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    Drives an S60R, but is NOT sparkly...
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    Fencing Instructor for 20+ years. I teach historical period fencing and modern fencing, as well as a martial art.<br /><br />I ran an indoor Airsoft Field and Store. Now just do outside games and vending.<br /><br />US Army back in the day, NG and ROTC route... <br /><br />Current real weapons: yes<br /><br />Airsoft should be treated with respect. It can be a fun and interesting sport.

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    UHC P7M13 springer Crosman CO2 powered USP STTI Stealth Assassin Mk23 SOCOM KTW Ithica M37 Shotgun "For Close Encounters" KWA G36... yeah, it's a good one! Classic Army CA8-2... VERA! Now an SL9 like God intended her to be! Marushin M1892 Randel Winchester Gas Gun (Zoe's Gun!) 2x Cyma Glock AEP KWA/Umarex MP7A1 GBB w/ full trades OMG! WELL R2 Skorpion CYMA AK converted to vZ-58 KWA KZ-75
  1. Hey! Hope all is well with you... been out in the world working my butt off the last few years - gotten to play airsoft exactly 2 times in 5 years... sucks... but that's what happens.

    Take care, and good to see ASF is still out there!

    Paisley (Jim)

  2. That is hard to say. Honestly, I had an MP7 Well that lasted for over a year of pretty intense CQB action on a nearly daily basis and I finally traded it off for this Skorp. they are the same exact gearbox internally, just a different wiring layout for the battery. I know of a couple of others that crapped out a lot sooner, but they were handled pretty roughly (comparatively - as in never cleaned, played outside almost all the time, bashed around etc etc) Like anything else, you take care of it, it will last a long time. I guess I should explain pretty intense - it was one of my favorites to go play at the indoor airsoft field I used to own/operate. I would do game balance and that was great for 25 yard shots in the halls and rooms we had. It got played a lot... until my gas MP7 came along! LOL! Even then, it was great because it was pretty quiet, nice and accurate, and fairly small with a large capacity. Fire rate was a little slow, especially compared to some of the beasts we built, but overall, it worked pretty well. With it and my MP7, I could hold a strategic chokepoint pretty much a whole game after I could get there. So, yeah, they work. As far as upgrading, they are a hassle to do a lot of stuff. Changing out the barrel and hop up isn't too bad, changing out the gears and bushings is a pain in the rear. A lot of time and patience and more than a few swear words involved.
  3. I know this has been on a while, apologies for old news if it is: I've had a Well R2 for a long time... it has all the 9ball upgrades in it (some done by previous owner, some done by me - but new barrel, hop up, bushings, spring, piston etc etc etc , you get the idea) built it to be a tank, and it still is. the drum mag holds about 300 rounds (+/-) and is a front winder... wind it up all the way, you can run the entire mag through it. The mid caps are 40ish rounds each and fairly small (think pistol mag size) so you can holster it if you get the skorp holster. Going to a lipo isn't a problem if you stay with the 7.4. getting it to fit might be an issue, though. Battery fits in the grip on this model, and there just isn't a lot of extra room. I haven't had the best of luck with keeping batteries alive on this (I have 4 = 2 stay up for a day or so, then go dead, the other 2 won't even hold a charge any more - granted they are old, but still) so I would look it over carefully but would attempt it if you think you can find one to fit. AFA skirming, it's ok, but a bit awkward. Small for an SMG, big for a pistol. Easier to 2 hand wield than single. I use a broomstick front grip on the rail, along with the folding stock. It seems more awkward than my MP7. Not as awkward as the MP5k. YMMV. It is a fun little smg. I like mine and I run it with my AKs as a backup. Worked really REALLY well with the drum in a close up battle.
  4. I was in the forest on Beltaine, dancing naked around the trees with some spritely nymphs, when I got shot up by some people wearing camoflauge and using airsoft guns... I figured that the best defense was a good offense, (and brother, am I offensive!) so I got a bunch of airsoft guns and lit the crap out of them all. Repeatedly. (none of the above is true, but you have to admit, it would be hilarious!) Seriously, got my first softair (daisy) pistol in about 86 or so, played a little bit for a year or so, then got away from it all for a lot of years... got back into it when the infamous Jungletoy came to town... started in, learned a bunch about the guns, got good at working on them... ended up running an indoor airsoft place and shooting the crap out of everyone for fun and profit (ok, not much profit at all... but a LOT of fun)
  5. COFFEE....... Especially when I had the indoor airsoft range that we were open until midnight on the weekends (and occasionally all night games) COFFEE!!!! Carb up a day in advance, drink plenty of NON-CARBONATED fluids (stay away from soda! It is your enemy in the field) even on cold days, you gotta replenish the liquids you are sweating out and breathing out. I usually carry some wasabi (or garlic, or chili) peas to munch on... high protein, good tasting, and they come in little bitty packs that are just a mouthful each. Also carry some energy bars normally.
  6. The Well R4 can take the upgrades, and the "better" of the Umarex MP7 electrics is that gun. So it can be upgraded with all the 9ball stuff. I've had 2 of the R4s, and one TM, and now have the gas MP7... I like the gas gun the best, but it's a different animal, and not as easy to skirmish... it doesn't have near the magazine capacity. 300+fps with the 9 ball upgrades is plenty (honest) and the slightly slower cyclic isn't that big of a hinderance... Having had both, I wish I had the AEP back.
  7. out of the gun, does the gearbox make plenty of power (blow enough air when you cycle it?) If it does there, and the barrel is ok (sounds like it is), it's in the hop up and/or nozzle area... you've eliminated everything else. From a lot of experience with type of thing, you have to look at how the assembly is going together there. It may be that the nozzle is not seating properly (you might look at the tappet plate, the part the nozzle sits on) to make sure it isn't doing some weird flex thing (ran into a bad batch on M4s in V2 boxes years ago, drove me nuts trying to figure out why they weren't moving correctly) or it could be that the barrel is not seating fully back in the hop up assembly, hence not allowing the air nozzle to set up against the back of the rubber bucking, so no seal, and no power. Take your time, don't get frustrated, and just observe what's going on with it.
  8. I have ran into these a couple of times... they remind me of the old SST racer cars from my youth... zurp zurp zurp! But not near as loud as a garbage disposal, and definitely not as loud as the battery operated winders... some of those things are horribly loud!
  9. I started out on Tom Baker and love him... but you have to admit, even though the stories were better, the SFX sucked horribly! So much, it drew away from the story sometimes... Still love the Doctor! And I still have a tag surround on my car that says "My other Car is a Tardis" so, yeah, I'd say I love the show... I was asked when playing airsoft one time what group I was simulating... I looked at my G36 and, without batting an eye, said, "UNIT".
  10. Got the SLR, it was as described (glue and all, lol!) Thanks and a free bump! (and a free edit of what is gone and your change for paypal)
  11. I've got two of these guns... one with a full 9ball kit, the other stock... Fully kitted shoots about 280 fps with .20s... the other, 240 fps. Honestly, I wouldn't be planning on much more than that. AS far as the LIPO adding fps??? Really? Battery has nothing to do anything with how much air a gun will develop (as long as it pulls the piston back) It will shoot the same fps. What you DO gain with a LIPO is rounds per second... that's it. Honestly, 280 very accurate fps is fine for a pistol... and these guns are very accurate (if you take time to set it up correctly). I fondly recall using my first .030 and my MP7 controlling a choke point for pretty much an entire CQB game... the MP7 shot 280, the .030 shot 240... plenty good at short/mid range and with great accuracy.
  12. Closed Thread. Reason: This is a Which Gun thread of the "bad" kind. John94... you basically said "where should I throw my money" without giving us any clue as to your preferences, tastes, size, capabilities, or what your friends may also have, so that you can better enjoy your airsoft experience. What I am getting at is this... if you are a big guy (like me) a little gun (like a stubby M4) SUCKS out in the field.... conversely, if you are little (like my 5'0" daughter) a full metal M249 doesn't work so well having to lug around half your body weight all day... If you have several friends who are already playing "for real"... and they all have AK's already... then an AK variant would be a logical choice... but if all of them have M4's then an AK would be a poor choice from a rigging and mag swap standpoint (as well as batteries or other "swappable" items) Again, that's WHY we have the WGT rules we do... give us some more info on what you want/need/desire... and, as you can see, you will have no small amount of help guiding you. Meanwhile, this thread is dead.
  13. I'm totally with Jani on this one.... You will definitely want the .25's on this gun (better range, counter intuitive I know, but trust me, it's for real) and better "punch through" power if you are dealing with green leafy things to shoot through... AND I would look for a non blowback as well... the blowback action isn't very realistic, and you are begging for more breakage... If the blowback can easily be disabled on it, then go for it... just remember to disable it when skirming (that way it won't leave you stranded)
  14. Hey, Let me put it this way... I am not real impressed with the internals quality of SRC guns... maybe I'm just jaded from the old days, but SRC still doesn't seem to have it all together on the internals... every SRC gun I've worked on, well, they are finicky. That being said, I imagine that their externals are quite good. I *have* been impressed with their externals over the last couple of years. One other thing I forgot to mention regarding the Cymas... we used about 15 of them for rental guns in my old indoor courses... these guns were used every week. We planned on a 6 month game plan for them before replacement... when we closed up shop, we still had around 12 running... OVER A YEAR LATER. I did some rough calculations, the average gun use, etc, etc... and if you look elsewhere, you can find where I spoke about what we did for repairs etc... but any way, the deal is, the average gun had to have shot 350,000 rounds (three hundred and fifty THOUSAND) and I KNOW that several of those guns had NOTHING done to them... Drop the BBs in, charge the battery, and go. Honestly, I would not be surprised if a few of the early ones (we staggered them in over about 3 months) had over 1,000,000 rounds through it. And no, I am NOT exaggerating on this. THAT, my friend, is why I recommend Cyma AKs (despite their known deficits)...
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