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    Airsoft sniping, .22 rifles, skeet/trap shooting (12/16-gauge), video-game programming, inventing random stuff, etc...

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    Marushin Smith & Wesson 500 "Harbinger" Maruzen ca870 CQB Stock (Upgraded to 520 fps) Marushin .44 Magnum 8mm "Anti-Tank Gun" G&G "Rascal" UMG Double-barrelled Nerf Shotgun Bargain-bin Steyr AUG Plastic Cutlass, garr! HFC Metal Full-auto M9 Beretta (Being repaired by friend's dad) Hollow arrow shaft 'Blowgun'
  1. That's a very, very good question... Closed.
  2. The 'search' function is pretty cool. Closed.
  3. Maruzen ca870, upgraded to 420 fps (well, originally 520, but it's worn down from there) with .25's.
  4. Yeeeup. Moved to AEG section. For 50 feet, that's a pretty decent grouping. You might want to get a tightbore barrel if you're looking for having a marksmanship rifle. Pretty cheap, simple way to increase your accuracy. Just make sure you use good BB's, because cheap ones might score the barrel.
  5. At least he knows about the no Which Gun threads rule, which is better than most. I'll let this go. Tokyo Marui guns are probably your best bet. Parts for them are readily available pretty much everywhere.
  6. Pirate

    Rick Rolling

    Read the post: HARMLESS Rick-Rolling is fine... Just know that you look like a %$#@ when you do it. I suggest you keep it in the funny section. But you link to anything that messes with your browser, makes pop-ups, moves the window around, any of that crap - and I or VelcroChicken mess you up. 'Nuff said, closed.
  7. This thread's fine. He posted a lot of specific requirements instead of just "I want a good pistol, what should I get." My friend got a nice co2 pistol for about $40 from Sports Chalet, but it didn't have rails and wasn't all too accurate. It was consistent, but fired off to the left. I'll ask him what kind it was.
  8. Braahgghg! Aaurughggggghh~ Braaaaaaaiiiinnnnzzzz! Closed.
  9. Check out our sniper rifle forum.. Do some research yourself before you start askin' questions. Simple 'which gun' topics are against the rules because we get so many of 'em. Closed.
  10. I've actually never heard Ball Bullet before. I really like that. I've heard of them referred to as 'ball bearings' in several places, for some reason. Guess it just made sense with the BB deal. Ball Bullet sounds like the perfect term though. If that's not the actual term, then it should be! Edit; Wikipedia (though not to be trusted) states that it's called a BB after the "birdshot pellet of approximately the same size." Though that's the little copper BB's that will kill you, not airsoft BB's. The Wiki article thankfully makes note of the difference.
  11. He just had some internet trouble and accidentally posted it twice. S'all good - deleted the extra one. Thanks for the heads-up, Vegan.
  12. There are very good co2 airsoft guns for cheap. Check out Sports Chalet, Big 5 or Wal-mart. Just make sure you don't get something that shoots too much harder than 400 fps.
  13. Most professional airsoft specialists around. They're a little pricey, but it's well worth it. Can't say enough good things about them. They have a new site/name - www.q-armory.com
  14. Nope. xD The only one I know of that can take a silencer in RL is the Nagant M1895.
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