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  1. Kool, thanks for the info guys :D Any thing else is welcome though
  2. Kool ty ill look more on there for that stuff but I would definatly like a g3c or famas but MP5's are kool :D Any other info anyone?
  3. Hello, I would like to get into airsoft this summer and I would like to know of some good sites and stuff to get Can anyone suggest any good quality web stores? I am kind of interested in trying to get a spring famas or something of the G36 series for a rifle, and a beretta or usp for a pistol. Perferably some stuff that wont cost me more then 100-250 USD at the very most for everything that is needed Any help is welcome and thanks :D
  4. Hello I am looking to purchase a gas pistol soon I just have a few Q's about them 1 What gun should I use? I found a KWC m9 vertec and kwc m9 br that looked good and I don't know if there is a difference between them 2 Are there any things that manuals and guides will not tell me how to operate or customize my gun? 3 Are there anythings in general I should know about? TY
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