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  1. Younger than I am . Glad to see a fellow VA'ian around!
  2. I made my own fake plates from cardboard and duct tape. I use them in an old armor carrier I got from work. It helps me in my move and shoot training as I will have my armor on at work anyway. I don't usually wear it during July or August, as it's much too hot.
  3. I have the CA. Get the G&G. The CA is solid, when it runs. I've had to have a bunch of work done on the gearbox, and that sucks because the cylindar and piston, maybe more, are proprietary. I believe the CA is a basic Version 2 gearbox with an elongated air nozzle. Makes working on it and finding parts much easier...
  4. I watched a few of CrazyNCman's videos, and one or two of his live shows a few years ago. Listening to that guy is like masturbating with a cheese grater. Slightly amusing, but mostly painful!
  5. Call your hits (meaning you follow whatever Medic rules or Respawn rules set out beforehand) without fail. And most importantly, have fun!!!
  6. I was playing Sum Of All Fears and Ghost Recon at LAN parties with my brother... One day walking through D icks Sporting Goods, I saw a set of clear EBB pistol replicas. I bought them for use to play around with. After getting playing with them for a week or so, I started researching online. There I discovered forums, Milsim, and all the glory that is airsoft! Almost 10 years later here I am...
  7. Not me, but my oldest boy plays with me on occasion. He is epileptic and has ADHD. His meds have slowed his seizure frequency, but so far hasn't stopped them. Trileptal, Lamictal, and Kepra haven't worked. Currently he's on a mix of Lamictal and Kepra. And just last month my 4 year old was diagnosed with epilepsy after having several seizures in a week. Don't let it hold you down or keep you back! Push forward into what you'd like to do. Within safety reasons of course....
  8. Glad you guys are getting it worked out!!!!
  9. itsahak

    Poison Ivy

    I've never gotten poison Ivy or poison oak. I'm one of the lucky ones....
  10. "Iron sights: When flipped down, they are like pistol sights. Not sure exactly what they're called. $15 shipped." Those are the front and rear sights from an MP7. Hope that helps...
  11. Just checked my paypal transaction record, and that's the name on it
  12. Check out the Combat Machine line of AEG's. You can find them at most online airsoft retailers (Airsoft GI, Evike, Airsplat, etc). They're fairly inexpensive, can be customized to match what you carry, and the add ons are plentiful. I use one as a replica of my personal rifle for training purposes, though I use a Classic Army set up as a replica for my patrol rifle.
  13. http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/gorb-s-A...gp-t267672.html Check out his thread. Fast shipping.
  14. Bought a Crane Stock from him. Excellent coms and fast shipping! Will use again!
  15. 1 - No load out is required. Run simple, run "clean" (no more than you need to have on you). 2 - Eye Pro. Do NOT get crappy eye protection. Spend money on these and go with a name brand such as ESS, Revision, etc. Shop glasses, the cheap "safety" glasses that come with some AEG's, honestly don't cut it. 3 - Return to #1. Keep it simple to start with. Once you figure out your style of play, do more research on what's out there and what's used, then you'll start to get an idea of the gear needs and requirements you might want. 4 - Have fun!
  16. 41 here. Started in my early 30's! Play on brother, play on!
  17. Hey Peter, You should have asked me first brother!! LOL! Do you think the FAL mags fit into a SR-25?
  18. Welcome to the Forums!
  19. Do you have to wear a mask? Can you get by with just goggles and a mouth guard? I hate masks, as you stated, because they don't give me the same feel as I need for my real steel training. If you don't need or are not required to wear a mask, try that route.
  20. Where women are concerned, always remember this. Most women are like a bus. One comes by every 20 minutes. The rest are like a taxi cab. You have to pay for however long your ride... Don't spend your time waiting. Ask her out, if she says no, move on.
  21. They won't be the last either, for just the reason mentioned above. With all the legislative efforts in the last few years, and more sure to follow, we will most likely see more of this on the East Coast...
  22. No. The lip around the bottom of the mag won't let it pass. You can make your own with 550 cord and 100 MPH tape.
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