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  1. I'm in GJ, looking for a place to play and people to play with. I usually run a contractor loadout though. Still getting over a knee injury so I've been outta the game for awhile.
  2. Other than the AM op getting canceled. When and where do Junction airsofters go to play? Haven't played since I left Cali.
  3. And here are my real ones, so still tied at 6 1911's 2 real 4 GBB. Then there is my Sig P220... Para Colt
  4. Indeed it is, but on top of real steel shooting and AR building... my savings are dissappearing... Really fighting the urge to build an SBR upper and switching solely to GBB.
  5. I blame you Shane for getting me hooked on GBBR...
  6. Finally able to consolidate my armory now that I'm off active duty, and back in CA. My 4 single stack WE 1911's.
  7. Just threw on a new rail for my LM4. Now it looks similar and the ergonomics are just about the same. It looks and feels so nice. I even took pics side by side with my real one for comparison.
  8. Some basic pics better ones to follow...
  9. Roecar, has HSP changed a lot in the last couple years? I stopped going there cuz it wasn't fun and I hated gettig paint all over my stuff. Have that made any changes to the fields at all?
  10. That's awesome. Been playing through Call of Pripyat and definitely looking into creating a Free STALKER loadout.
  11. Here is my 4th Gen KJW Sig P226. Not as heavy as the original and some minor changes to the internal design, but still a workhorse. Trades are a nice bonus. Some older Pics of the 1st Gen KJW Sig P226 I bought back in 06.
  12. Don't worry... I've been at WTI and have been away from the game for too long. Plus going on another pump this fall. I need to take pics of my Hi-Capa.
  13. <AT> FONZ: First, there is no need for all caps. Second, I would get some more game time as an independent player before joing a team. I've seen a lot of people over the years that stop playing after a year or so. Third, try to play with prospective teams to see if you mesh with their mentality.
  14. From a game at Schofield Barrack's MOUT site.
  15. My WE/ Socom Gear 1911's (Wilson Combat CQB Elite & Punisher)
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