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  1. I also have a TASCO 40mm reddot for sale Great condition. Working battery (almost gone) Would like 21 shipped. Let me know if interested
  2. *Disassembled JLS FN2000. Has all the screws. I just took it apart and put all the parts in the box. Everything works. took it apart to fix it firing without pulling the trigger (dangerous) but too lazy to put it back together. Gearbox has all the parts. Comes in original box and manual. No mag. No batts. Asking $55 shipped ICS Mp5 cylinder (I think) With the teardrop slits in the side. Asking $3.50 shipped *Normal M4 cylinder (brand unknown) Asking $3.00 shipped *Eg1000 clone long type. Pinion in great shape. Great condition Out of a clone G3. Asking $8 shipped *mp5/M4 tappet plate. I believe its out of an ICS gun. Asking $2.50 shipped *Clone spring guide V2 gearbox. Great condition. $2.00 shipped *Tokyo Marui Piston/Piston head/Stock spring set. Piston has perfect teeth. Nothing to report. Good condition. Comes as a set. I can’t get them apart $12 shipped *XYT sector gear. Perfect teeth. Little use. Asking $4.30 shipped. *Bevel Gear (unknown brand. Could either be XYT or TM) perfect teeth. Asking $4.30 shipped *Other gear besides Sector and Bevel (forgot what its called. Either XYT or TM brand) asking $4.30 shipped Fidragon Tactical Vest This is my Fidragon Tactical vest. Used ONCE in a game. GREAt condition seen very little use. Comes with holster and 3 2xm16 mag pouches and 3 pistol mag pouches. I would like something like $28 shipped Outdoor Adventures camelback 2 liter pack and pouch It has seen moderate use. It is about a year and half old. The water bladder needs washing but it is still in good condition and working. The outside is in great condition. $6+shipping Classic Army M4 highcap magazine 300 rder Great condition seen very little use. Aesthetically great looking too. $24shipped TM standard mag? (it says adventure lines MFG, I thought it was a TM standard but it says that so idk what that means) Good solid metal magazine. Seen quite a bit of wear as seen in picture. But internally works great, never had a misfeed very reliable. Asking $10 shipped Echo1 M4 gearbox complete. Great condition. Seen maybe 3000 rounds max. The only issue is the pistonhead SCREW broke off so the piston head is not connected to the piston. All you need to fix it is a piston head SCREW or a new piston head. I took out the piston head btw. $22 shipped Echo 1 m4 EG1000 clone Longtype motor Off same gun. Seen 3000 rounds max. $8 shipped Barrel condoms. Great condition I have 2 left $3 shipped each *Issue BDU pants. Woodland. Medium Regular. GREAT condition. Washed once. Still has great color. Scale of 1-10 on fading. Id say it is 8 out of 10. Asking $5 plus ship. *Army issue LBV. Good condition. Most definently wearable. Comes with military belt thing. The thick 3 inch belt. Comes with Canteen cover and Canteen attached already Asking $15 shipped. I will separate the canteen and LBV if asked *Butt pack. Alice clips. Not super fancy. No compartments or anything. Great for dump pouch, ammo, or drum mags. Asking $7 shipped Vietnam era BDUs. Kinda beat up. Starting to get defects. Not holes but getting there soon.. Full set. Small-Short. Asking $4 plus shipping for whole set. *G&P 100 rds Midcap. Adventure Lines MFG on the bottom. Along with someones name written in sharpie. Good condition. Asking $11 shipped *G&p midcap guts and shell. Disassembled. Has everything except the screw at the top to keep the cap on and the spring. You should be able to fix it by adding a spring and pusher thingy Asking $3.50 *Star 30 Rd mag. Used maybe twice. Great condition. Minus the top has been sanded to fit into a gun. Not very much has been sanded. Asking $3.00 * Metal M16 charging handle. does not come with hardware to mount. $3.50 shipped *Well R6 Carrying handle. Great condition. Works on any M4 variant AEG. Windage and elevation do not click when adjusted. Asking $3.00 *Airsoft innovations V4( think the latest one before the new plastic one) One piece propane adapter. Full metal. Great. asking $19 shipped *Classic Army G36 highcap. Great condition. Seen very little use. No scratches or anything. Asking $20 shipped ----------------------I have pics for the following but forum wont let me post them (too many pics)--------- Paddle holster for hip. Molded for M9. Great condition good item. $4.50 shipped Scott airsoft googles. Good condition work well. $7 shipped Googles. Not comfortable. But suffices for airsoft. Asking $2 shipped Mp5 stock. Plastic off old style JG mp5 Will work with all mp5s. I tried it with a ICs mp5. $1 plus ship
  3. Echo1 M4 BODY sold. Gearbox and motor still up for sale
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