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Paisley Pirate

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    Drives an S60R, but is NOT sparkly...
  • Birthday 08/18/1965

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    Seamus Paisley P
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    Derby (Wichita), KS
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    Fencing Instructor for 20+ years. I teach historical period fencing and modern fencing, as well as a martial art.<br /><br />I ran an indoor Airsoft Field and Store. Now just do outside games and vending.<br /><br />US Army back in the day, NG and ROTC route... <br /><br />Current real weapons: yes<br /><br />Airsoft should be treated with respect. It can be a fun and interesting sport.

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    UHC P7M13 springer Crosman CO2 powered USP STTI Stealth Assassin Mk23 SOCOM KTW Ithica M37 Shotgun "For Close Encounters" KWA G36... yeah, it's a good one! Classic Army CA8-2... VERA! Now an SL9 like God intended her to be! Marushin M1892 Randel Winchester Gas Gun (Zoe's Gun!) 2x Cyma Glock AEP KWA/Umarex MP7A1 GBB w/ full trades OMG! WELL R2 Skorpion CYMA AK converted to vZ-58 KWA KZ-75

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    ak47 mag

    Paisley Pirate was The Seller

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