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  1. Heard from G&P. They are currently manufacturing another run of both the long and the short silver EBR kits. Mystery solved!
  2. I have been thinking about geting a M14 and I'm really digging the EBR style stock. The one that caught my eye was G&P's Navy EBR kit. The silver one is what I've been looking at. So, I've been scanning airsoft retailers and have found that the silver kit is out of stock everywhere but DEN. It seems as if they are no longer in production since they are almost uniformally out of stock, some sites not even listing them anywhere. I tried to do a lil research to see if this was the case but I came up with nothing. Just wondering if anyone here might know something I don't. And, if they have been discontinued, are there any other quality EBR conversion kits in silver? Thanks for the help.
  3. UPDATE In order to make the Serpa move faster, I'm willing to sell off my KJW M92 Full Metal GBB pistol (comes with Hogue grips and 1 mag) with the holster, making it a complete sidearm package. NOW, here is how the prices stand. They are just starting prices Serpa holster with mag holders - $100 Serpa holster with mag holders AND KJ FMV M9 package - $160
  4. Maxpedition Double Pistol Mag Sheath is now sold. Only the BHI Serpa is still available.
  5. A) Tan Tactical belt - $5 - SOLD PENDING PAYMENT adjustable and simple B) BHI USMC M92 Serpa holster in Coyote Brown - $100 Carried into combat three times. Used only once. Comes with two 9mm double stack mag holders. C) Maxpedition OD Double Pistol Mag Sheath - $20 Never used. Brand new. I removed it from its packaging and mounted it on my vest. It just sat there and I don't need it. D) Tan Maxpedition Mega Rolly Poly - $15 - SOLD PENDING PAYMENT Never been used. Just like the pistol pouches, just removed the packaging and mounted it. Clip for belt mounting is included if desired. Feel free to ask questions about the items. Prices are negotiable. Package deals can be formed. Shipping will be discussed per item (or package) due to varrying item sizes and weights
  6. my friend (the one I am looking for a CAR for) was set to buy it but the buyer is a flake. Sold it out from under him. IM STILL LOOKING FOR A CAR-15!!!!!
  7. bump, still looking. Will pay very well.
  8. well, here is the story. I have a friend that is graduating from High School on friday. He has been in airsoft for 5 years and has been searching for a TM CAR-15 for 4 years. Another friend of mine had one and sold it but he sold it at a time that neither I nor my grad friend had the money to buy it. THe whole idea was to get a CAR-15 for him for graduation. Someone on these forums had one a while back with a broken tappet plate and missing the forward assist. He wanted a large amount of money, too much at the time but now I have the budget to purchase such a thing. I was hoping to find him again but he is yet to contact me or post in the thread. STILL need a TM CAR-15.
  9. bump. Need ASAP as a Grad preasent for a fellow team-mate.
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