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  1. I find it hard to believe that any fields insurance policy would approve that. I bet he will be sent down the drain on the first suit brought against them.
  2. If you're willing to drive, I host pick up games monthly and 3 Ops per year in the Lynchburg area.
  3. In the 20+ years of my training, I've found the biggest key to losing, and keeping weight off or muscle on is consistency. I always tell my students, "your speed, your strength, your quickness, your drive do not impress me. Be here, doing this 20 years from now. That will impress me!"
  4. I prefer a two point. I have run single points many times and with out fail any time I transition from rifle to pistol, my rifle smacks me straight in my manhood. It doesn't matter how or where I move the rifle, somewhere in there is swings back and POW!! Also, my job requires me to go hands on so I prefer not to have a rifle swinging around during that time. Three point slings are just to complicated and get in the way.
  5. I was running under cover fire, tripped on a rock and fell. Bounced my nose off of the rear carry handle sight and broke my nose... Again... Myles, Is your epilepsy medicine controlled? Both of my boys are epileptic also...
  6. Nah, I had to do something. I can't sing or dance....
  7. Muay Thai, Royce Gracie Jiu Jitsu, and MMA...
  8. Centurion Holdings, LLC and Op4 Airsoft are in the Amherst/Lynchburg/Bedford area. Wolfpack is in Martinsville World Security Services, INC is spread out between Farmville and Roanoke Roanoke Airsoft (retail store) is in Roanoke and there are a bunch of guys that come in all the time that play. OSN-RUS has players all over. We also hold occasional games in Afton, just outside of Charlottesville. We had 40ish at last Saturday's Op...
  9. We have also seen a decline in the use of dead rags. We are seeing more players "act out" the hit. Not all of us, as I don't, but there is a growing section of players that enjoy it. And I have to admit, it really adds to the flavor of the game when I see my buddy Tom get hit, fall, and roll down the hill...
  10. If I may add to your list, You may not Surrender more players than you have with you! I have seen one guy try to pop over a hill and claim and entire squad of 6 is surrendered... The ref gave him two of the guys as "out" but declared the other 4 would have shot him, so he was out as well... We use this as a courtesy, not really a "rule". You are allowed to try and go Rambo on someone if they have the drop on you, but by doing so you accept the consequences of the fire they are about to put on you. It's worked well for many years, as most people just take the offered courtesy...
  11. The worst I've had is both the finger tips and the tip of Mr. Happy... I caught the latter in a CQB environment and man that hurt like hell!!!
  12. itsahak

    Hi From NC!

    Welcome to the forums from your Virginia neighbor!
  13. Welcome to the forums! I also use my airsoft replica's to train my real steel. And I am glad there are people like you that do the medical side. I hated that part of the first PD I worked for, as we were a small department and did first response as well...
  14. I bought the WE Pistol from him. Very fast communications, excellent price, and it was shipped out and received fast! Thank you!!!
  15. It's been done successfully before. The USASOC E-zine was started by a 14 year old home school student. It was a very good Ezine. I have several of them saved on my home computer. PM me an email address and I'll zip you some copies for reference.
  16. I think the supplement industry is a huge scam anyway. I used to roll through a 2 lb bucket of protien in about a week and a 1/2, took creatine daily, glutamine, etc, etc. Never did the 'roid route though. After I left off using them I got to my highest weight/lowest fat content,, and recorded my best personal records. I ditched them years ago in favor of real food...
  17. 1 - Single point sling attaches to the replica at one point I dislike these. I find when I try to transition to my pistol while wearing these the rifle tends to smack me in the groin. In my line of work I also find that it allows the rifle to flop around too much when going hands on... 2 point slings attach at 2 points My preferred method. Keeps the rifle from moving around too much and attaches it solidly to my person. 3 point slings attach at 2 points but have a 3rd point where it basically attaches to itself. These were fine when running MP5's. I find with M4's the 3rd point is cumbersome and in the way. Sling length can vary between makers. I prefer one that is easily adjustable like the Magpul MS3, or Blue Force Gear slings...
  18. I despise pressure switches. I've been backlit a time or two by my partners running them and accidentally hitting them. And I've snagged them on door handles and had them ripped out when having to go hands on... I much prefer a thumb/finger operated switch...
  19. Quoted because it needs to be repeated. If they won't play honorably, don't play with them. And no do not pepper spray anyone. You can be charged with Assault and Battery in most states.
  20. I played around with different configurations for the G36 series when I ran those... I did what you described. It was okay... I also ran a SL8 with the CQB fore end on it...
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