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  1. There loosly based on the M700. It's a slightly misshaped M700
  2. From what I've heard, the stock hop-up is good up to 500FPS. Buy the King Arms Light Weight Trigger, and give us a review. I would'nt buy a tight bore, they come with 6.05mm Stock I'm pretty sure. As for the piston, I'm pretty sure it's plastic so a new piston would be nice.
  3. Everyone who has respect for the USMC should read this. USMC sniper Carlos Hathcock’s stalk of a North Vietnamese Army General demonstrates a real sniper's skill. The stalk covered 2000 meters of flat ground with nothing more for cover and concealment than grass that was only two feet high. Carlos Hathcock crawled "inches per minute and yards per hour" for two days and three nights to cover a distance that could be walked, by a man at normal speed, in ten minutes. The entire time Hathcock was moving into his FFP, enemy patrols were walking all around him. One NVA soldier even brushed Carlos' leg as he walked past the sniper hiding in the grass. On the morning of his fourth day, without having eaten any food and having had very little water, Carlos finally made it into the right spot. He found himself 800 meters from the target area. At the appropriate time, Gunnery Sergeant Carlos Hathcock fired his devastating shot, killing the NVA General. Only after having made the shot, did Hathcock exit his FFP to escape the furious search for the sharpshooter who had seriously damaged the command and control structure of the NVA units operating in the area. For more information on Carlos Hathcock visit this Wiki. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carlos_Hathcock He was a Hero.
  4. Well for 450FPS I wouldnt use .43g bbs. .35-38g's will do.
  5. For people who don't know, the reason the zero trigger only works with the orange piston is that because it's the only piston that has a flat sear catch. Look closely at the pistons. VSR Zero Trigger and Piston PDI Ezy Vacuum (VC) Piston for Marui VSR10 You should notice that the Vacuum Pistons sear catch is on a angle instead of flat. Thats why the zero trigger won't catch any other pistons.
  6. The zero trigger was desgined to be used with the piston that it comes with. If you are using the piston it comes with......... /THOU SHALT NOT USE MY NAME IN VAIN/ help you.
  7. My friend was gonna buy the G&P SR-25 and this gear box. How much could this take? G&P SR-25 Long Gearbox Set G&P long gearbox set for G&P SR-25 Only. Parts Includes: -SR-25 Long Gearbox -Long Cylinder -Selector Plate -Cylinder Head -Piston Head -Long Piston -7mm Bearing -Sector Gear -Nozzle -Tappet
  8. Yea, it's a sniper rifle. A SR-16 with a Systema SR-16 M4 Reciever with a PDI SR-25 Handguard, G&P SPR/A RAS Handguard or the PM Concept C.F.F.S for TM SR16, M16A2 Series (Rifle). I haven't quite decided with the last three yet, they all look pretty insane. The only problem is I have to use Redwolf, because where I play has a contract with them. So I'm stuck with products from redwolf.
  9. But how much punishment could that systema gearbox take?
  10. How much punishment could this gearbox take? Systema Mecha-Box Case for M4A1, M4RIS, M16A2, SR16-M4, S-System (7mm Bushing) Reinforced gearbox designed for 7mm bushings. Fits M4A1, M4RIS, M16A2, SR16-M4 and S-System. Or should I try the Deepfire case with some 7mm bushings?
  11. I found this Deep Fire Reinforced Gearbox Case Ver.II with 6mm Bearing for M16 / MP5 / G3 on redwolfairsoft.com. It says ti can handle 20,000 shot with a M190 spring and it was still going. If I was going to buy this gearbox, a seperate reciever and handguard, what what would I need to buy to hit 550FPS? I'm not upgrading an old AEG I have, cause I don't want to waste money on a AEG I'm just gonna trash. Any help is apprecieted, thank you.
  12. Check http://www.dentrinityshop.com/ and seach for APS. You'll get heaps of stocks!
  13. The upgrades may be coming but the gun wont hold the upgrades. The trigger mech is mostly just pot metal.
  14. Tweak


    Yea, should fit. With a lot of filing, probley drilling and tappering.
  15. Just check out this this seach from dentrinity. The first page has heaps! http://www.dentrinityshop.com/den_search.j...APS&pg=1&rpp=10
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