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  1. I have had great luck and satisfaction from Hotspotairsoft.com. They shipped my order the same day I made it and even called me to let me know that it was shipped, as well as give me the tracking number.
  2. I don't think this is in the right sub-forum, but I could be mistaken.
  3. You will most likely need ICS rails. Ics guns don't really like other companies aftermarket parts.
  4. All of this was found within 2 minutes. http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/gandg-sp...tl-t208336.html http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/ics-spor...-I-t210619.html http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/ICS-spor...-s-t210704.html
  5. I think it is fairly obvious that he would rather trade the mags than sell them. Hence the extremely high price.
  6. This question was posted like last night, do a search. The topic has been covered many times. http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/ics-spor...-I-t210619.html
  7. Hey thanks for the kind words. Yes I did have wobble, however it can be fixed. What I do is roll up electrical tape and place it where the "QD" side grabs the rail. Basically, I place it on the inside of the QD where it grabs the rail. If you put the right amount it makes it nice and tight. You should try it.
  8. My newest AR. Base Rifle: Classic Army LWRC m6a2 Internals: Prommy bucking and soon an A/B mosfet. Externals: ACM Magpul UBR in FDE Magpul MOE pistol grip FDE Tango Down QD vert. grip FDE Tango Down 6 inch rail covers in FDE Tango Down 2 inch rail covers in FDE ACM 4x Acog with Docter Sight and killflash Replica Troy Battle Sights
  9. My King Arms Larue M4 was seized by customs 2 weeks ago. I ordered from redwolfairsoft and am now awaiting a refund. Hopefully you fare better than I have.
  10. Well, since my King Arms m4 has been stuck in customs for almost 2 weeks, I think it is safe to say it is probably going to be seized. Anyways because of this, I am looking to purchase a nice m4. There are some stipulations that must be met with, however. 1. Must be metal 2. Prefer G&P or King arms, but will look at others. 3. No mags needed, I have some already. 4. Prefer it to come with a lipo or high quality battery. I use semi-auto only so I prefer crisp trigger response. 5. Must have some type of Ris, I prefer 7 inch RIS systems but 9 may be considered. 6. Prefer stock untouched internals, but may look at upgraded weapons. 7. Must have a collapseable stock, and must be rear wired. Again, please send out any offers, but this is what I am mostly looking for however they are NOT must-haves.
  11. Have you received your weapon yet? I am in the same boat as you, ordered a King Arms AEG from Redwolf, and now has been in customs since the 22nd of January.
  12. No one has an M4? Guess I will just buy one new and sell this gun outright.
  13. Possibly looking to trademy WE G36 GBBR. It started out as a WE g39c, and I have since converted it. There are a couple of cosmetic issues, mainly scracthing on the outer barrel (completely covered) from when I was prying the glued on orange flash hider off. The weapon, in its current state, is a full size G36, with a K barrel and AG36. Slight modification was needed to make the AG36 fit the WE GBBR. The pin holes needed to be drilled to widen them a bit, and the mock gas block needed to be removed. However, the AG36 is as sturdy as a rock on the WE and will not disappoint, I can assure you that. Also, the carry handle on the weapon right now had to be lightly tapped with a hammer to fit on, but again, this is very sturdy and isn't going anywhere. Functions 100%, however, the hopup likes to back off to the "off" position after around 10 rounds. Everything else is fine. Looking for M4 aegs for trade only. What is included: WE G39c - $220.00 Star G36KE handgaurd/barrel extension - $40.00 Classic Army AG36 - $250.00 2 x Spare magazine (3 total) - $80.00 Leapers metal carry handle - $50.00 HK G36c Trademarks - $12.00 Total - $652.00 Trade value - $550.00 ACOG not for sale nor is it included. With KE Grip:
  14. It's the flip up sights for the launcher.
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