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    Airsoft, Paintball, Shooting (real guns), computers.<br /><br />I'm a member of the US Airforce, stationed at Portland International Airport AFRB. Send me a message if you want to play airsoft; I'm totally lacking in airsoft replicas at this moment; the stuff I have is boxed up in shipping, I figure I'll have it around christmas time.
  1. Please feel free to continue to update this list; but I've moved on from Airsoft. I hope someone has the ability to take it over.
  2. You ought to be able to wash it on delicate, most military gear is washable; if you're really concerned then you could just simply hose it down like suggested.
  3. If you guys want to see some really awesome camo check out this topic I posted a while ago, http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/Great-We...ies-t27170.html I still maintain that woodland is the only thing most people need. And there's nothing that a black hoody, some black pants, and two cans of spray paint can't blend you into.
  4. Just how much junk do you plan on packing in all those? I mean, sure, when the Zombies come, you'll be more than prepaired to live the rest of your life in a wal-mart super-store; but until then, you're just playing Airsoft.
  5. I would have been seriously insulted if I had to take a quiz when I joined this page. I would have assumed this page is a joke or over-run by kids. There's no solution to get rid of young players and silly questions. The best thing to do is to simply instruct new players to view pinned topics and flat out tell them, "If you're not going to be respectful of the board and it's rules, we're not going to answer your questions."
  6. Have you tried reading this? http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/Agent-Hu...ear-t28080.html
  7. Are you sure that's a round from an A-10? It dosn't look very big, it should be about 1 foot long.
  8. Dude, I live in Portland (Beaverton specifically) and Multicam works fine for this area; especially in summer time when the ground is a nice light brown. It won't work too well in the more moist forests, but in the eastern side of Oregon and Washington (especially the mountains) it will work great. It's basically Woodland version 2.0. Multicam is specifically designed to work in the most areas possible.
  9. Yes, but this is just one of the types of post that could be put into a guide section. There wasn't too many reviews before we opened up a review section, now there's like 60 or so. Virtually every one of those reviews could become a guide on how to strip that gun or upgrade it... Anyways, back on topic...
  10. OD Vests look sweet. Plus, if you do a bit of touch up work with black spray paint, you can break up the pattern pretty good. Multicam is a huge rave as well; but it's expensive. It's kind of the Lexus of camo... Personally, I'd go with Multi-cam, because it works very well and all the other gear w****s will be jealous. That's just me though; OD might be better with you.
  11. You might want to look on Cheaperthandirt.com; they've got what you're looking for. I got a warning about gear though; you get what you pay for. A 50 dollar vest is going to be worth about 50 bucks, while a 300 dollar vest is going to be worth about 300 bucks. Also, avoid a vest with velcro.
  12. Yeah, I think you'd better stop before you piss someone off who's in any branch of the military, or anyone in the airforce; because everyone values the impact of a B-52 strike or an F-16. The Airforce has some of the most well-trained special forces in the military. We've got more then the PJ's. For instance the Combat Weathermen that are the only people in the military that are authorized to wear medals from all branches of the military, and badges from all branches of the military. These are the guys that have Air Force rank and the Ranger Badge on their shoulder. Then you've got Combat Controllers who are the only one's authorized by the Air Force to call in Air Strikes, so they go through Ranger school and SEAL training. Not to mention EOD, TAC-P, and the other outstanding airmen that are killing people all over the planet, side by side with SEALs, Delta, and other the other special forces. I doubt you could be a PJ anyways, they've got a 95% fail rate, higher than the 90% fail rate of the SEALs. They've also got 2 years of Air Force tech school; where they're trained to be a Medic, Unconvential Warfare, and many other things they don't talk about. We've also got Red Hat CE, who are the guys that go to a random strip in the desert with some backhoe's and M-16s, set up a perimeter, and build an airfeild. You can't forget about the rest of the Air Force that make up the mission of the Air Force. Aircraft Maintenance guys that are expected to spend 240 days on the road every year; most of which are gone for 300 days a year. That's every year, not just because of the GWOT, OIF, OEF, or any conflict. We do this while the rest of the armed forces complain about a 1 year tour of duty. When you see a guy who's got 3 stripes on his shoulders and who has a rack 4 deep of ribons; he's probably Aircraft Maintenance. Also, you might want to check your facts on the Golf Course thing. Most Air Bases have the Golf Course on the base. That's not because we're lazy though, that's because we've got a huge patch of semi-flat land with few trees; what else are they going to do with it? It's not just an Air Force thing though, alot of military bases have them. --- As for the whole Black BDU's thing... As you can see, there's quite a bit of black in nature. http://www.hyperstealth.com/acupat/ Black isn't a good choice, but it's not useless. If you're playing a night game and you stay below the natural light horrizon, it works great. It's just not a good choice for a daytime game. --- EDIT: The Air Force does have Digital BDU's; and quite a bit of Iraq isn't flat desert, the highlands and the valley's are very lush. Why do you think Baghdad has been around for 3,000 years? It's got some nice soil.
  13. Yeah, they're not supposed to go through the holes, the holes just stop the ALICE clips from sliding around. Why isn't this pinned yet? It's a great over view of equipment for all the guys just getting into Airsoft. Especially with the pictures.
  14. That line kinda makes me... Umm... I don't know the word for it. Digital Camo isn't always the answer for ever situation. Just look at ACU in the desert. Even 6-color DCU is better than ACU in the desert. I mean to say, that line makes it sound like Digital is good everywhere. You've really got to pick a camo that fits your area best, not just something that's new. I know that's not what you're trying to convey; I just want to clarify.
  15. Boots run the same size you'd normally get in sneakers, at least the once I own do. I always get them "Wide" because they seem to fit better and are more comfortable. I have a steel-toe version of this shoe, they're really nice; you'll like them.
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