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  1. whoa whoa whoa!! Back off fellas! Not saying I like/dislike the digitals. I was just trying to help the fella make his own decision. Cheez, give a guy a break huh, its Christmas!!
  2. the extreme rage echo 20/20! has a thermal mask and an ingrated fan. Never fogs on me. Also you can buy the JT mask from Wal-Mart, then get the fan attachment online. Or do like my bro did. he bought the JT mask from Wal-Mart for $17. Then spent less than $20 and rigged up his own fan system using two small computer vent fans.
  3. http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b242/its...t-results-3.jpg hope this helps!!
  4. A very insightful article. Very well done. It has been my experience through SWAT training, etc. that its usually the 4rth guy in the door (when an entry is done correctly by a highly trained team) that gets shot first. You can push a team of 8 into a room in 2 or 3 seconds and neutralize a threat quickly. But again, this was not airsoft teams, but the PD's SWAT that got to train all the time. I also discovered that pushing more than 4 or 5 guys into a room tends to overcrowd and you jumble up on each other. Again though, great article!
  5. itsahak

    Hello I'm James

    Welcome to the forum!!
  6. Squad Leader/Team Leader. Didn't really want it, but everyone else looked to me and sorta gave it to me by proxy since I started the team. My orignal intent was to have 2 or 3 spokespersons and no real leader, but as I said, everyone else thought differntly.
  7. This is a great replica! If you want to hang it on your wall!!
  8. SWEEEEET! are they coming out with a full line? Like the TM variations, ie- K, PDW, etc?
  9. To quote William "A rose by any other name..."
  10. I've no experience with the TM version personally, but several friends of mine have them and havn't had a problem. However, all of the CA versions I've dealt with had bad stocks. Not fragile, but wobbly on the gun frame. And I'm a big CA fan. their putting out a new version of the MP5 in january you may want to wait for. http://www.strategicairsoft.com/CA_BT_MP5_News.htm read it here.
  11. Well Regis, I think I'll go with the audience!! Unless your using the MP5 K as a primary (and I'd only suggest that in CQB), I'd go with the high caps.
  12. I have the one standard 50 round mag that came with the MP5 SD5. I also have 14 more Star low caps (yes, 14!) I take them all into the field, and so far I havn't had a problem. and every one else I play with uses the high caps. U just have to have more mags than them. But since I'm a gear Professional, it just fits me.
  13. the worst part is, he's probably someone from the ASF forum that bothof you know and speak to online all the time. He's either really stupid or just hassling you guys.
  14. The MP5 RAS is out of production. There are still several model floating around, but not many. The PDW is a better bet for CQB work, and since all stock TM AEGS shoot the same FPS, you have the distance. The only thing that thats bad about the PDW in an open environment is the short barrel. That may affect your accuracy. Personally I'm getting the PDW to rig up a thigh hoster with and replace my drop leg pistol rig.
  15. itsahak


    Welcome to the forums!! Check out the Airsoft Players area for people in your neck of the woods!
  16. the only one I found was www.starairsoft.com The english version of Star's site.
  17. I think he's just confusing Tokyo Model with Tokyo Hobby. I have heard horrible things a out Hobby, but good things about Model. However, I have never ordered from either so for whatever thats worth...
  18. I have ordered several items from this store. I ordered off of Ebay. I have gotten several Star mags, a box of the Star mags, an Aimpoint Red Dot Replica, and a few other items. I have had no trouble and all shipping has been fast, and accurate.
  19. A most heartfelt, and sincere Thank You to all Veterans of our US Forces!!! Your service is neither in vain nor taken lightly!!
  20. I've ordered several items from him. They have a shipping location in California. And I beleive the one you looked at is an EBB.
  21. itsahak

    Mp5 Sd

    I have the TM version, and have experienced no issues at all. I have put on a metal body, but done no internal upgrades. It rocks!!
  22. I've seen them on ebay, and at some of the online stores like WGC Shop, redwolf, etc.
  23. Try looking at D icks Sporting Goods. I have seen them over there at our local one, in a flat black for like $20 or $30. Also on ebay, a seller store, airsoftshooting has them for good prices.
  24. I have never owned the UTG before, I have howeveer owned the DE G36c. I can tell you from experience, that as far as LPEG's go, it not too bad. Its not too good either. I've had it for a little over a year and so far, it seems to be working. I have given it too another guy on my team as I bought a TM later. I think the UTG has, from what I've been able to tell, better construction and durability, and it will shoot harder and farther than the DE. I think I've just been lucky with mine, as most don't last past a month. ShortyUSA.com has the new UTG spec ops shotgun with the M4 stock,and it looks tight. You might give it look.
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