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  1. I put a m100 spring in mine and it had a drop in fps. You could try a m120 but I wouldn't go any higher unless you get more info on other people doing this.
  2. Orders over $150 get free shipping on airsplat. But maybe he could get a nice scope too and get free shipping.
  3. This is the most simple definiton of a sniper compared to a marksmen. Snipers move seperatly from their squad and marksmen move with the squad or close to the squad. A note for people who are new to airsoft, snipers consider themselves to be elite and rightfully so, if they are real snipers. Being a sniper is probably trhe hardest role on a airsoft team, it is also one of the most expensive. You can be a marksmen for cheap, you just need to be a really good shot out to long ranges. If you are not sure which you are pick marksmen and go from there. Don't get me wrong, I love snipers, I would be a sniper if I had the money, but instead I'm a marksman.
  4. Bane


    I love this site. No doubt about it.
  5. That is the WELL R6. Now most people would say not to buy it because it is made by WELL, but I did some research on it and it looks ok. It has a metal gearbox which will make it better than an LEPG but it isn't as good as the TM or CA guns. It is supposedly easy to upgrade so long as you don't over do it. You could put an M100 in it without to much trouble and it is supposedly compatible with the TM M4 upgrades. If you've got the money it should be a good investment just don't expect it to shoot as well as a TM. Don't expect it to last as long either. I do alot of gun modding and I was thinking of getting this gun when I get a little more money. I hope I was able to help.
  6. My dad did that when he was a kid and if you get the ratios wrong the bottle can break into sharp little pieces and fly everywhere. Throw it into a cardboard box and close the lid, see if anything comes out, if you have bbs and chuncks of plastic flying out you need to tone down the power a bit. That does work though it just may be too powerful.
  7. If I were you I would not go for the sniper rifle. Don't get me wrong I love sniper rifles but they are not nearly as multipurpose as a good assault rifle. If you have enough money get a TM Steyr Aug, they make excellent marksmen weapons. Just don't get the BE Aug (not enough range or FPS) or the military version (you are stuck with the scope it comes with). I can't give you more info than that given your limited description, but you can't go wrong with the TM Aug.
  8. So it's a real mountain? Cool, what I said before still stands. I've played at 10,000 feet before and the key was to travle light. Dich secondary weapons unless their usefullnes outwieghs their weight (snipers should always carry a pistol or side arme of some sort.) Pretty much only carry guns and ammo. When I played we had a couple of big bags that we carried extra supplies around in; we'd drop them in stratigic locations and go back to them if we ran out of ammo. I am an assault marksman and I depend heavily on good mobility. I found that I could get up a very steep incline by useing my combat knife as a climbing aid. Stay hydrated and don't do too much sprinting. Remember the Delta Force motto "Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast." I wish you luck in your matches.
  9. I've heard that if your gun can take red gas that will increase FPS by quite alot. But it's not that cheap and it's hard to find. The barrel extension is probably a good way to go unless you want a compact gun.
  10. Thanks for the feedback. I pretty much figured that it would stink, but I am just looking for a baretta to mod into a carbine, it doesn't have to shoot well. Thanks anyway.
  11. I was wondering if anyone has used a Y&P M9. If you have used one I would love it if you would post your thoughts on the gun. I am trying to make a cheap gas carbine for fun. Thanks.
  12. Even though I am a newbie to this sight I am not a newbie to airsoft or mountain combat. I would suggest you move up the hill slowly and stay low. Use cover and concealment as much as possible untill you can get close. Does your team have a sniper/marksman? If so, try to get him into engagment range of the enemy positions. He can cover the rest of your squad will they slowly advance up the hill. Crawl alot and hope it is dry when you play (mud and hills don't mix well). A flanking movement isn't a bad idea but it is alot harder top flank in mountainous terrain than urban (I've played extensivly in both). The key is to be careful and never underestimate your opponent. Stay low, use semi auto, and carry plento of extra ammo and batteries/gas with you; moutain matches take much longer than CQB. That is my advice, good luck!
  13. Well here goes, I was playing a quick springer match at a friend's house and I was the last person in the game on my team. I managed to pick off two of the enemy players with my modified UTG shotgun (An excellent gun for the price). I ran out of ammo and switched to my heavyweight P99. My P99 weighs about three pounds and half of that weight is in the magazine. I sprinted across to a shed and noticed the last enemy player ducking behind the corner of the house. I moved towards his position but he didn't fire at me. I stopped at the corner and then quickly sidestepped around with my weapon up. He was trying to reload his MP5. I was about to squeeze the trigger when my magazine dropped out of the gun and smahed down onto my foot. I yelped in pain and surprise and he laughed his head off, and promptly shot me in the face. I also fought an entire match inside a trash can once. I won. That shows how good the people I was playing agianst were. Ever lost our pants while playing? I did. Let me just say it is a bad idea to try to climb through thicket with cargo pants on. Ever taken cover behind a toilet? Ever watched your team shoot each other out? Ever been attacked by a lap dog while you were trying to take out an enemy shooter? Ever fooled the enemy into surrendering when you were out of ammo? I have, and it was all part of the game.
  14. I have been working on a spring powered grenade for some time now. If I ever get it finished I might post instructions on how to make one.
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