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    The Ultimate Sniper Weapon System
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    Mr Nakesh
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    Baltimore, MD
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    Airsoft Collecting<br />MilSim<br />Video Games in any version<br />Mountain Biking<br />Lacrosse<br />Database Management<br />Military Modeling<br />Downloadable Music<br />Computers<br />Gadgets

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    Tokyo Marui PSG-1 (500 FPS) Tokyo Marui G36C (280 FPS) Tokyo Marui Mk23 Socom Tokyo Marui G26 Advanced Tokyo Marui VSR-10 G-Spec (550 FPS) Tokyo Marui MP5SD5 (280 FPS) KWA M11A1 (400 FPS) Classic Army M15A4 CQB (405 FPS) Classic Army CA33E (440 FPS) Classic Army M15A4 Rifle w/M203/Heatshield (450 FPS) G&G SOC16 (400 FPS) G&P SR-25 DX Special Edition (420 FPS) Star SOPMOD M14 (400 FPS) Tanaka M700 AICS (550 FPS)
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