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  1. Closed per moderator investigation.
  2. NGOB

    2 p90s

    Closed per moderator investigation.
  3. Only one bump a day, bud. Re-read the rules before you get yourself in trouble.
  4. The staff has deliberated, and we are keeping this thread as it is. The conditions remain as they were before, and the community is going to stay alerted about this. The stories do not match up, I have witnessed a scam first hand, and there is no proof yet seen that convinces me, or any of the staff, otherwise. This thread is going to be locked per administrative order. Should anyone else come forward with scammer evidence, please contact the ASF Staff via airborne101 or myself (NGOB). The only way I can see a resolution per your demands, Sam, is if you were to make amends with each and every single party involved. Including my teammate who was scammed. Only then would the staff consider alterations to this thread.
  5. Sam is indeed someone our club was associated with a couple years ago. I was not the individual to post on Facebook. But I have been alerted of the situation and have been working to get to the bottom of this. As of right now, I have a confirmed report of a teammate scammed by Sam Loechen, in person, face-to-face, with Sam's identity being the exact person called into question. The moderator staff is reviewing this case. I will bring in outside references if necessary. Proof of innocence lies with you, Sam. Though I don't see how you can wriggle out of scamming my personal friend here...I witnessed the supposed deal go down in person... The staff will let you know once we have decided what to do. Until then, the thread remains as it is.
  6. Some interest. But no deals. To note: this is a kit marked down by an insane amount. I doubt you'll find a full kit this cheap. In other words, THIS IS A REALLY GOOD DEAL. I can part. But discounts to part will not drop the price as much because it's so rock bottom already.
  7. If you have a tan/cb tornado-style holster and a tac belt, hit me up via PM.
  8. He is perfectly fine in responding to a seller's question. As long as he doesn't post twice consecutively in 24 hours we're cool with it. We appreciate the concern though.
  9. Only A&K/Echo1 brands. Just the upper receiver.
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