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  1. All for sale only, sorry but NO TRADES. Shipping is extra, depending on zip code. 1: Classic Army SLR-105 Full steel & wood, very heavy duty, comes with 1 magazine. $175 2: G&G RK103 Comes with black magpul AFG & tac light with rail mount. 1 magazine $175 3: CAW ( Craft Apple Works) GP-30 Launcher. Takes regular 40mm shells, for full sized AK's $100 4: King Arms Galil MAR. new, only modification was a small MOE rail section added to the handguard for mounting lights. $150 5: Tokyo Marui M-14 Socom model. Comes with 6 midcaps, bipod, king arms rail mount. Very strong & straight shooting. $275 6: Echo 1 Redstar RPK. Full steel & wood. Comes with electric drum magazine. Modified for high speed lipo use. Only issue is a chip out of the font site. $250 7: VFC H&K 417. Brand new. Upgraded by pro shop to shoot 425 FPS with .25's comes with 3 midcaps. I ordered this from over seas. For some insane reason, Customs confiscated the stock due to the HK trades, so it needs a replacement. $350 All prices DO NOT include shipping, low ball offers will be ignored. Pleas PM me with any question. Thanks!
  2. All for sale only.NO TRADESS. Prices on AEG's include shipping & insurance. Pricing for small items varies, shipping based on zip code, will combine shipping on multiple item purchases. 1: Inokatsu AK-74U Vityaz. The gold standard of AK replicas. Comes with 1 mag & matching Innokatsu foam filled PB silencer, -28mm threaded. $400 shipped 2: King Arms Galil MAR. Fielded once, comes with 1 midcap. Stock except for a MOE rail section nicely installed on right side of handguard for flashlight mounting. $175shipped 3: Tokyo Marui M14 Socom. These are getting a little rare, comes with replica Harris bipod, one Hero Arms 800 round dual highcap mag, 6 King Arms midcaps, and (not pictured) Guarder side mounted scope RIS rail. $300 shipped 4: Blackhawk STRIKE Recon RRV chest rig. Older gen with the larger buckles & straps. Coyote. Brand new. $75 5: Dee's Custom Tightbore barrels First is a gen 1 610mm Second is a gen 4 490mm. $50 each 6: Tokyo Marui G3 parts. Complete hop-up unit, body pins, grip with motor baseplate, stock adaptor, & 1 plastic King Arms midcap. $30 7: 10 x STAR M4 real cap mags. $20 for all 10 8: Alta elbow pads, brand new. $10 9: Toy Soldier Large SAPI plates. $20 10: 2 x M4 quad magazine pouches. Coyote, USMC issued. $15 for both 11: Pantac large hydro carrier, Ranger Green. $10 12: Tenergy Super Brain 959 charger $20 13: Tenergy Super Brain 969 charger, dual outputs. $20 More to come, any question please PM
  3. For Sale only – Sorry NO TRADES!! 1: G&P Magpul PTS Limited Edition M4 body kit, brand new, never mounted, with all body parts. Black. $100 Shipped 2: G&G Combat Machine Body, New. Comes with charging handle, bolt catch, dust cover. $25 Shipped 3: Bravo 10.5 RIS. Mounted a couple times, very solid unit. Can include matching M4 barrel nut for another $10 $50 shipped 4: Tokyo Marui M4 2 piece RIS Stock genuine Marui RIS, from my old SR-16 $35 shipped 5: Matrix 750 round M14 box magazine. Brand new, has both manual & electric winding. $30 shipped 6: SRC SOCOM fake silencer / barrel extension 14mm CCW threads, a small spot of missing finish near the threads, otherwise in perfect shape. $30 shipped 7: G&P Aimpoint 30mm Red Dot W/ Mount. Very nice replica, 11 levels of brightness with nice clear glass. Comes with “L” mount & flip up covers. $50 Shipped 8: Hero Arms M14 Rail mount. Very solid. $20 Shipped. 9: Magpul PTS MOE Carbine Handguards, with front sight & delta ring. Complete from my KWA RM4, brand new. $35 Shipped Will combine shipping for multiple items. NO TRADES AGAIN PLEASE ;) Please email with any questions!
  4. Hi The spring guide, spring, cylinder, & nozzle are all upgraded, either systema, or Prometheus.
  5. I need some replacement parts for my G&G RK103 EVO. Looking for a G&G RK front end, or just outer barrel, if anyone has one, please let me know! Thanks
  6. Hey I have an SRC full metal RPK, with the faux plastic "wood", it's in almost new shape. Looking for 175 shipped, let me know if you want pictures.
  7. Hey I have an SRC full metal RPK, with the faux plastic "wood", it's in almost new shape. Looking for 175 shipped, let me know if you want pictures.
  8. Hey I have a complete SRC RPK, full metal with the faux plastic wood. Works perfect, near new $150 shipped? Let me know if you want a pic
  9. Hey I have a brand new genuine MOE 12" mid length black handguard. $20 shipped?
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