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  1. bump just a little over a day remains in the auction starting price lowered to $150
  2. bump I lowered the price on ebay: $175 starting bid, $275 buy it now
  3. Oh alright, "parting out", gotcha. No, I will only be selling it as a package.
  4. pating out? what do you mean? the transaction will be carried out through eBay. if you would like to purchase it, bid on the item or do Buy It Now
  5. Well, the time has finally come. I'm quitting airsoft. With college hanging over my head and me and my friends playing less often, I've decided to sell all my airsoft gear. What I've got for sale today is a good condition CA M15 Rifle, with everything you need for use included (and more). eBay item number: 250280530317 INCLUDES: - CA M15 Rifle - CA 300 round hi cap magazine - Two 30 round STAR magazines - 50mm Barska red dot scope - 3 point tactical sling - About 4000 KSC .20g bbs (including bottle with easy pour tip) - TM speed loader - 9.6v 3000mah battery and charger Just post or PM me if you have any questions. The transaction will be completed through the eBay auction. Thanks for looking!
  6. on my classic army M15 motor, the terminals don't have any markings at all. does it matter which wire goes into which connector? does it matter if the wires are switched? I searched and couldn't find anything..
  7. engagement angle? sounds pretty complicated... thanks for the help though, I'll order that CA piston then
  8. alright so I finally gathered up enough courage to take apart my gearbox to figure out whats wrong, and it appears to be the piston. here are some pictures so someone can double check me: http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a44/xbx1120/100_3449.jpg http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a44/xbx1120/100_3447.jpg http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a44/xbx1120/100_3446.jpg The motor spins fine, the gears all turn, etc etc. It seems like this cracked piston is the problem. Now I see they have a classic army piston on airsoft atlanta titled "Classic Army Reinforced Piston - 47441". Is this what I want? Are all CA pistons the same? http://airsoftatlanta.com/parts_aeg.htm#pistonheads Also, my piston head and whatnot appears in tact. Can I just attach the new piston onto my old piston head? How exactly does that work? And finally, there's white grease all over my gears and piston. When I put the new piston in, I think I'll want to apply new grease as well. What sort of grease should I use? Any help is much appreciated, sorry in advance if this is a repeat question!
  9. Hey guys whats up? I haven't been on the forums for a while, but I recently encountered a little problem on the field that brings me back here for advice. So the at my last airsoft skirmish, my M15 is working fine and everything, until one time I pull the trigger and I hear something snap, then the motor spinning around fast, as if theres no resistance on it. It sounds like a gear broke, or maybe one tooth thats supposed to pull something snapped, since I haven't had any problems until now. I have been using a 9.6v battery, so that probably caused this problem in one way or another... I'm sure other people have encountered this problem, if it has been stickied, I'm sorry, I haven't been around the forums in a while. Right now I've got my gun stripped to its basic parts, but I don't have the gearbox open and I'd rather not if I don't have to. (sounds pretty complicated) Well if anyone has any advice, shoot
  10. the mods here don't allow direct ebay links, since they expire after 60 days and become dead links
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