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  1. BRASS uses the Sealed Card Medic System. It is as follows - ******************************************************************************** *** Sunday, July 30th, 2006 Sealed Card Medic System Take a stack of 3x5 cards. On each card place a wound and a time limit Here is a sample of what I used Arm or Leg flesh wound = 1 minute (I used one card for arm and one for leg) Arm or Leg Through and Through = 2 minutes (again I used one for arm and one for leg) Gut Shot = 3 minutes Chest Wound = 4 minutes Head Shot = 5 minutes Any wound or time could be used, but those were the least complicated I could come up with, and the times fit our style of play. Now take the cards and fold them in half so that the writing is hidden. Place a piece of tape over the open end. After you've done all the cards, shuffle them up. Each player takes the prescribed number of cards (we usually take 2 or 3 each, finding that any more is way to many) without looking at them. When a player is hit, they retreat to cover and open the card. They then find out how long their re-spawn time will be. What we've discovered is that this brings the element of the unknown into the re-spawn area. Now when a player gets a “kill” he has to relocate quickly, not knowing if the other player will be re-spawning soon or in a few minutes. Once a player has used his alloted number of cards, he is out of the round/game. Itsahak Team BRASS Sunday, July 30th, 2006 ********************************************************************** For your situation, it would also help if you set the respawn area away from the flag. That keeps you from respawning right on top of the OpFor.
  2. When registering at the D6 site, make sure to fill out your profile! They, like almost every other site out there is getting hammered daily by spambots. Some legitimate accounts get zapped if you don't fill out the profile completely.
  3. Let me submit this to you guys. There are plenty of teams in Va. The issue is that there is very little UNITY... Everyone wants to run off and do their own thing, teams don't get along with each other, there is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much Internet toughguy-ism going around, and everyone seems to want to be "top dog". If you guys want to form a team (and I'm curious as to what legal issue's were mentioned, if someone could PM me), I'm all for it. But why not do so in the context and forums already present within the Va airsoft community? MAAPR (www.maapr.com) was mentioned, and there is also the Virginia Airsoft Force forums (www.virginiaairsoft.org). If you guys need any aid or assistance in either starting a team, or in using either of the aforementioned forums, please let me know!
  4. HAHAHA!! Yeah, I'm everyone online!!!!
  5. Defintily check out the VAF forums. FireFox33, Check us out, we are in Lynchburg! www.brassairsoft.com
  6. a MP5 SD5 hand guard with rails I put together a while ago.
  7. VAF hasn't died at all. There are tons of games all over the state every weekend. However, it seems that there are many fractures and irritations between different factions of Virginia airsofter's. However, if you're around the Lynchburg area, look us up. www.brassairsoft.com
  8. We used to play against a team that either refused to wear eye protection, or would start out with it on, then remove it once they were out of sight. Never quite understood that...
  9. yes. I'm not an expert on battery's but the guys at AirsoftMechanics.com tried to explain it to me. It has something to do with the amps put out by the Sub C cells. I tried every mini I could get my hands on (excluding LiPo's) and nothing less than a large battery would work. Now that is assuming you done everything else correctly. If you didn't shim it at all, that could lead to the gears locking up.
  10. The spring is too strong for the mini battery. I've had the same issue while upgrading both my CA M15 A4 Carbine and my CA G36. The mini's just don't have the juice. I had to use the large (sub C cell) battery. I had to rewire the M15 to the rear, and for the G36 I just put the battery bag under the hand guard. Hope that helps.
  11. I believe they are the same. The main difference being that the G36 gaerbox has the small "widget" on top for the screw (under the folding stock) to hold the gear box in place.
  12. Theres a small door behind the hole that flips up. You fill it there,, then wind the wheel on the bottom.
  13. Its basic marketing strategy. Make a good product and include a bunch of extras. Once its selling off the shelves and has established itself, you pull some of the extras. Now Mr. Consumer has to pay extra for that battery and charger that used to be included, only he still pays the same for the replica. Thus, E1 makes more money. Sucks for us, but a smart business move for them, as its actually an industry standard and acceptable.
  14. itsahak


    Both have their place, and in the real version both are incredible firearms. However I don't think there is anything that compares to the P90 when discussing a CQB weapon..
  15. first of all, why should I feel anything for paintballers and vise versa? They have their fun and their passion, and we have ours. I've got friends that paintball, and won't come play airsoft, and I won't go play paintball. It doesn't appeal to me, nor airsoft to them. And its all cool. Different strokes for different folks. Don't down them for their choice, and I could care less if t hey down me for mine.
  16. I could suggest you reach back into GI Joe history and use Crimson Guard! http://www.violentfix.com/cobra/newworldorder.htm
  17. I have two of them that I used briefly. I only used my MAG mids and CA high caps in them. The MAG's worked perfectly, but the CA Hi's were a little loose and if you pulled, they would slide out. I finally decided to forget it and put the original back on.
  18. BRASS is in Lynchburg and plays almost weekly. PM me. www.brassairsoft.com
  19. You're gonna get seriously owned, but hey, enjoy yourself. After a game or so, they will either stop coming or learn.
  20. sure it does.. Their new to airsoft from Cyprus Texas and are high school freshman Though it doesn't have Crimson in the title, I've always been partial to Fast Action Response Team If nothing else it makes a great acryonym!
  21. Check Depot 53's going out sale. They have the long rails for 15 for the set....
  22. You can check with the County/City Registrar's office for the owners information. You can also do a deed search at the Circuit Court (Freedom of Info act), and you may find a GIS map on your city/county website (if they have one). Then you need to contact the owner and get permission to use the property (and make sure you keep it with you or easily accessible!). Contacting the local LEO is a great idea as far as letting them know what you are doing there, and maybe seeing if they will put copy of your permission letter on file. For an event of large size you should look into insurance as well (and it may well be required by the land owner).
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