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  1. PM me and I will show a program that retains top attorney's across the nation to get all your airsoft questions answered! In most cases, your questions can be handled with a phone consultation from an attorney that specialzes in that particular area of law! This service and many more are incredibly inexpensive, offer real answers from top law firms (such as Framme Law in VA), and only costs about the price of a Coke a day! PM me and I will send you info online!
  2. definitly not a good idea. It is condiered brrandishing a firearm, and can and most likely will get your friend arrested. Be a true friend, and politely explain to him that for his own good that he needs to know these things. Also, if you are with him, you could be arrested as well. Its legally called Accesory before the fact, and merits the same punishment that his charge would get. You know how one guy in the car has weed, but you get arrested too? Same thing . Guilty until proven innocent, in most cases. good Luck with your friend!
  3. Go to walmart. Check in the craft section. I found a Paint marker, looks like a sharpie, but it is paint instead. cost about 3 dollars and worked like a charm.
  4. I believe the DC Capitol police use this as well. During the Presidents Inaugaration (sp?) I found a picture on our city's front page of a capitol polcie officer with one hanging across his chest. full turn out gear and everything. Looked tight!!
  5. We are building one here in Central VA.
  6. we have a 25 acre field that is wooded and has a two acre pond on it. It is hard for anyone on the outside to see thru and we still sent letters to all the neighbors explaining what we were doing and that the weapons were not real. They appreciated it.
  7. I didn't make it. the company does it for me. I pay a small monthly fee and they do all the work. I am not very computer literate! I have to take this thing to my brother all the time cause I screwed it up! LOL!!
  8. happy easter to all! It is my boys first one!! WooHoo!!
  9. just a little home based business the wife and I do. http://www.prepaidlegal.com/hub/wdorsett
  10. where did you find it? I havn't heard of it.
  11. does anyone know if there is a kit to convert the g36c to the sniper model? I have seen one or two sone like this online, but I can't find the kits themselves
  12. you must have a tax stamp to own automatic Real Steel in VA. You have to pay the tax (200 or 300 dollars), have the local Sheriff/Police Chief sign off on it, wait your few months and have your background done by ATF. Not impossible to do, just requires a little bit of cash and patience. (By the by, you can be convicted of disturbing the peace, misdemeanor, in VA by playing outdoors if your neighbors are not aware of what you have. You can save yourself some trouble and time by sending a simple letter telling your neighbors what you do and what it is. Just a thought.) As far as a Police Officer shooting you while your holding an airsoft weapon, yes, it could be a rightous shoot, and no the officer shoutdn't be automatically fired. sometimes I'm amazed at the ignorance (not stupidty, just plain "no notness") on these boards. If I am on patrol, see you with a weapon pointed at me or another person, I am well within the law to fire. and no, we do not "shoot to wound", we "shoot to stop". If that means you exit this earth, thats the game pal. You spend your entire career hoping it doesn't happen, but prepared in case it does. It is something that we deal with every day as law enforcement. Look fellas, I've been an LEO for almost 12 years now. trust me, I know law enforcement and I love airsoft, but when I'm working, I'm not taking the time to see if this is an airsoft gun or a real gun because I simply just don't have that kinda time in a high stress situation. And before the flaming starts, yes I almost shoot a college student one night playing laser tag. Only myself and the good Lord know how close that boy came to leaving this planet.
  13. What this is? I do not have a high cap yet. Do all of them need to be wound? And how do you wind them? It sounds time consuming. thanks
  14. thank you for the info! I would like to be considered for the Elite Members and the secret forums. I am 33 years old, new to airsoft, and a Deputy Sheriff in Lynchburg VA. thank you for your time
  15. does anyone check these, or did I not include something?
  16. I am interested in joining the secret forums. Please tell me the process of joining those. thank you. wil
  17. to be honest with you, it doesnt matter if it has an orange tip, red tip,purple tip whatever. When you see it in the dark/light and it appears to be moving your way, its put up or shut up time! I almost shot a college kid about 8 years ago. and he had a Darn laser tag gun! They don't even look real, but you couldn't have convinced me at the time! I don't know who was more scared, him or me!!
  18. I work one full time job( Deputy Sheriff), and then run two business' on the side (Team RAM - www.ramarts.com, and pre paid legal services - www.prepaidlegal.com/hub/wdorsett). Plus I'm married and am a new father (Drayke is almost 7 months old and enjoying his first Christmas!!). So even with all that, it gets a little rough to pay for stuff. but the good side is, I just started so I don't have much stuf f yet!!!
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