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  1. My G&G CM16 Raider L GBBR soon to have a holographic sight
  2. Thanks man ill get on that soon!
  3. Hey guys. I was a member here awhile ago when I was just a youngin. Now I'm 21 and getting back into the craze that is airsoft. I recently got an Ares Sniper rifle and a G&G raider L GBBR. It's amazing how the industry has changed since I was into it. It used to be Tokyo Marui and classic army. Now there are so many dominating companies. It surprised me though that cyma/cyber gun aren't the cruddy ones anymore. Anyway I'm looking forward to reading all the great airsoft stuff on this site and talking to some cool people. Oh, and I am a New Jersey guy.
  4. those are some great pics. cool field
  5. sick gun man I have the cqb compact also and always wanted to give it a sniper look. thanks for putting it up dude. But I have one question. How much fps does it shoot? Have you gotten it chrono'd lately
  6. never been but I here they just opened a cqb field also but im not sure exactly where it is. go to longislandairsoft.com for more info
  7. Yea this is a sketch comedy thing. They make a video podcast of much more of these. I have this and many more on Itunes. Buy it on Itunes. It is called Olde English Sketch Comedy. There are so many others and they are all hilarious
  8. It depends I got shot by a 280 fps steyr aug less than five feet on my bare skin on my finger and it left a blood blister and hurt like crazy. But at longer ranges when it hits where you are wearing clothes I would have to say about 350-400 or 400-450
  9. AHAHAH that was hilarious that just made my day thank u!
  10. Classic Army will probably be a bit stronger and heavier.
  11. Especially when you add the fact that c..c...c... (I cant say the c word but I must) its made by cyma. BLECHH
  12. I love that game. It just angers me so much because I always blow up
  13. The sniper rifle is pretty cool. How is it on the field. Is it reliable The sniper rifle is pretty cool. How is it on the field. Is it reliable
  14. That is just..... ewwwww. It looks like barf mixed with toothpaste
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