players Registry in conjunction with Outdoor Adventures brings you Operation: Grizzly Agenda. Date: Saturday, May 31, 2008 Location: Outdoor Adventures Paintball Park All New Rosedale Field! Map: Click here! Website: To be announced soon! Public Forums: Operation: Grizzly Agenda Forums (MAAPR Forum ID Required to chat) Game Price: Pre-Registration - $45 Day-of Registration - $65 Players who have attended at least one Safety & Training day receive a $5 discount Game Schedule: Friday May 30, 2008 1500 - Field gate opens 1700 - Chrono opens 1900 - Chrono closes 2200 - Lights Out 2201 - RON (Rest Over Night) Game Day: 0700 - Registration and Chrono Opens 0900 - Safety briefing for all players 1000-1630 - Day Game 1630-1900 - Dinner/Raffle 1900-2300 - Night Game Items of Interest: Battle "Tanks" on the field, Night Vision is Allowed!! Free Hot Dinner!! Scenario: 2013 saw turbulent times for the entire world. Prolonged fighting in the Middle East coupled with the collapse of the European market pushed the entire Eastern half of Europe into instability. The World hung on the edge of WW-III with smaller countries plunging into civil wars as their entire economies imploded. There was a rancorous split amongst the larger European Union countries and Russian leadership deemed intervention as the best way to handle the crisis. When the neighboring country of Pottslovenia disintegrated into civil war, the Russians intervened by sending a motor rifle regiment. Led by the cunning Ivan Absolut, the armed incursion was ostensibly in the interest of stabilizing the country. In reality, the Russians were backing anti-government rebels in a brash attempt to reabsorb the former nation. Their actions we're largely decried by the EU member nations who appealed to the UN for intervention. While the UN security council was working on not coming up with a solution to the issue, the Romanian Government sent an expeditionary force into the country from the eastern side. The Romanians immediately found themselves overwhelmed as they were simultaneously battling anti-government rebels, supporting pro-government forces, attempting to stabilize the civilian population, and dealing with what many felt was an outright Russian invasion. Hostilities quickly escalated as Russian and Romanian forces began openly clashing with each other. A request for further assistance was sent to NATO. President Dan Quayle responded by sending Task Force Hammer to assist the beleaguered Romanians led by the brilliant General Chest Rockwell. Further complicating the issue is a mysterious fighter calling himself Sheik Rattlen Roll who's loyalties are dubious at best. His fighters have been seen both aiding and battling all sides in the country. Some believe he supports the Russians, some believe he supports the government, most are of the opinion he's out for himself. The sure thing is, whatever side he's on, he going to have to be dealt with. Game Sponsors: http://www.depot53.com/ http://www.oapaintball.com/ http://www.airsplat.com/ http://www.airsoftextreme.com/ http://www.wgcshop.com/ http://www.marylandtacticalsupply.com/ http://www.airsoftcqb.com/ Sponsors are added as they agree to come onboard. Check back for updates! Game Information: - All pertinent information for the game can be found on the game's website, linked above. - For additional questions, please post in the Game's Public Forum. Someone else might have the same question! - Biodegradable ammunition is required for all AEG's. - Electric hookups are not available for charging. Bring your own Vehicle AC/DC converters for battery charging. - Hot chow will be available for purchase at lunchtime. - Open fires or charcoal grills are not allowed on the property. Small propane grills are authorized. - Depending on weather conditions, there may be a large (managed) bonfire during RON. - "Cold Burning" smoke grenades are authorized, pending game-day decision based on weather conditions. NPC & Staff Interaction: - There will be NPC's on the field, as well as Scripted Characters. Interaction is encouraged and sometimes required for missions. - The "Sheik's Fist" is a closed team which can be bought, bartered with, recruited, etc. - Team affiliation with "Sheik's Fist" will be clearly known to all players based on the color of the headwraps being worn by this team. RON Information: - Tents are encouraged - Recreational Vehicles (RV's) may be brought if coordinated ahead of time. Contact MessedUpMike to arrange for space for your RV. - Do not empty your "brown water" or sewer tanks on the property. Gas, Electric, & Water hookups are not available. FPS Information: All weapons (except pistols) will be chrono'd with .20g bb's prior to entering the field. FPS Limits are: AEG's - 420fps w/ .20g bb's Sniper Rifles - - 500fps w/ .20g bb's (all single shot-only rifles) On the Spot checks will be done if a player is suspected of having a "hot" gun. Players are required to submit to random, on-the-spot checks by referees or game staff. Refusal to allow on-the-spot checks, or being found in possession of a "hot" gun will be cause for game ejection. In addition, players attempting to "beat the chrono" will be ejected. Safety Information: - Due to insurance regulations, all players are required to have a full, ANSI-rated paintball mask. - Masks must have solid lenses, full face coverage, and must cover eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. - Goggles w/ balaclava, shooting glasses, and mesh masks are not authorized. Trash Disposal: - Players are required to collect their own trash. - There will be garbage collection bags on-site for disposal. - Dumping is not authorized. Uniform Restrictions: Uniform restrictions for this game will be strictly enforced. Attendees not in the correct uniform, will not be granted access to the field. UN Forces: US Army - ACU USMC - Desert MARPAT Romanian Forces - 3/6 Color Desert Russian Regimental - Woodland, green-based russian "flora", vietnam tigerstripe - Entry wristbands will be color coordinated to identify which team you are playing for. - Arm bands/tape will not be utilized for this event. - Players without one of the above-listed uniforms, will not be allowed entry to the field. - Players must have a uniform in which the top pattern matches the bottom pattern. Do you have what it takes to be a part of a the 9th MAAPR-sponsored game? Join us and find out! In the past, our events have numbered between 100 - 278 players. Don't be left out!
  9. I've had the same issue. Adding a Sector Chip solved my problems. It adds a slight delay in the tappet plate and has kept my mags from skipping. Here is a pic of it. (by the by, you can either fashion your own out of broken tappet plates, or you can by the Kings Arms ones.)
  10. Two words. East Coast!
  11. I've been training in martial arts since I was 10. I've studied 3 different styles of Karate, spent 10 years studying Northern Shaolin Kung Fu (and ran the local school along with the organizations Va. Chapter), and I've been studying Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA since 1994. I was fighting in MMA matches long before it was called MMA and was called NHB or Vale Tudo. (I do not fight any longer, but I do promote events and referee.) I'm also certified as a Va state Defensive Tactics Instructor (for LEO academy training), and recently was certified in Tony Blauer's S.P.E.A.R. System, instructor (level 1) course. I've been lucky enough to train with greats like Guru Dan Inosanto, the late Punong Guru Edgar Sulite, Chai Sirusute, Frank Cucci, Mike Krivka, Brent Pierce, Greg Thompson, Tony Blauer and Tony Torres, and Professor Pedro Sauer. It's my passion.
  12. The internal parts should be all interchangable, as they use the Version 3 gearbox. The only difference in the gearbox's is that the SL8/9 does not have the "nub" on top for the long screw (that goes in the rear , stock section, to hold the gearbox up). And for the outer, you have to have the SL8/9 upper body to use the SL8/9 stock and vise versa. The forends should be mix n match, though the longer G36/SL8 forends may overshadow the G36C versions flash hider.
  13. I put my CA G36K outer barrel, inner barrel and hang guard on a JG C model. Works fine.
  14. Nice stuff. And the song is Ozzy Osbournes "I Don't Wanna Stop"
  15. I have 4 of them. Two C models, a K model and the full length 36. The only problem I've had with any of the stocks was with the K length stock. Being I'm short, I had a hard time getting good eye relief on the scope with the longer K stock. I replaced it with the C length and problem solved. Also, one of my guys uses the C model, and at 6' 4", 300 + pounds he does fine with it
  16. if I remember correctly I bought the eBook online for like $5 or something like that. I want to say Amazon, but again, its been almost two years ago so I'm not positive.
  17. It looks great in the mag and on the site. And at $130 a pop, it will never see the inside of my little "war room".
  18. I have it. Its not as comprehensive as his first book "Light Infantry Tactics for Small Teams", but it is pretty good.
  19. If you're speaking of the fields located in Chesapeake VA, I think its a clear cut case of ! And if he has proof that the commercial field is the one that called the city, I'm all for seeing it, cause I would post that. If these are the same two I've seen coming on the forums claiming to be new, all the while just trying to drum up business for their airsoft field and "killhouse", I'm all for boycotting their field. Calling the city on someone just to advance your own business (when safety is not an issue) is dishonorable, despicable and should not be supported.
  20. Ouch! The ref takes a point and warns to keep the gloves up! Actually I had my 36th just yesterday, on the 19th! But you win by default, as I'm not in the NOVA area!!
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