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  1. To an extent, I agree with Triggs. I stand behind everything I said on MiA (if you can't figure it out, I'm Kiki on MiA). This forum really has had quite a few problems in the past couple years. I think if this forum wants to become considered a better forum for airsoft knowledge, start cracking down on some of the really newbie-ish things. For example, enforce spelling and grammar rules. You have no idea how much I think this has helped MiA. If you aren't willing to spend an extra 30 seconds correctly typing out your posts, then you aren't going to be willing to take the extra 30 seconds to make helpful posts. In the end, it gets rid of the clutter of people who aren't willing to become good forum members (for the most part), but it also makes the forum look more professional.
  2. For what it's worth.... The outer barrel is not part of the body. I'm a little surprised to hear about the charging handle, I really like the TM charging handles (the fact that they actually function to open the dust cover). If you received it cracked, what is that supposed to mean? The previous owner could have dropped the gun off of a cliff.... Any body can come cracked. That means nothing. Yes, because you want the rail to be metal, but the body plastic, you can't make it all one-piece... If it falls off, is it really that hard to gorilla glue it back on? In the end, sure a G&P body will be of better quality. But for the price (I sold my flawless TM body to him for $25), a TM body with real, unmolested trades is pretty damn nice. It's hard to really compare a TM and G&P body just because of the obvious price difference. For someone who is looking for a nice body for cheap, you can't beat TM.
  3. If you're looking for a good CQB gun and interested in handguns, I've got a nearly brand new TM P226 with 3 mags. Shoot me a PM if you're interested and I can get pictures.
  4. Maybe you should stop beating the hell out of your guns then. TM bodies aren't known especially for their durability, however they're really not that bad, especially compared to the pot metal clones use. Op, I think I still have a TM body. I don't recall if the trades are 100% intact, I'll have to check. I'll end you a PM if I remember lol, if not you can send me a PM and I'll go and check.
  5. I've got a nearly brand new TM P226 with 3 mags. PM me if interested.
  6. If you're interested in something smaller, I've got an almost brand new TM P226 with 3 mags. Great little gun, excellent for CQB. PM me if interested.
  7. Nearly brand new TM P226 with 2 extra mags (3 total)? If interested, PM me.
  8. Willing to part with the RIS? If so, what brand is it?
  9. Shoot me a PM if you ever decide to part the RIS. But for now, free bump I guess.
  10. I disagree, but maybe that's just me. I tried the SCS nub and it was the worst nub I've ever used (extremely inconsistent). Others have had great results with it, and it's pretty cheap so I'd recommend buying one to test it out, but don't take it as an end-all be-all best-thing-ever. Oh, and jrod, I'm not sure if you were talking about getting a Systema hop-up chamber over the Prometheus or just the bucking, but I'd heavily recommend against the Systema chamber. The design is flawed and your hop-up will "unwind" after just a few shots or so. By "unwind" I mean that the hop starts decreasing because the force of the bb on the bucking/nub actually pushes the nub upwards. Basically, it doesn't lock into place. The Prometheus NEO chamber that I bought fixed that issue, and just in general it seemed to make my shots more consistent. Systema's buckings are great though, but like I said I'd still go with both a Systema and a Promtheus bucking. And I guess an SCS if you want to try it.
  11. Definitely don't go Systema bucking OVER Prometheus, do it WITH Prometheus (I mean, buy them both). Buy them both and find which one works better for you. Also, there's no reason to get an EDGI tightbore in an AEG. A Prometheus is basically the best you can do. Besides that, you're probably fine. The Prometheus NEO chamber is great too.
  12. Yeah... that's why they're filing a civil suit... Can I make a suggestion here? This thread is now 6 pages long, and it's filled with a lot of crap. How about, nobody posts here unless you have a direct issue with this "CruddyHorizon" guy. So only somebody who was scammed by him or Mods post here. That will help the people who are actually trying to get their money/items back.
  13. Jesus... Brakes: Breaks: Now, to answer your question, save your cash. Honestly, TM makes some of the best GBB pistols out there (especially their 1911s). KWA and KSC are both good too, but I'd avoid KWC and HFC like the plague. KJWs are usually a bit cheaper and will often be at least halfway decent.
  14. Honestly, I'd focus on either high ROF or good outdoor play. If you want high ROF, ditch the SP120 and get an M100 or M110 equivalent spring. Going for 400+ FPS with a high ROF is just asking for trouble. It'll be fine for a bit, but before you know it you'll be eating pistons and gear teeth. If you want good outdoor play, stick with your SP120 and don't worry about ROF. There's no reason to have a 25+ RPS gun in airsoft, it's just total overkill and will piss off the people you play with when you shoot them 15 times. So stick with the SP120 and spend your money on a tightbore barrel and hop-up upgrades. It'll be much more worth it in woodland/outdoor games than having a ridiculously useless ROF.
  15. Without any other internal upgrades? M120 spring. Not much of a DMR though. If you really want to make a DMR, expect to spend a good deal of money.
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