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    S&W 500 Quickdraw
  • Birthday 06/25/1990

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    San Diego, CA
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    Airsoft sniping, .22 rifles, skeet/trap shooting (12/16-gauge), video-game programming, inventing random stuff, etc...

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    Marushin Smith & Wesson 500 "Harbinger" Maruzen ca870 CQB Stock (Upgraded to 520 fps) Marushin .44 Magnum 8mm "Anti-Tank Gun" G&G "Rascal" UMG Double-barrelled Nerf Shotgun Bargain-bin Steyr AUG Plastic Cutlass, garr! HFC Metal Full-auto M9 Beretta (Being repaired by friend's dad) Hollow arrow shaft 'Blowgun'
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