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  1. I am looking for a Sling System brand 3 point tactical sling and a 4x32 ACOG. The Sling System 3 point sling was something that I had a few years back and sold to someone on this forum and now I am wanting to find another. It was the only sling that I have ever found that I liked. The ACOG 4x32 that I am looking for was another item that I sold to someone on here. The model that I am looking for is black and has full Trijicon trades on it. I would also be interested in an aimpoint/5x magnifier set up with cantilever offset mounts if I can't find the ACOG that I am looking for. Now what I am looking to trade for these items is a Dboys M4SD that was bought a few years ago and still works. Don't know about accuracy or anything bbut at least it still cycles. It has been a few years since it has been used and I don't have any mags or ammo to test it with. The other item is a multicam tactical RRV vest. It has several pouches with it from m4 pouches to radio pouch misc. pouches. Not sure though how many pouches I have for this anymore. Now here is the best part. I will be making someone a very sweet deal. I am willing to do a one for one trade for what I am looking for. Meaning the gun for either the sling or scope, the vest for either the sling or scope. But I will only trade for what I am looking for so don't bother offering anything other than exactly what I am looking for. Pictures will be supplied to serious parties only that supply me with pictures first of what they are offering. Don't waste my time and I won't waste yours. Shipping- I will pay for my shipping cost and you will pay for yours. Items will be shipped on the same agreed upon day. If you can't or refuse to do this then don't bother trying to work out a trade with me. I will not ship first no matter what. It will be same time shipping or no deal. Tracking information will be supplied by each party involved. Items are for trade only so don't ask to buy. If you fail to read and understand the my thread rules before responding you will be ignored. Thanks for looking.
  2. Still have this. Send me some offers and I will look at them.
  3. I no longer have the inner barrel to throw in with this deal but I am willing to make someone a good deal if they have a receiver in good condition with HDMI connections. I am no longer looking for an Apple TV. Here are a couple of pictures taken for someone else a couple of days ago as well.
  4. Just to give an update to this post. I am also looking for an Apple TV Gen 1 160GB or a Gen 2 as well. I don't really care if what you have is worth as much as the Daytona Gun M249 GBB kit as long as it is in like new condition. I will be willing to do an even trade for one of these or a home theater receiver as long as the deal is right. I have no use for this kitHit me up with what you might have.
  5. I am looking for a good working Home theater receiver that is 3d capable, has at least 4 HDMI inputs and is higher than a 5.1 surround sound. I am looking mainly for a Sony, Yamaha, Harmon Karmon, or something along those lines. If there is anything wrong with it cosmetically beyond some scraps and scratches I am not interested. All ports and speaker connections must work and I would like for it to come with the manual and remote. Now I have a brand new Daytona Guns M249 GBB drop in kit that includes all the parts to convert an A&K or Classic Army M249 to an external gas powered SAW. I will also throw in a KN M4 length tightbore barrel. Let me know what you have and I will try to get pictures up later on or tomorrow of the GBB kit.
  6. Still looking for $400 plus shipping for the Magpul M4 package. That includes everything that you see in the picture.
  7. Tanaka has been sold. Now lets see if I can get the Magpul sold. Special price for the complete package. $400 plus shipping to the first person that can pay for it tonight. Shipping will run $35 through UPS with insurance. That is everything that you see in the picture including the gun case for $400.
  8. Trades will no longer be entertained. I need the money for a new bike so unless you have a Trek or Gary fisher medium frame mountain bike for an even trade don't bother. I would be willing to offer everything that I have left in this thread for the right Gary Fisher bike as long as it is a full suspension bike and no older than a 2003 model. **UPDATE** As of right now the first person that wants the M700 I will make them a very sweet deal in a couple of different package deals here. Package #1 The gun and mag only for $275 plus shipping (scope and bi-pod not included in this package) Package #2 Everything in the picture for $325 plus shipping Package #3 Everything in the picture plus a complete external rig, 2 bottles, and all the bb's I have for it for $400 plus shipping. Please note the gun case is not included in any of these packages. If you want it add $50 to the price of what ever package you choose to cover the price of the case and extra shipping cost. Shipping will run $35 no matter which package you pick and what ever it cost over that I will take care of. I will only ship through UPS.
  9. Bump it up again. I really need to find someone that has an HTC HD2 android phone that will work on the AT&T network. If anyone has one please get with me if your interested in trading for the M700. I will also include a complete air rig with the gun instead of the one pictured if someone has this phone in like new condition.
  10. This is an update on my trade list. At the moment the only trade that I will accept is for an HTC HD2 phone that will work with the AT&T network. Please pay attention to this part. I will do an even trade for the Tanaka AICS. I will also do a trade for the Magpul M4 but you will only receive the rifle, the original 120 round mag, original flash hider (silincer not included) and a Magpul flip up rear sight. Nothing else in the picture with the magpul will be included for an even trade. Seeing as the Magpul has not sold yet I will be listing the package in seperate prices as follows. The package price is no longer valid. Magpul M4 and 120 round mag - $450 12 Classis Army Mid cap mags - $120 (will not part out and will not be sold before M4 has been sold) 12 mag pulls - $20 Madbull Halo silencer - $40 Silencer pictured on M4 - $50 ACOG 4x32 Trijicon (been told it was a factory refurb but I am not sure) $100 Tango down grip pictured on M4 - $20 Real Grip Pod $50 3 point Sling System sling - $50 Black Condor dual rifle case - $50 These new prices do not include shipping and I will not ship for free so don't make any kind of offers and say something like "shipped" or "including shipping"
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