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  1. That cannot be a quality M4 if it is shooting 2 bbs. Something must be wrong with it. What brand of M4 springer do you have?
  2. Welcome to ASF, and it sounds like something is wrong with you m14. Where did you buy it from? What kind of range are you getting and it hop up adjusted correctly? Did you try turning it off all the way to no hop?
  3. LOL...I know, but you'll have that with clones. Look at the bright side.....when theirs are broke, you'll still have yours.
  4. I'll neither agree nor disagree, but you do need a long eye relief scope for this version of the M14. The scope may make it easier for sighting purposes, but it doesn't increase it's accuracy. The iron sights are adequately designed and manufactured with "clicks" that can lock them into place as Dmitri described. Probably, they are one of the better design of sights on a budget spring rifle. My opinion is to take the time on the range setting the hop-up and rear sight and skip the scope. Once I had the two set, they never needed adjusted.
  5. Nice guide. I may try this. Also, the Hershey bars and muffins in the background made me hungry! LOL
  6. I didn't upgrade my Cyma, but I had a similar issue on semi auto. I have found that the mag had a tiny bit of dirt under the slide of the feed spring. I disassembled the magazine cleaned it and lubed it with silicon and it shot flawless ever since.
  7. Why would it break from just taking it apart? I disagree. You can take a plastic gun apart as long as you are careful and map out everything that you remove from the gun. Also, you have to make sure that you use that map to return everything exactly as it previously was or then you will break it. As for upgrades, depending on your M4 model, there are a few upgrades that you can possibly do. Some upgrades (again, depending on which model/brand you have) will destroy the gun or shorten it's life expectancy. I have upgraded several springers since I started airsofting over 6 years ago. One of them was a DPMS A-15 High Grade v2 which is a gun that fits your description.
  8. I had my mp5-sd3 for over 4 years now which makes it the unofficial version 1. There is a newer version out which has sling mounts and isn't supposed to be as good as the older version. I also have the TSD m14 spring which I find as a better performing gun than the UCH mp5-sd3. It isn't as durable, but it is more powerful. Accuracy is the same, but the range is better with the M14. Also, it is quite easy to do a teflon mod to the m14 if you know what you are doing. It took me about 30 minutes and I got a big increase in range (about 15-20 feet) once the hop-up was adjusted.
  9. Use it as a learning experience and a "parts" gun and get your self another gun. Did you take the gun apart because the gun was broken?
  10. The UTG Spring AK serves me well as long as I am shooting .25 bbs.
  11. How about pick your nose while a sniper is watching you through their scope?
  12. The internals and hop-up (mainly) are over lubed or greased. This could effect your accuracy.
  13. I don't know anything about the UTG dropleg, but it depends on the type of 1911 holster that you are referring to. Yes, a typical 1911 holster will fit the frame of a Socom mk.23, but it may not (depending on the type) fit with the suppressor attached.
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