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  1. It's the reason I've been screaming long and loud in private conversations. Most of what compromises "evidence" around here wouldn't even constitute probable cause in the real world. The sheer amount of misinformation tossed around, threats pushed out, and outright bullying is almost funny if it didn't have such drastic consequences for the accused. And the reasoning set out by the accusers for their "proof" is often just downright wrong. And this is the only forum I see it on. And I'm an active member of 32 other airsoft forums...
  2. It's a "drop ship" company. Meaning they do just as you described. They are a middle man. And they rarely work well. They keep no inventory on hand, no customer service reps, and are usually one or two man operations out a persons residence... In my opinion they are the bane of the airsoft existence.
  3. From his post, I don't believe so. However it's all conjecture on my part as I'm not in the military. I can only rely on his statements...
  4. I'm just hoping they do a Season 2!
  5. I've a bud is currently in the Army. He was telling us they are allowed to wear the multicam (at their own expense of course) while on deployments, but have to wear the issued ACU when back on base... Here's his quote from 24 January 2010... Multicam is an approved in-country camouflage for certain infantry units, including the majority of the 3rd Infantry Division. If you want to wear Multicam uniforms for that, be sure to wear ACU gear, as they haven't gotten Multicam gear yet to go with it. Once back in garrison, however, they're switching back to ACUs for now.
  6. Not entirely true. Our local UPS requires you to tell them what's in the box. Even when I was in uniform and rolled up in a marked unit. I had to radio my LT to find out what I was shipping. They're a private company so they have that right. I've never used UPS for shipping airsoft replica's. I always use USPS, and I always tell them it's "collectors item toys". OpSic hit the correct with his last statement. "Vote with your wallet" and go somewhere else.
  7. I agree with you! I do 85% of my shooting practice with my KWA G17. I carry the Glock .45 GAP at work, and I've shot nothing less than a 95% since the mid 90's. The last two years my quals have been perfect scores. Funny but that's about the time I started using my GBB for practice. The ideas of stance, grip, trigger control, breath control, sight picture, sight alignment, and movement are the same. Sure you don't have the range of a RS pistol, and not the recoil, but if the others pieces are down pat, those are easily and quickly trained... Go for it my friend. But I do caution you on shooting in the backyard where you're in public view. It tends to freak out the neighbors and people driving by...
  8. Good Lord no! Physical contact during gaming leads to other issues. It is and should be discouraged.
  9. I hate bench rest shooting... Course I don't do it often either... 'And for the record, I loved the music! I remember when that album was released.... Damn, I just showed my age again....
  10. He was speaking of what's called "mechanical zero". It's the center zero set at the factory. When you initially zero in a new weapon you should set the sights there, then move as needed to your zero. For a red dot, I sight in my iron sights, then looking through them, crank the dot to the top of the front post. When you look through it without the sights, it will sit just above the front post and is 95% of the time dead on...
  11. Correct sir. Mine is not stock. Rob at Airsoft Digest Magazine did some work on it's gearbox, including a spring upgrade and re-lube. There were some other minor tweaks that he does to all AEG's, but to be honest I don't know what they are...
  12. Mine is running about 415, and I make shots over 200' fairly often. It's a solid replica and I've thoroughly enjoyed it!
  13. Because they suck. When I had my G36's, I ran almost all of them with the 3x scope rails on them. They give you a terrible field of view, very narrow. Honestly a red dot is much better. The replica looks sharp, and should preform well!
  14. I find myself crowing at every kid in damn near every skirmish I attend that's not my team practice days. They have no clue what muzzle discipline is. But keep it up, because constantly bringing it to their attention is the only way to keep it fresh in everyone's head...
  15. Brother I'll be 38 in February, got two kids under the age of 6, work two jobs, and still play airsoft damn near every Sunday! Rock on bro, and get out there and play! Though you will take your fair share of "old man" jokes....
  16. I work more wrecks every year due to cell phone usage and texting. It's insane that people feel it's okay to try and type while driving!
  17. I know I've had two of them and didn't like them at all. The mags wobbled, they didn't fit well or feed right all the time. I sold them to the owner of Airsoft Digest magazine who did some work on them and got the run like a top, but I don't know what all he did...
  18. As mentioned there is the MAAPR forums. You can also check out http://www.airsoftcqb.com/ and http://tacticalairsoftarena.com/ for straight CQB games...
  19. LOL! And he tried to blame me for it on another forum!
  20. An old MarPat one, not really any particular copy of anything.. and with my original M4 loadout. Again, not an impression, just a workable loadout.
  21. http://www.reddog20.com/virginiaairsoft/ipb/index.php? New VAF forums. We've moved off of the MAAPR hosting servers...
  22. I didn't paint mine, but I did take some camo duck tape (which I found at the local Wal-Mart) and put tape over the pouch flaps and larger exposed areas. I've done that with two of them. I sold both of them to my brother about 4 years ago and they are both still functioning with no issues. The one on the right is my brother wearing the vest. Might help you out...
  23. Hello again Endemic! Nice to see you again!! I'm digging the pic of you playing pimp! Good stuff!
  24. itsahak

    G36c battery

    I ran G36's for two years and had 5 or 6 of them. I ran 9.6's in my CA, JG, and Echo 1 G36c, K and full length replicas with no issues. I'm not 100% sure if the nunchuck type batt's will fit, as the C has limited spacing in it. I did experience an issue when upgrading to heavier gearbox springs. Unless I had a high discharge battery, none of my small batteries would pull the spring for more than a few minutes. I had to do some innovative thinking to rig up a set up for a full size battery to fit externally. Now they have the larger fore ends available as well as the KV stocks.
  25. I had one two years ago. Never had an issue with it. And the person that has it now has never had an issue with it. My friend ran Strategic Airsoft when it was in business and I got mess around with a bunch of the CA lines. Their M15 series, SLR series, and G36 series (both C and K) are all models I've owned and had no issues with. I was not impressed with their MP5 line, though admittedly that was before they went to the B&T line. I've had no dealings with those. I've currently got two more CA M15's sitting in my war room, with one of them being my primary. Most of Team BedSOG runs CA M15's and the only issues we've seen are the kind that come from sticking a M150 spring in it. I definitely consider them one of the top replica's out now.
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