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  1. I've got a M120 in the DMR version. Haven't tried it with the M130 yet... but I've had absolutely no issues with the 120 in there.
  2. There are several offerings now with mesh lower face masks. You can find them at most of the big online retailers. A ton of the guys I know where then and have no problems using their iron sights or optics. Personally I just use the same mouth guard I use to spar with. It's cheap, effective, and I'm comfortable in it...
  3. I prefer the M93 that Magpul did originally. It's now sold by Ergo Grips as the F93.... http://www.ergogrips.net/item-detail.cfm?ID=4925
  4. I use the G4 DMR as my primary. I changed the stock because I don't like the Crane stock, but the rest is just as it came from ASGI. I absolutely love it!
  5. After 7 or 8 years, I've hit that point. I have a versatile, useful loadout I like, I have two or three replica's that fit my style of play, and the gear to support them. I'd rather spend that time/money on learning to be more effective with them.
  6. Guess I qualify as an "old timer". Pushing towards the big 4-0 here in a few months!
  7. Remember that this is an "in the field" game! There will be no breaks for lunch, so pack your kit accordingly! Both teams will have a separate staging area in the field where you can leave you kit. Things that will help - Water - There will be water available, but bring you own as well Radio - Coms will be important! You need at least one person in your squad to be able to communicate with your team commander BB's - As of right now, I will not have BB's for sale at the game. Bring enough to support your playing style for the day Batteries - Have them charged. We're out in the woods and there is no power. Lunch - as mentioned above, pack something light and easy to grab and eat. Good Attitude - Cause those with a poor one just stink!
  8. Operation: The Outdoor Campaign 5 - Nation Rising Where: Lynchburg, VA - Liberty University Police Department range When: October 8, 2011 Contact: Itsahak (Wil Dorsett) Cost: $15 (Paypal to paypal<AT>brassairsoft.com or pay at the door) Age Limit: 16+ (unless you have played at the BOC before) Facebook - The Outdoor Campaign 5 Nation Rising Time:Field opens at 8 AM Registration/Chrono opens at 8:30 AM Safety Briefing at 9:15 AM Team briefings at 9:30 Game begins at 10 AM Game Ends at 5 PM Field Closed at 7 PM Note: There are NO uniform/mag/gear restrictions! The Outdoor Campaign 5 - Nation Rising Storyline The past... 1947 - US president Harry S. Truman's advisers urged him to take immediate steps to counter the Soviet Union's influence, citing Stalin's efforts (amid post-war confusion and collapse) to undermine the US by encouraging rivalries among capitalists that could precipitate another war Britain, France and the United States unsuccessfully attempted to reach an agreement with the Soviet Union for a plan envisioning an economically self-sufficient Germany, including a detailed accounting of the industrial plants, goods and infrastructure already removed by the Soviets. 1948 - Soviet operatives executed a coup d'état in Czechoslovakia, the only Eastern Bloc state that the Soviets had permitted to retain democratic structures. The public brutality of the coup shocked Western powers more than any event up to that point. Increased occurrences in intelligence and espionage activities, as well as Eastern Bloc defections and diplomatic expulsions become the order of the day . 1949 - Britain, France, the United States, Canada and eight other western European countries signed the North Atlantic Treaty in April, establishing the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). 1949 - Mao's People's Liberation Army defeated Chiang Kai-shek's United States-backed Kuomintang (KMT) Nationalist Government in China, and the Soviet Union promptly created an alliance with the newly formed People's Republic of China 1953 – Several months after Stalins death, and the end of the Korean War, Nikita Khrushchev takes over the Soviet Union 1955 – Angered by the growing strength of the NATO countries, the Soviet led Eastern Bloc invades. 1960 – Europe and Africa fall to the Eastern Bloc. Arabic countries fall sign alliance treaty's with the Soviet Union 1965 – After years of no activities, the Soviet Union invades South America. The small and fiscally ruined nations quickly fall. 1966 – Central America awaits invasion and colonization. 1967 – The US and Canada prepare for assault from all sides. To Be Continued... The Outdoor Campaign 5 Nation Rising Trailer 1
  9. I prefer to keep my loadout simple, efficient, functional and useful.
  10. You're not too old. I was 31 when I started playing 8 years ago. As I close in on 40,I'm still going strong. I've a friend in Texas that started playing at 58!
  11. G36 gearboxes are notorious for having trigger contact issues.
  12. Thanks! The wife made me an airsoft birthday cookie!
  13. A collection of team and field rule sets from different parts of the country. I complied them when I was running the Airsoft Safety Association... ASA Rule Set Program
  14. Got the KA Troy rear sight yesterday! Excellent transaction! Thank you!
  15. Easy Company is a good group of guys! We've played with them several times and they attended the BedSOG Outdoor Campaign last year. You'll enjoy gaming with them!
  16. Any field in MD will require full face protection... For your state it's an insurance requirement... Sucks, but such is life.
  17. Indeed we do! And airsoft is finally growing on our side of the state! The VAF website is http://www.reddog20.com/virginiaairsoft/ipb/index.php? Welcome!
  18. love his videos! Been subscribed to his channel for a while now.
  19. My fight weight back in 1997-1999 was 160. I only weighed about 155, and I only stand 5' 7". Right now I weigh in between 190-195 lbs and my bodyfat percentage stays around the 10% mark. The heaviest I've been was 215, with about 15% bodyfat. The key is too lift heavy. However you have to do that progressively! Don't jump on the bench press and try to work with 300 lbs! Heavy is relative and you have to work with what's heavy for you. Rep schemes should stay between 6 and 8. Never settle for a lesser weight than you did during the last workout! The most important thing is consistency! Too many people want the quick fix, or to depend on supplements. Be patient, use good technique, and keep going even if you don't think you're getting bigger, stronger, or better! Check out Skip LaCours website as well! Skip has been the top amateur bodybuilder for over 10 years. He's actually refused his IFBB card 3 or 4 times. http://www.skiplacour.com/
  20. Lift weights, play with my kids, and train....
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