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  1. $550? Seems a little low. An Escort gun would be fantastic if they weren't so expensive. They still need the external rig though.
  2. Yes, and don't leave it in there for days. What gun do you have?
  3. Some people get good service, others get terrible service. He's only speaking the truth. I can't see how that's bad advice. I'd stay away from them. You may have had good luck with them this time, but MANY people have had bad experiences with them. Why take a chance?
  4. The chrome slide is still plastic, so no, it is not any more durable. Yes, this gun can use Green gas stock.
  5. If you don't want to have an external rig, than Classic airsoft is not for you. They perform terribly using the internal gas reservoir. Head over to classicairsoft.net. There's lots of info on Classic airsoft. Gernerally, JAC guns are good. Having personally owned a JAC MP5 before, it seemed to be a pretty sturdy gun. It was quite platicy as it has that old 80/90's plastic on it. Using an enternal Green gas rig, it shot horribly, like that of a spring gun. Low FPS and terrible range. With the right set up and modifications, these guns can perform outstanding.
  6. They are a quality BB. Have you ever over loaded the mag with BB's. The top of the magazine could be spread open a little too far causing more than 1 BB to feed. You might want to try squeezing it together a little bit with pliers.
  7. I don't recall seeing any CO2 mags for the TM Hi Capa. I don't know if WE and TM parts are compatible, but WE is much lower quality so I wouldn't bother trying to use those parts. I really wouldn't call it much of a saving as the CO2 doesn't last much, if any longer than Green gas. 1 CO2 cartridge is approx. 1 charge of Green gas.
  8. No, you just put it in the mag, close the bottom of the mag, and a piece at the top will puncture the top of the CO2 cartridge.
  9. Check the hammer assembly and make sure that there is a piece sticking up on the left side. Check to make sure it moves freely when you push it down and returns to the normal position. This is part #81.
  10. Sounds like you are using cheap BB's. What brand are they? Both of you should try cleaning the gun and see if that helps.
  11. TM M9 is an all around good GBB. KSC/KWA Glock 19 is good as well. M9 has a rather heavy trigger pull though. KSC CZ-75 is good.
  12. The oring around the part the pieces the CO2 cartridge needs to be replaced. Happened to my KWC CO2 mag from leaving an empty cartridge in for a day or so. The material was compressed for too long and lost it's squishiness. I made a new one from a rubber keychain. ****Just realized how old this post was! Sorry for bringing back this topic.******* Useful info for anyone who has this problem though.
  13. You can easily search and find reviews on at least some of these guns, maybe even all of them. You need some gas, most likely Green gas. You need some BB's, probably .2gs. FInally, a can of 100% silicon lubricant without petroleum in it.
  14. It's still plastic on the outside. I don't know if the internals are metal. The gun is a NBB by the way.
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