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  1. I found these pics while trying to find some ideas for my testbed CQ M15A4 CQB. I'm sure it won't be long until we see someone sporting an XM110. these pics give you all the ammo you need to build out your rig. I included some pics of their SR-15 offerings too. There are a few URX type RAS units out there on the airsoft market...this is how the SOPMOD boys make use of them. That guy in the pic is Lt. Col. Lutz...I think...he's a VP over at Knights. If anyone wants to risk the finish on their SR/GR-25 by turning it Dark Earth and making an XM110 I'd love to see it...that would make one heck of a custom rifle.
  2. I've heard of a few...read a few. Most of them were kind of crap...black and white pics of guns we can't get in the states. There are quite a few British magazines. Barnes and Noble sells a few British mags and airsoft made the cut. They were terrible. It was full of adverts from cheapo guns and funky air rifles...more like BB guns with big tanks. I think the biggest of the mags is the one the guy above was talking about...National Airsoft Magazine (NAM). You can find copies of them at most online stores. Get some back issues...if you dig them go ahead and subscribe.
  3. I think we've all had that problem with our upgraded VSRs. I had that BB problem too...took me forever to find that one. I figured I would throw my two cents in. When I had that problem...I tried all the usual suspects listed on the forums...nothing helped. Then someone told me I may have not screwed the trigger assembly all the way down. I figured what the hell..I'll give it a whirl. I tried everything else and with the odd way the Zero Trigger screws to the receiver...I took it apart, used lok tite, and pushed down really hard while I screwed the trigger assembly down. I made sure it was nice and tight. That did the trick...bolt catches fine ever since.
  4. I know dude...I've alway has this dream of a badash airsoft shop on The Avenue at White Marsh. A real slick place dressed up like one of those crazy electronics stores in Japan. A nice little test range in the back...sweeheet. I know its cost prohobitive at a place like that...but we can dream. The soccer moms would cry like babies seeing an AK next to Celtic Dreams of Suburban Hell on the strip. You never know though...who would have thought a Games Workshop would flourish there. I think I even saw a Misfits skull in the window there. Hell man if I had the time I'd open a sweet place. Slippy McSweets Toy Arsenal...Fatty Harliquins Faux Firearms...no...The Anal Arsenal...Lippy McMeatCurtains Airsoft...no...we gotta include Southern Cross in there somewhere...SC Arms...ah the hell with it!
  5. HEHEHHEHEE...I know...I was gone for a little while playing with my trains and real steel. Now I'm back checking every few hours like a feind...feen...fien...how the heck do you spell that. I'm feeling the need to skirmish real bad...I've been gone too long man...I need to come up with a reason to always have my Sundays open...is there any religion I can use!
  6. This guy Newt is a crook...he's stolen many things from me and called my grandmother very bad names. Just kidding...Newt is a standup guy and I know his launcher has seen little action and been taken care of. You be assured you will have a nice and smooth transaction.
  7. Yeah...I have an SP2340 and I still want this version bad. I contacted him and told him as soon as my account is flush again I'm going to get it.
  8. No...I'm lazy...but...give me...three days. I figure thats enough time for me to get off my lazy butt and take my pictures. They're both sitting in front of me now...I was in a cleaning mood. I just need to find a place to clean off so I can get some decent pictures. Can't have those beauties sitting in a pile of filth!
  9. I used to always discharge my batteries. Someone made a big post on here about how it really doesn't matter with newer make batteries. Since then...I pretty much just throw them on the charger the night before I play.
  10. Yeah...Bullfrog has it right. If all your batteries have the same voltage and mAH you don't need to use different settings. My batteries range from 8.4V 600mAH to 10.8 2000mAH with some of my 9.6V hitting over 3000mAH...they all need different settings. Back when I only had a few 8.4V 600s...I used the same setting. You should always have it set at the lowest setting and then turn it up to what you need to have it set at.
  11. Search for a member named CowboyHazard...or something like that. I can't remember exactly what his name is...I know he's on Team Hazard in Maryland. Those guys do some wicked home grown mods. They've rigged more than one shell. They turn 40mm shells into claymores that track you...its pretty cool. I almost had one go off in my face while I was climbing up a hill on their field before one of my team mates pointed it out to me. They also made a launcher out of a G36 and some PVC that's pretty cool. See if you can find them and PM one of their members. They usually hang out on MAAPR but they visit here occasionally.
  12. The AICS is still alive and kicking like Chuck Norris. I had it out yesterday. I was straightening out my airsoft corner and took it out to clean and lube it up. I have some kind of funk on one of the optics covers that I can't remove. I may have to try and find a replacement for it. After I messed around with that for awhile I took it out for some target practice. I have a new Chrony I wanted to test out. It was shooting a solid 450 on green. I did have a little trouble trying to fill the mag though...it was weird...I sprayed it with some silicon spray and it worked like a charm. May have been dirty. You can score SGMs at most of the big overseas retailers. I get mine from RedWolf, UNCo, Den, WGC etc. I almost forgot to mention PHX Match BBs. A bunch of my guys on the team use them and swear by them. I've never tried them out but they look sweet. Usually when a BB looks uniform and solid in color and shape...they're pretty good.
  13. I've put just about every BB made through my heavy hitters trying to find the perfect sniper BB. I settled on using strictly Superiors or SGMs. I can't tell a difference between the two and they are both excellent. I try to stick to the SGMS...I can't help it...I dig the name. If they are out I get the Maruis. You can't go wrong with either. I tried the KSCs and didn't like them as much...threw off my consistency. I have a mini range setup in my backyard with little to no wind. The KSCs seemed to stray way more.
  14. Yeah...each battery needs to have the amp dial set differently...well...depending on your battery type (V/mah). A few of my batteries have the same setting but most are different. If you don't have the amperage dialed in right you could damage your battery or it may not charge properly. So they say anyway...I've forgot and had it set wrong...all the way up or all the way down...and I've never had any problems. Better safe than sorry though...I may have taken some of the life of the batteries without knowing it.
  15. The store in Manassas rocks...its called Airsoft CQB. They have great prices, excellent selection..and a nice big arena for CQB play. I buy anything I don't get online from them. Its worth the trip...trust me. Steve the owner is a player and a great guy. Tim the resident tech is the only guy I let touch my guns...he's real good. I let him touch my SR-25...and that's something special. You can also cruise on over to Delaware and check out Shorty USA. They're decent...I had a really bad experience when I checked out their store...the guy behind the counter was a tool...but I heard that was a fluke. I hear guys there like Rod are really cool. There is also another place called The Armory other than the one in North Point...its in Annapolis. They are seriously scaling back on airsoft and may not have much left. They're primarily a real steel dealer. There's supposed to be another store in Frederick somewhere (not MD Airsoft)...but I've never been able to find it. I think that about covers it with the ones already listed. I think the boys over at The Dundalk Republican Army may be getting something together...not sure though. They're a good bunch of guys so if they are in the biz its probably a safe bet. Hope that helps.
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