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  1. How does the accuracy compare to higher end AEGs with the Ra tech NPAS/stinger hop up? I'm buying them for my scar...
  2. I'm looking for a few internal parts, especially a nozzle. PM me if you have anything
  3. For the stock, try putting a piece of heavy balsa wood between the cheek rest and part of hinge that cracks.
  4. For anyone looking to reduce fps on the scar/m4, I just posted this on the arnies scar thread/gas guns info. http://www.gasguns.info/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=1453 As for the scar itself, the sound/recoil are amazing. The youtube videos don't do it justice. Hop up needed a little breaking in, but it's more accurate than I had hoped and reinforcing the stock was simple. I just stuck in a small piece of dense balsa wood about 3/4 inch long between the most forward part of the cheek rest and the base plate of the hinge. For the price I couldn't pass it up and I would definitely buy it again.
  5. Awesome, we have like 16 guys here in Rolla that play. All have aegs and we play like every other week during summer, but college during school year. Pm'ed and very interested.
  6. Just curious, what kind of effect does the silencer have on the agm? Assuming it has foam inside.
  7. What materials make up the pants? Are they medium long? (they're labeled (m) up top and L above the picture)
  8. What materials make up your multicam pants? And how much wear have they gotten?
  9. Paypal Only First up is a Tokyo Marui G18C glock airsoft electric pistol. It's only had around 2k rounds through it and shoots 265-285 with .2s. The gun has very little wear except on the orange tip and a little sticky junk on the places where I pulled off the trademark covers. It comes with one metal 30 round mag and and an extended mag as well. Battery, charger, cleaning rod, manual, and speed loader adapter included. Pic1 Pic2 Looking to get at least $110 shipped Next I have 3 KWA/KSC m945 gas magazines. My pistol broke a while back and I never got a new one, so I'm getting rid of the mags I have for it. I can't guarantee that they fire since I no longer have a working m945, but they all hold gas without leaking and worked fine when my pistol broke. They show moderate wear. $10 each or $25 for all three shipped I also have: Stock ICS m4 barrel (363mm) $18 shipped A brand new guarder super lucid chromium plating cylinder link It's slightly thinner than most stock aeg cylinders so make sure you have the right cylinder head/piston head for it. $15 shipped Brand new systema area 1000 piston head for most stock aegs. link ^Will not seal tightly with this cylinder^ $15 shipped Picture of internals/mags If you buy more than one item I will combine shipping. Lmk if you have questions/want more pictures.
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