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    Living with my girlfriend and everything that contains shooting.

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    L96, SIG 550 Sniper, SIG 550, SIG 551, SIG 552, CAW RL, WA SCW SVI Expert 6", 2X HFC M190 SF Metal. Soon a Gigant.
  1. VFC is a better manufacturer than G&G After that, every project is possible
  2. Lax

    What's Your Role?

    I'm playing between first and second raw of attack, doing "counter sniping" stuff. I can assist the assault from extended range or be asked to remove an ennemy sniper or not :) I hate running and I'm very bad in recon roles
  3. Lax

    Lax's loadouts

    The RRV Some terrorist loadout My first gear (ubcs/swat) And on this final we see my flyye chassis, I never wore in a game
  4. Lax

    Lax's loadouts

    On the Seal side of the force, I tried to do RRV based impressions
  5. Lax

    Lax's loadouts

    Before the harness, I was playing only with a war belt and suspenders Very light when playing with a barrett Or a M4 Or even just a PACA with a SR25
  6. Hi guys, at first I would like to show my most recent loadout : From top to bottom : -WGC cap :D -Guarder googles -Devgru frogman -EI H-Harness -Pantac MAP 3L camelbak -Pantac accessory pouch -Pantac 2xM4 mag pouch (only have that) -Cheap fastmags -Pantac MBITR pouch -Folding dump pouch -EI grenade pouch -2x Pantac 9mm pouch -Inova cheap VIP -MCU cheap combat shirt and trousers -BDU belt -Safariland 6004 + P226 + Lanyard + Sog pup knife -Queshua boots :p This loadout is more about efficiency, being able to prone, and being light as my back hurts ^^
  7. That was a conversion kit, in which you drop M16 internals, but the price was crazy !
  8. Linky linky :) http://www.uncompany.com/pageproductdetails.asp?prodid=29446
  9. The gigant ? Imagine a 400 fps pistol with a long 6.01 inner barrel and a decent hopup :) Without forgetting it has a full auto to compare with uzi and mac11. That's totally playable, and I had the chance to find a metal slide then.
  10. Thanks a lot I'm glad I had so many memories with those guns, because in the end most of the trades weren't to my financial advantage. I don't regret buying them all, I regret having sold some, like the barrett or the inokatsu :)
  11. Late answer but if you want to do a M4/M16 based dmr, here are my advices : -Start from a reliable rifle that has most of the carateristics you search for (I chose a long G&P WOC, was expensive, but I then needed only few parts). -Buy a 6.01 or 6.03 inner barrel (like ratech's) -Buy good magazines, ie g&p pmags, they are the less troublesome I got -throw in a bipod and scope ? :D -ask yourself if you need a ratech npas nozzle, or a complete bolt carrier, to adjust power and push it more reliable (steel+aluminium while shooting hot) A woc is 350 to 550$, the barrel is 70, mags are 55$, the nozzle is 150$ and the complete bolt carrier is 260$ Cheers
  12. Soon an AFG2 etc to improve the magpul factor of my WOC :D
  13. DMR for life, I sold everything that wasn't a DMR lol Ratech sniper custom KC02 G&P WOC Magpul VPR sniper
  14. Update day :) I still have my loyal backup, PGC P226 Seals My infinity 6" is still up for sale. I sold everything else and today here are my two main : Ratech KC02 sniper custom G&P WOC Magpul VPR Sniper with ratech nozzle and barrel Cheers !
  15. I had an inokatsu and now a woc. Went to GBBR since 2009 In my fields, a working WE gbbr is yet to be seen. I'll try to help you as I can : -WE breaks almost as often than others, the cocking lever is the weakest, it snaps... -WA is unplayable, it will just burst to flames XD -G&P WOC X, interesting only if you plan to change all the internals... -G&P WOC, we are hitting a higher standard there. Paint is not thick on the receiver and you get a 6.08 inner barrel. Bolt carrier group happened to wear, but works out of the box (my recent woc is 400 fps out of the box with ultrair) From now, if you get ratech nozzle with npas or a complete bolt carrier (150-260$), you have a reliable rifle. Power adjustment is a plus. The accurate barrel can be pricy too, but if you want to do long range, it's necessary. The stock hopup V2 is even better than the good V1. I personnaly went from inokatsu to a G&P woc + 200$ of ratech parts. Over these you have viper, inokatsu etc...but you said you wanted to limit money spending :) I'll not talk about other brands, chinese terrible products or others that have no spare or upgrade available. Cheers and have a nice GBBR experience :)
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