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  1. It isn't it's the faux wood one. Also Bump it up, RPK $175 shipped still and up for trade.
  2. bump bump it up! Special!! SRC RPK $175 SHIPPED!
  3. Bump it up SRC RPK - $150 + shipping, Brand New in Box
  4. SRC RPK $150 + shipping lowest I'll go, PM those offers
  5. TTT SRC RPK still available!! New Price $160 + Shipping
  6. I'm actually not sure at all on what generation the SRC is though I probably could attempt to find out, it does have a faux wood kit but is full metal and the switch to plastic, they probably wanted more money at our expense, and yep that grenade launcher is a steal, I bought it for $150 thinking I'd make a terminator load-out like in T2 Judgement day, it just never materialized.
  7. Feel free to pm me, I'm willing to consider anything.
  8. Bump it up..... MW3 special, buy both for $300 shipped to your door! or each for their listed price shipped! RPK - $200 SHIPPED GLM - $100 SHIPPED
  9. Hello, up for sale today I have 2 brand new items, a SRC RPK AEG and an ICS GLM, which is a 6 shell holding grenade launcher. Both guns are brand new in box. The RPK has been test fired and works perfectly, the GLM I have never shot as I don't own a grenade for it. Asking $200 + shipping, willing negotiate. Asking $100 + shipping, willing to negotiate If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. References to past deals I have done on this site, there are a couple left in the comment section of my profile, I was also a seller on Trader's Airsoft but that site has since closed down and its members moved. Thank you for looking, J.L
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