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  1. I'm not sure who does TM's wholesales, if it isn't TM themselves. For Classic Army and some other things, Spartan Imports is who we go to here in the USA. I'm not sure if you'd use them there in Ireland or not though. Good luck!
  2. The orange tip doesn't matter. None of us look at the tip when we see what we believe to be a firearm and believe our lives are in danger. If you point anything that an LEO believes to be a weapon and is putting them in fear of their life, looking for an orange, purple, blue, or flame red tip is the last thing on our minds. Protecting ourselves becomes the first and foremost mindset. And we meet percieved deadly force with deadly force. I've removed weapons from gang members that had the tips painted red/orange, in hopes we'd thing they were toys... I state again, the orange tip doesn't matter.
  3. I'm more curious as to why you'd want that optic. I carry it on my department Patrol Rifle and I don't like it. The dots not as easy to find as some others, if it's been stored in a dark case/area for too long the dot disappears (they say it can't, but mine has!), and the dot tends to disappear on certain shades of orange and red... And as the OP mentioned it is waaaay too expensive for airsoft play.
  4. Empire E-Vents. Its a low profile mask and works well. I've been able to use my irons easily with it.
  5. http://www.wtsp.com/news/mostpop/story.asp...mp;provider=top http://archives.chicagotribune.com/2009/ja...obbery-shooting http://www.azcentral.com/arizonarepublic/a...ft0723side.html From the Minnesota Airsoft Association Safety Manual (which is an excellent read and I highly recommend it!) “In life there are few things that you can say have no intrinsic value. These [Airsoft] guns fit into that category."---Peter Barnes, New Jersey Assemblyman, on banning Airsoft in New Jersey (2003) Miles v. City of Minneapolis, 2001 In 1996, a Minneapolis Police Officer shot a suspect who was playing Airsoft with an M1911 “springer” while responding to a “man with a gun” call. A witness who called 911 (a Vietnam Veteran) saw the suspect fire the springer in the street, and thought it had misfired. The witness said he was 100% sure the gun was real, because he saw the suspect work the slide to :censored2: it. Upon arrival, the police surrounded the suspect and when he did not drop the gun, shot him with a 12-gauge shotgun. He lost a portion of one arm and was paralyzed from the waist down. In 2001, he filed a lawsuit against the Officer who shot him and the City of Minneapolis. HE LOST. The court found that the Officer reasonably believed his Airsoft gun was a deadly weapon. The point is, it's just not smart nor is it safe to expose airsoft replica's to public view. I'm not really sure why it's seems so hard for some people to understand and/or believe that they are literally taking their life into their own hands by doing so. Be smart, treat them just like real steel weapons and keep them out of public view...
  6. Seriously??? Did you really post that? Are you aware that people have been shot with airsoft replicas because they were thought to be real? That little orange tip WILL NOT stop me from drilling you with holes if I pull up to a call of PEOPLE WITH GUNS! Start thinking clearly and in the real world and understand that if the local LEO's roll up on your game, it's not a game anymore!! You've just crossed an invisible line where your life may literally hang in the balance for the next few seconds. And before the complaining starts, No I don't have to identify it as a legitimate weapon, only as a legitimate threat. I don't have to give you a warning, a head start, or any of that other crap I see from "forum attorney's". I have to defend myself from what is perceived as a deadly force threat. I've removed painted weapons from gang members. One's that had the tips painted orange, or had all kinds of goofy paint on them. That means that I and all the others that work on keeping our community's safe assume if it looks like a duck, its a duck until I'm safe...
  7. I've returned to the M4 line over and over again. I use it at work, and I like the ability to do my training drills at home as well as on the range.
  8. It doesn't mean their there illegally. However you do want to do your homework and ensure they have done theirs. Even if you believe they have permission and they don't you still get nailed if the local LEO pops by. Just do the leg work and make sure before you jump.
  9. I bought two off of Botach Tactical a while back for rediculously cheap... Their price is back to $25, but keep an eye on them. Mine were around $13 per pair...
  10. I've used EHobby Asia several times with no issues...
  11. Because of Chris's awesome beard!!!
  12. I changed the mag catch and that solved the problem. Apparently the original was worn down just enough it wouldn't hold it...
  13. I've done it. It takes a knowledge of and skill in the use of tactics. AS mentioned you have to watch your range and of course your rate of fire is no where near an AEG's, but it is possible. There used to be a whole group here dedicated to called "Pistol Only Revolution". I think someone above linked to it...
  14. I have the STAR brand, purchased from the War Store in New York for $55. Granted that was two years ago...
  15. I think all boards have their issues. I'm a Mod/Admin on several airsoft forums and I can tell you that as they grow, so do the problems. I actually stopped coming here to ASF for awhile due to some of the ridiculous things I'd seen and several stupid PM's I was sent. However the Mod/Admin staff here seems to have gotten a hold of it, and now I check it on a regular basis again. I believe that ASR is experiencing what happens when you let the reigns go and have lax, loose policies for too long. Now they are struggling to regain control of it and appear to have swung in the opposite direction in an effort to fix it. I've my own issues with ASR and don't frequent it much anymore. Frankly if you have a problem with an airsoft forum, don't go there. There are hundreds of them around, I'm sure you can find a more friendly one. I also don't think it's a wise decision to run to several other forums and post your post, as I've seen this one duplicated on a couple of other airsoft forums. It turns it from "I was wronged and you should know about it" to "I'm whining."..... Either way, be happy your gone from there and find someplace that will truly make you happy...
  16. It's trespassing, on a Federal level. However, there was a group (Va Tech Airsoft Club, VTAC) that did it right. They managed to find the local Ranger station, and submitted a request for permission in writing. They were granted permission and have been able to play in the local National Forest for several years now. They keep the Ranger Station advised of their gaming schedule as well. So it can be done, but you have to do some leg work yourself...
  17. Theres a group in the northern VA area around DC that's already adapting certain aspects of Parkour Military/LEO work.. UMAT
  18. you can also check out the Virginia Airsoft Force forums and the Mid Atlantic Airsoft Players Registry for more specific things in the NOVA area... And +1 on Blackstone! Chuck and Lance run a good show!
  19. itsahak


    I use them on my airsoft replicas and on my personal and patrol rifle mags. I like being able to get a good grip on my mags and the ability to reload faster...
  20. I knew I recognized those pics! You posted the Afton ones on VAF right? And at least one of the Blackstone pics is in front of the silo correct?
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