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  1. Good looking loadout... Is your hand over the barrel in the first pic? Kinda looks like taking the "thumb over bore" method to the extreme.. LOL...
  2. Nice. Simple, direct, and functional...
  3. Nice work. How is the magwell adapter working for you? I had one of first ones out and it had constant feeding issues. Any problems from yours?
  4. Why did you open the back? And what was his Probable Cause for searching the back of the car? (By "the back", I'm assuming you mean the trunk?). He would need either stated Probable Cause or a warrant to search a container inside the car that is not in public view. The only way around it is to get verbal consent. And I have never granted that. You have a Fourth Amendment right to deny any Law Enforcement officer the ability to search you car, person, papers, or residence without either PC, a warrant, or exigent circumstances.
  5. Seriously it's been tried a dozen times. There was FAST many years ago, the National Airsoft Association, the Airsoft Safety Association, the American Airsoft Association, and The Combined Airsoft Operations Command. And those are just the ones I can name off the top of my head from the last three or four years. The main reason it doesn't work is because of how the difference in game play is. There are areas of the country where 350 is the max for any full auto AEG. Other areas move that number much higher. Not to mention the difference in engagement rules, medic systems, restrictions on mags and their use, special weapons, and etc and etc. It's damn near impossible to get those groups to unite under any kind of common banner. Add to that the frailty of the human ego, and the "I want to be the top dog" mentality most A type personality's have, and you have a recipe for failure. Then you combine all of that with the issues a true competition brings out of most players, and your "honor system" goes out the window. I've tried, as I was part of most of the aforementioned groups. None of them are even around with the exception of the AAA, and it does very little. It's a very demoralizing, unsatisfactory place to be when you finally realize that the only way to make something that would work would be to bastardize it to the point that paintball has been taken too. No thanks.
  6. Not just.... I've seen many "adult" players with far worse weapon handling skills than the younger guys. I think you have to take it on a case by case basis...
  7. The key is from an "acceptable range". We were at a game yesterday where trigger discipline and MED's seemed to go right out the window. Guys with red tag guns were nailing people from point blank range and shot one of my teammates through his BDU top, under armor and actually into his shoulder. He had to pick it out. With responsible players, and correct MED's, no it shouldn't penetrate. However you can never underestimate the Moron Factor.
  8. I've owned several G36's, in all it's variations. Admittedly not the SRC though. One common thread I've found that linked them all together was the crappy scoped carry handle. My advice would be to scrap the stock on, and toss a C rail on the top and put your own optice/red dot/whatever on it.
  9. Seconded! And if only I could get my hands on their airborne platforms videos!!!
  10. I think there are a few other players in your area. You'll most likely find them on http://www.reddog20.com/virginiaairsoft/ipb/index.php? There are games three times a year or so held in the Afton area as well.
  11. Where in Central VA? BedSOG is in the Lynhburg/Bedford area, and there is a new team in the Nelson County area, though at the moment their name escapes me.
  12. I hope and pray you don't ever have to meet the WBC people in person! I've had the misfortune several times in the course of my job, and they are not a pretty sight. They are rude, irresponsible, and vile. It would a service to humanity if they were wiped from the face of the Earth.
  13. Not airsoft, and I don't look badass, but it's not everyday you get you're kicked by Royce Gracie himself! and just when I thought I was in a good position, he pulled the choke off from the bottom. You can see his hand setting it up...
  14. From my time playing with the G36 family I can tell you the bipod is usually junk, and the CA 3x carry handle is not a good optic. I ended up replacing all of mine with the C rail and calling it a day.... If it's a CA it should have the Classic Army trades on the body, just above the mag well.
  15. The aforementioned MP5K is the best bet you will find.
  16. I bought an AFG replica off of him. I've had no problems with it. Fits all my replica's and even my RS M4. Well worth the $23 I paid for it.
  17. Not if he's looking for the UBR stock. That would be this one... http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?...roducts_id=5646
  18. I forget where I got that from....
  19. I recieved mine last week! Thanks BD!
  20. I tried to vote Yes I actually use them, and it keeps telling me I haven't chosen a choice...
  21. I was referring to NO ONE in particular. My apologies if it appeared I was... I was mostly venting a frustration of people not doing their own homework, then expecting someone else to do it for them, and that people (in general) seem fast to jump on the "he's a scammer train". Again, I was not pointing towards, nor attempting to call out anyone... **Edit - Hydra - You may be right. I'm a mod on only three of the other boards, and none of them are the size of ASF nor are their B/S/T forums doing the volume done here. Maybe that's why it seems so much more rampant here than elsewhere. None of that was intended to flame the forums here, and my apologies if it seemed like I was. Sometime the Net isn't the best place to display feelings...
  22. I'm not implying any other forum is better. My point is, this is the only forum I'm party to where the members seem to think the Mods are responsible for fixing their problem.
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