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  1. I"m glad their finally doing these! I've been reading that series since I was in 6th grade!
  2. Bump for a good fella! I can definitely verify the authenticity of this sale, as I have purchased two of my AEG's from OneSouth. He was the owner of Strategic Airsoft while it was in business, and this is the stock left over from his closure. You can buy with assurance, as I see him at our games almost every weekend. Besides, he's my fire team partner!!!
  3. Check out www.virginiaairsoft.com. There are tons of Richmond area players there. BRASS is in Lybchburg, but that's a two hour drive from you.
  4. Ehobbyasia.com, Ricksairsoftarmory.com, and Trinity Airsoft have never let me down!
  5. "Some day I think you and I will have a serious disagreement." Last of the Mohican's.
  6. Check out a guy on ebay, Warthers Originals Online. I've gotten a couple of sets from him. He usually sells all 3 stock gears for around $25-$30.
  7. The best place for AE bb's I've ever used is www.ricksairsoftarmory.com. 3 bags for $38 shipped. Personally I use the AE.23's because I found my CA M15 uses them better than anything else. However my TM MP5 SD5 seems to be partial to the .25's.
  8. And its a good guess, with a few modifications. Just about anything can be labeled a "deadly weapon" if it causes imminent harm, disfigurement and/or death, including your fist. Honestly fps wouldn't matter if you were to, hypothetically speaking, hit someone in the eye with an upgraded gun and kill it (disfigurement = malicious wounding, a felony), or even have it go through, again hypothetically speaking, and puncture the brain and cause death. Granted that last would probably be a high fps that no team or field would allow, but indulge me here. By most state laws you would get firearms charges along with a litany of others.
  9. Not true. Mostly they fall under BB gun laws, as stated above on a state/local level. BB guns by law can go much higher than most airsoft organizations allow.
  10. I had the Top drum mag for the M4. In a word, crap! It has a design flaw. The feeding tube from the gear to the mag top sits against the spring housing. Its actually a spring not a tube, and as such it bends slightly to get past and over the spring housing. This binds the bb's. I tried fixing it to no avail. Spend the money and avoid the Top.
  11. The key here is that the barrel is reversed between the RIS model and the regular model. On the regular model, the notch is on the bottom, and that is where the wires fun into the forend. On the RIS model the barrel is set with the notch up and it connects there. When I changed mine over, I had to put the top rail on the bottom and the bottom one on the top. I'm not sure if you will be able to use a PEQ or if you need to rewire to the rear. Mine was already rewired when I added the RIS.
  12. I'm 34, and heading into 35 in just a few weeks. And another player from the Rifle Company forum, The Majoris in his 60's!
  13. I tried the search and got nothing. Does anyone have a guide on how to cut the carry handle down to just the rear sight? Obviously I need to know what tools to use and how to keep the cut edges from being cutting sharp. Thanks.
  14. A bill that is being introduced in Congress. It is vague and may go nowhere, but the ASA felt it warranted keeping an eye on. http://www.airsoftsafetyassociation.com/as...wtopic.php?t=70
  15. Actaully that would be the set with the EGA embedded in it. The civilian version without the EGA cannot technically be called MarPat as it is not the version copyrighted by the Marines. Try www.maapr.com PM MessedupMike. He usually can get his hands on some for cheap.
  16. You should check out www.acmeairsoft.com for players around NOVA and ACQB
  17. I've used about 5 different types of Tac Vests, and Chest Rigs. Now I'm back to using the belt system again. I use it at work and am comfortable with it. And a basic belt load out costs between $30 and $50.
  18. They are back up, at least as of 2:30am Eastern time. Why I'm up this late I don't know!
  19. I believe he is correct. Japan just enacted a law keeping any replica manufactured to 1joule or less. These guys may be able to aid you in future questions http://associationofbritishairsoft.org/goto.php
  20. While not technically illegal, unless your telling people that your LEO, I'd advise against wearing LEO tags during a game. It could lead to confusion between players and real LEO if they show up in your game, and cause some bad reactions on both sides. As far as wearing one from a foreign country, I don't think that would be illegal either.
  21. Mags are too expensive to just drop and get rid of.
  22. The Airsoft Safety Association (www.airsoftsafetyassociation.com) is currently working on a project to compile a list of Team Rule Sets. If you have a copy of your teams Rule Set/Rules of Engagement, please PM it to itsahak. Thank you for your attention in this matter.
  23. I have those as well. My only problem is, when I print them out, they are only the size of an standard 8 1/2 X 11 sheet of paper. Granted I'm not computer savy so I may just not know how to resize them. We found them to be a little small for our outdoor gaming area. New players even tended to miss them when driving up.
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