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  1. This event is closing in fast.... As a reminder, we are capping this event at 100 players per day. If you would like to attend, please register at: www.NATCProductions.com The event is held near Belfair, WA and directions will be posted soon.... As for bio bb's... this is in an actual auto wrecking yard you can see videos of our past events on the link above.... And so, Bio bb's ARE NOT required at this field of play..... There is no forested area at this particular field..... (we have forested fields, but not this one)..... Any other questions, please feel free to ask.....
  2. So the game that many have been waiting all year for has finally arrived!!! Perhaps you heard about the "helicopter" from 2 years ago or maybe you heard about our "plane" dropping bombs out of the sky??? The reputation of this game has always received outstanding reviews- for many, there are those that can't wait to see what we bring the next season. Well, this year we've put together a good show again and are looking at breaking 200 players this year. Last season we brought you mortar cannons (that actually worked- shooting mortar rockets as well as bb's), rocket launchers, and even the death bird in the sky which desimated entire sections of the field. We have always tried to bring fresh new ideas with new props to mix up airsoft like no one else has before- Come and see how well stir things up this season! Registration will be open on Saturday, May 24th!!! you can register at: www.NATCProductions.com All those who register will receive a bonus raffle ticket (when registering you can choose to "pay now" to receive the discount or "pay at the site" so nothing comes out of your pocket yet). So what does this awesome event have to offer??? We have invested a good amount of money again to bring you the best in fresh ideas (along with some favs from before)!!! Last year we had a high count of 149 players at JUNK YARD WARS IV. RAFFLES TO CONTAIN: Updated soon.... Prize for best Fetuyah Costume We have several sponsors for this event that have helped make it possible: Raffle Prizes and safety gear: NATC Productions Raffle Prizes: ??? Airsoft Gun Rentals: NATC Productions Airsoft on site sales: NATC Productions Pyrotechnic Effects by: Mountain Fireworks Major prop by: Avian Flight Center Once again, our staff will be ensuring that smooth games are provided all day. We look forward to seeing all of our old friends and meeting some new ones!!!
  3. There are actually quite a few teams in the area (I will only highlight the major ones and a couple groups up North- but I have access to a ton of smaller groups)- if you need links to these groups let me know..... MAJOR GROUPS: ~ Evergreen (has finalized their field situation- Sultan, WA)- large group- mostly mini games ~ Battlesim (Tacoma, WA)- focuses on historical re-enactment style games (primarily WWII and Vietnam) ~ 1st Sword (Puyallup, WA) (have yet to visit them- but from what I understand- sizeable group- mainly mil-sim) ~ NATC (Port Orchard, WA) (small group- but one of the largest event promoters in state- mix of mini games and mil-sim) Up North: ~ Washington Rangers (small group) ~ Preston Mafia (small group) There's a group up in Edmonds, some more down in the Tacoma area, yada yada..... hope you find a good group.....
  4. Hey Rushman, he is looking out in "GRAYS HARBOR" not "Gig Harbor". As far as joining a team for Rushman, we are actively looking for new players to join. Check us out at: www.natcairsoft.com we are the ones that run the notorious "JUNK YARD WARS" series. If you look on www.NATCProductions.com you can see some of our videos of those events on the "events" link. Now, Oyster Rage- I don't know of any groups out that way (doesn't mean they don't exist- I imagine there are players out in Shelton and Aberdeen but none that I know of). We are the closest active group (but we are still a huge drive for you- I hope that you find some like minded players in your area and if you do please let me know about them should I see someone else in the area inquiring about a team out that way. If you are up for the drive, you are more than welcome to come and visit us sometime and have some good trigger action. Sincerely, Psistalker Commander NATC www.NATCProductions.com
  5. There are 3 basic options in that area for active groups: ~ Battlesim (which you already know about) www.battlesim.com ~NATC (based out of Port Orchard- plays in Kitsap and Mason County) www.natcairsoft.com and 1st- Sword (based out of Puyallup) http://1st-sword.com/forum/index.php Good luck and I hope you find the group you are looking for.... :)
  6. Hey Laments.... We're always happy to get more publicity. We are a team located in Port Orchard, WA (about an hour from Renton) and we host the well known "JUNK YARD WARS" series.... Get ahold of me and we'd love to have you out sometime (next years event would perhaps be best).... thanks.... Sincerely, Psistalker Commander NATC www.NATCProductions.com
  7. Actually there is a group in Renton.... I don't know how active they are, but you may try to touch base with them. Here is their Myspace link: http://groups.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseac...794EA6528719115
  8. Hey Hellmutt, This game looked great. Will you be doing this one every year? As I am looking to start a circuit for our team to hit scheduled annual events around the NorthWest. I believe that I will be looking to get a kit together and attend this one if so....
  9. Greetings.... We run a team based out of Port Orchard, WA (darn close to Silverdale). We play pretty much every weekend. If you're interested, we have a Black Box game coming up at a local Junk Yard in another 2 weeks. Here is our forum if you're interested in talking to us: www.natcairsoft.com Or you can check out our main site (has videos of Junk Yard events and such as well) at: www.NATCproductions.com Hope to hear from ya! Sincerely, Psistalker Commander NATC www.NATCproductions.com
  10. If you guys want I will post up my pics on our website of our Mortar Cannons that we used at JUNK YARD WARS IV this last summer.... and the post above was referring to our bombs that were dropped out of a real plane on the field (NERF Vortex Howlers are great for this). Let me know if you are interested in seeing the pics of our mortars and I'll post them up at: www.natcproductions.com
  11. All confirmations have been sent out and included directions.... can you tell me if you've received the email? Please check your spam folder just in case.... thanks....
  12. Sunday, the 4th is already sold out and so that closes down the first weekends package as well. We still have slots for the first Saturday (only a few left) and of course the second weekend. So, if you plan to register, you may want to do it soon...... Our games have become quite popular in this area and players eagerly await us to open up registrations for our events- I hope this says something about how we are always looking to provide an awesome experience for players. Anyway, to answer your questions- yes, the limits in the corn maze are CQB ONLY!!! (meaning 300'/sec or less). However, the woods are normal limits (400 for AEG's, 500 for designated machinegunners, and 600 for snipers- MG's limit of 50' engagement distance and Snipes limit of 100' engagement distance). Full auto is fine and expected..... If there are any other questions, please feel free to ask. Thanks for checking us out.
  13. Hey Everyone, We're still kicking and alive over here with NATC and the JUNK YARD WARS IV video is coming out great! We have been up to so much on this end of the world it's not even funny. We've been working on the JYW IV vid, opening up shop online, getting geared up for this event (LABYRINTH II), and of course I'm setting things in motion to hopefully open up an indoor facility for airsoft in the future here (please don't ask a million questions about this, it will only take away more of my time to focus on my productivity- I will update the news as it comes- however, if you like this idea, or are excited about an indoor training site- please post up and let me know.....). Anyway, to the topic at hand..... You know us over here at NATC always strive to bring you something different and unique- something to break the same ol' same ol' fields eh? This November we have booked our second annual game at a local Corn Maze. The registration is limited to 40 players per day and we've already almost booked the first weekend completely just within the first 2 days it's been open just by the rumor mill. But I'm letting you all know now that registration is open at: www.natcproductions.com Understand, this field is not huge and hence why we have limited the numbers (if fields become too saturated, then the experience is lost). We've kept the price low and reasonable. On Saturday, we will have our night games as always and then Sunday we'll bring on more pain for some additional CQB action in a maze where any turn can bring on a stream of plastic hell! :twisted: CQB rules apply in the maze (so check your guns on the fps limits) but there are also woods connecting the maze where normal gun limits apply (Yay for snipers!). We will not be doing any large mil sims for this event (or bomber planes for that matter) :P but will fill the days and evenings with a bunch of mini games and maybe a few mini mil sims. If this game continues in success we will look to book a larger field next year. So, jump on over and register at our parent site and once again, thank you so much for your continued support and helping our community grow! NATC looks forward to seeing many of our friends again!
  14. Didn't get front page photo, but front page article and a couple of photos on the inside. Here is the link for the online version: http://www.kitsapsun.com/news/2007/jul/29/...irsoft-ammo-in/ Special thank you to all who attended.... We were at about 140 players and we had an outstanding time. We've received tons of compliments and such after the game (our boards have received alot of praise).... So far, we are extremely proud of the games we've been able to present- each time we've tried to take Airsoft to a whole new level and hit new groundbreaking ideas. As always, being the first to try something, sometimes it will fail and other times it will be hailed as revolutionary. So far, we've been lucky that each event has been a huge success. Anyway, we thank all the teams, our staff, and our sponsors for helping at every bit of this venture to make it so awesome. You can see a few sample pics from the event on our forums boards at: www.natcproductions.com Hope to see you all next year!
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