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    I love Airsoft and video games, and I can't stay away from my computer. And I like the occasinal game of golf

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    I do not yet own these guns, because airsoft is illegal in Germany. But, I am planning to get the TM M4A1, I will upgrade it as I go. And as a secondary, TM M9 GBB (maybe possbly lol) or just the TM MK23 springer :)
  1. <Mr.Me>!

    Cyma 031?

    Looks like CYMA is trying to compete with UTG.
  2. Thanks that helps alot. So basicaly what you are saying is that I should probably just get the gun upgraded state side. And that if I have them upgrade it to 400fps the only extra I would have to do is have them put in a "bigger" fuse. And the 9.6V batter would fit just fine without any mods? It says on the WGC Shop web site that modification is required to fit the battery in the compartment. I had another thought. Is it possible to have them upgrade the gun and put a fuse in after? I suppose is what I am asking is: What mods are required for the battery to fit in the compartment? And will it fit with a 25A fuse? It has been a long day so I am not quite sure if I am making any sense what so ever. Thank you for the fast reply, and I hope this is making sense. ~Mr.Me out
  3. Hi guys. It has been a long time since I have posted here, so a formal HI! is in order. So on to my question. I have been waiting for the TM P90 RDS since I have gotten into airsoft (you can imagine my dissapointment when I heard the mold for it broke) and now that it is back I have been looking into things more closely. From the beggining I have heard that fuse removel is NOT GOOD. But when I look at all of the websites that have upgrade services they remove the fuse. I really want it upgraded before it is shipped because I do not know of any airsoft stores in Colorado Springs that upgrade. So I guess my question is why do they remove the fuse, and if you know about any stores that I might go to in the Colorado Springs area. My next question is what modifications are required to putt a Sanyo 9.6V 1700mAh into it? Does it require, oh I don't know, FUSE REMOVEL??? lol. I will tell you what I am trying to accomplish with this Airsoft gun as far as internals go, maybe it will help. I want it to shoot 400 FPS and no higher (I want to be able to play at what ever field I want to). The CKW MOSFET 350 Advanced Upgrade from WGC Shop looks good but it doesn't look like it has all the internal reinforcement I want nor does it upgrade to 400FPS. But I like the fact that it has all the power saving things and every thing with the trigger and all. The Marui AEG 400FPS advance upgrade, also from WGC Shop, does what I want it to with all the internal upgrades/reinforcement but they remove the fuse. I hope that is clear enough, but if I did not say something clearly please tell me so I can clear it up. ~Mr.Me out
  4. Well I have sent some E-Mails a couple times and asked about the TradeMarks. They say they are "usually in tact" I am looking to order from then also. Does any one know if there upgrades are of good quality? They say that it is my choice to remove the fuse or not, but that if I decide to leave it in, it will probably blow all the time. What's up with that? I have read time and time again that fuse removal is BAD Do Do. But any ways, last question will this battery http://www.all-battery.com/index.asp?PageA...PROD&ProdID=489 Work for the TM M4A1 newversion upgraded to 400 FPS Or will something like this work. http://www.airsoftextreme.com/store/index....roducts_id=2305 Thanks for any help.
  5. So I am (hopfully) getting the TM M4 new version. I was looking on redwolf (because I was going to buy there) to see their prices and their reviews. When I looked at the review it said that it only had an effective range of 80 feet, and then I go look at other places that say it has an effective range of 120 feet. So I am totaly . So I am here to ask people that know what there talking about. So question #1, what is the effecive range of the M4 right out of the box. Question #2, what is the effective range of it upgraded to 380 FPS. I am probably going to order from Hot Spot Airsoft, they have flat rate shipping and upgrade guns (BTW, does any one know if they remove the fuse?) not to mention the exceptional prices Thanks, and long live the lol
  6. Does DragonMan's have a website? So I can get more info on it. Thanks.
  7. OHHH thoughs things, I was thinking you broke the magwell, I was like ?????? how???? but as long as it is that feed tube you fine, I am pretty sure there are replacements around. Or better yet, get on of these http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airs...tegory?menu1=19 The BB loading tool, they are fast easy and compact.
  8. Hello all, I have yet another P90 question, this may have been asked before but I could not find it using search. Ok, not seeing how the P90 RD and the P90 TR are exactly the same, except the color and receivers, shouldn't the replacment receivers for the RD version fit on the TR?
  9. Do any of you know of Airsoft Fields/shops in the Colorado Springs area?
  10. Well a standard Tokyo Marui AEG (Automatic Electric Gun) shoots from 265 FPS to 285 FPS and have an approximate range of 120 ft. But any high end AEG can be upgraded just a bit to say 325 FPS or alot to 400 FPS (400 is pretty much the standard limit for automatic rifles at fields but can be upgraded further if desired) For a Sniper rifle (being semi-auto or bolt action) one could upgrade it to 500 FPS (now look at 285 FPS shooting 120 ft then look at 500 FPS and guesstamate how far it would shoot. I'm sure you can find someone on this forum to tell you) Giving the sniper the ability to shoot at a farther distance. So yes airsoft (if upgraded) can shoot better than paintball (someone currect me if I am wrong) I really hope this helps, if you have any more questions you can PM me or just post on the topic, I will turn on Email notifications so I will know if someone replies. Good day
  11. Hi, I have not bought any thing at Airsoft Depot, but I have looked through things there and I have decided that, yes, it is a fine place to buy airsoft. Now get that part and go play airsoft! lol.
  12. Hmm sorry bout that fellas. Can any one tell my how to post a picture in a reply so I can show it to ya guys? Oh and how do I put a picture in my sig?
  13. That sounds like a good idea, it would take some work, but it would be cool. But the other thing that you have to remember is that airsoft has been based around the Honor code. For example the shooter sees that he/she hit the person. But maybe the person that go shot has lots of gear on and did not feel it. But the shooter insists that he/she shot the person. The honorable thing, for the person that got shot, to do is say "okay that's all good" Maybe a little much, but that is how I believe it is. Currect me if I am wrong people.
  14. Ok so I was sufing ebay as I do some times and I found This Do you think he is charging too much? And have any of you guys seen it at an established retail store? PLEASE HELP
  15. SWEET, All I really want to know at this point is if it can support upgrades and a bigger battery. Also I looked at http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airs...ategory?menu1=1 295 FPS is not bad. Compared to the P90s 265. Though the P90 battery can last longer. But I suppose not many more. Over all I think it is awsome, with the flip sites and all.
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