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  1. That's what the clear plastic minis and springers are for. People here put them down, but there's a reason Sportmart and Kmart sell the clear guns. I don't see where there'd be a problem with backyard wars -- if you use less realistic guns and stay off of the street and public sidewalks.
  2. One other difference is the mag capacity. The UHC mag holds around 22 (more or less, depending on the tightness of the spring). KWCs typicaly only hold 12. (unless the M9 is any different?) And I personally find the UHC mags easier to load, although I know many disagree.
  3. Old Fogey


    Add in shipping costs before you make your decision. Some sites charge a lot more than others. Also don't forget that this site has a store, I thought some of his prices were pretty good once your factor in the shipping charges.
  4. LOL, I think CTD is sending out random sizes for those $1.97 "medium" shirts. I usually wear a US size large, I can fit in a medium, but medium is often a bit tight and I prefer loose fitting clothes. I ordered a medium before, thinking if it was too small for me I'd give it away to someone else. That first one ended up fitting me perfectly. Now I ordered 2 more "medium" shirts and one fits pretty good and the other is HUGE, like an XL at least. Argh, it would cost me more than $1.97 in postage to send it back.
  5. I accidentaly found another source of lead weights today which may be even better. In Hobby Lobby, in the section for stained glass making, they have rolls of lead strips that looked like the ideal size for this sort of thing. You'd just have to cut pieces of the right length and then glue in place. And it was only about $2.50 for a good size bag of the stuff.
  6. While the P226 and M9 are good guns, they are both full-size guns, and the UHC M9 is well over a pound, so I'm not sure why you guys are suggesting those. The Sig P228 might be a better choice for a compact pistol, I've heard the that the one AirsoftAtlanta has is made by UHC. Hmm, now that I think of about it, that might be a better choice than the PPK. (From what I've read, I haven't seen one first hand) As far as the FPS of the PPK, sorry I don't know. AirsoftAtlanta tends to exaggerate FPS ratings, but still, perhaps they are be useful in relative ranking of guns.
  7. All I can think of is the Crosman PPK http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/Mini_Rev...Ppk-t21404.html lightweight, compact, durable, 18 round mag, hop-up, accurate, but -- NOT very powerful
  8. I think maybe you're using some old terminology. The border guards are now called BGS or Bundesgrenzshutz http://www.bundesgrenzschutz.de/ But in any case, the spelling is Schutz (no L) and wehr, not weir. [sorry to get pedantic, my own spelling is often pretty bad, but, for some reason, seeing this was bothering me more than seeing English mispellings.]
  9. I tried several times on Monday and Tuesday and couldn't get on at all, most of the time I didn't even get the intro screen. I did finally get the site very late Tuesday ( after 10PM CDT I think)
  10. I think some type of military gaming is going to be around for a long time, but I suspect that realistic appearing airsoft guns will not be around in the future. As far as someone dieciding to go into retailing or field operation, I would guess that if you're flexible as to the type of gaming, airsoft, paintball, laser or whatever and not dedicated to just one form you'd do OK. I saw this stuff about LaserSkirmish posted on a different forum and it looks kind of interesting. It appeals to me because you can do it without the goggles & face protection you need for airsofting. http://www.laserskirmish.com/ http://www.battlefieldsports.com/
  11. If you get the HFC mini MP5 from AirsoftAtlanta it would be about $17 including shipping. AA does say it has hopup, so maybe it's not too bad. But everyone always says UHCs are better and those seem to go for $25 - $27 shipped everywhere I've looked. Jungletoy doesn't say who makes their guns so I don't trust them. And locally, Sports Authority wants $30 for the clear version.
  12. I'd choose the UHC because of the larger mag capacity. 22 rounds instead of the KWC's 12. Even though it's one-at-a-time I find the UHC mag design is less fiddly to reload. Accidentlatly press the spring catch on a KWC and whoops, there go all the BBs out in a spray.
  13. CADPAT is a copyrighted pattern and the Canadian goverment isn't liscening the pattern to anyone else. I assume a similar situation holds for MARPAT. So no manufacturer can legally reproduce those color patterns. I don't know how different from the original a knockoff pattern needs to be in order to avoid copyright infringement.
  14. On their home page now: and nothing else loads, so I'll guess they are still having server problems.
  15. Not all springers, just KWCs do that. UHCs for example don't have that little quirk. About shooting high, after shooting a couple hundred rounds it may wear in and get more accurate, if not you can try .25s. On a couple of my guns I've had to modify the sights somewhat to align the sights to the point the gun was shooting to.
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