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  1. Not trying to bash you, but it's a shotgun... Just about the opposite of a DMR. Designed to maximize takedown without over penetration. shot=spread. If you are playing Mil-Sim then this is all wrong. If you don't care about Mil-Sim, then go crazy. I am partial to the TM S90. You could put three 6.03 AK length barrels in it and be spot on with all three shots. Or get a suitable DMR AEG. You want quiet? Get an AUG with a phantom kit and silent piston head. Or there are all sorts of DMR setups out there; SR25, M14, SL8, Action AUG. As long as you are going DMR, don't fire in full auto (you'll also find that you are a lot harder to hear in Semi). Lo-Caps, Standards, Mid-Caps. 3 options that don't rattle and are all more Mil-Sim than Hi-Caps... Enjoy the game.
  2. Upgrade how? If you want ot fix/upgrade the tri-nozzle it can be done with a little fabrication. Personally I'm not a big fabricator, but I have seen a 'how-to' somewhere on the net for it. Like I said, mine are good enough stock. As far as a guide, I already did the breakdown guide (pinned). You can just go from there. As a side note; If you havent already, you should pull your brokens apart and inspect the tri-nozzles. My first S90 failed from Piston Head failure, which presents like tri-nozzle failure. If you have several usable nozzles you may have a cache of spares which you could sell (or just keep for yourself). I have never experience the nozzle failure.
  3. Why? Like Scuba/Sniper Steve said, to mount a flashlight, perhaps a Rico Alpha, for fighting in the dark. The MM RAS mount in place of the front forearm housing using the two supplied screws (not on the top of the receiver). It would work fine on a shorty; the shorty and the full S90 are the same gun. The shorty just has a shorter barrel and different stock group, neither have any effect on the rest of the gun. Smokeys grip does not replace the stock forearm, rather it mounts to the two screws on the bottom.
  4. What are you talking about! All the mock supressors in store are foam silencers. The MP5SD's come stock with foam silencers... It is only illegal to possess a device which supresses a firearm. If you put a foam filled supressor on a firearm the expanding gasses will shred all the foam out and, depending on build quality, rip it off of your gun. To the point at hand; I sucessfully supressed my M24 with a G&G SR-25 QD supressor mated to the G&G QD lug barrel. Not sure if they even sell them anymore as I bought it six years ago. Good luck. Open cell foam works pretty well at capturing the expanding gas to reduce the noise, so long as there is enough of it (ie. long enough).
  5. Yes, you can upgrade the spring and any AEG spring will work. That said, don't do it. The 'mech box', for lack of a better term, is entirly plastic and the extra stress would likely accelerate wear and failure of your gun. Also, I have tried a M120 in it and it makes the gun so difficult to :censored2: that the last 1/2" before the piston catch can not be done while shouldered, let alone while held on target; the stress on the gun is palpable. The TM shotguns are fairly cheap and designed to be used in stock conditioned with a factory set hop-up. Why mess with it. Use it till it breaks and then get another one. They aren't that fragile. And I have opened mine up a dozen times. But that sort of defeats the 'shotgun' effect doesn't it...
  6. The 2Roy system has good prospects as it uses a Marui setup.
  7. What Avneet said is correct. Since they are not considered firearms, there is no law governing their transportation. Just make sure they are not visible as that will make an officer nervous (which will cause him to draw his firearm and call other officers). Even a gun bag may make them nervous and they may feel further investigation is warranted (ie. you get detained and the replica is pulled out and examined). Carrying it visible is technically a violation of PC 12556, but you probably wouldn't get cited. And if you arent breaking any law, there is no reason for confiscation. Best bet is bag it and trunk it.
  8. I know this is an old post but: If you insisted on being "armed", you could have gone to the local "big box store" and bought a pair of clear springers. That way they are obvious toys. As a side note it would be legal in CA. You could legally carry real ones if you wanted so long as they weren't loaded and you kept them holstered (though I can garantee you would get to see first hand how your local law enforcement handles an armed subject). Know your local firearm laws.
  9. It also may have to do with the fact that most BB guns are produced domesticly where most airsoft guns are imported. The Federal law requires orange for importation due to them being replica firearms (read: toys), rather than firearms (pellet guns). In the example of CA law, it adopts the federal requirement for importation, and prohibits the modification or coloration to make them appear more real. I would be fine with them Orange tipping BB handguns. My agency just shot a guy with a BB gun last month. Wouldn't necissarily have saved that guy but it may in other scenarios.
  10. True that... Although, UTG is getting better. I'm in the process of reviewing their L96 and it is a suprisingly good gun.
  11. I think it was over dramatized, but there is still several possible legal issues depending on details: Consiracy, Minor in Possession of Firearm, Possession/Fabrication of Explosives And if he was an adult, that doesnt mean it would be a non issue either. Adults can be school shooter's too: 8/4/06: Modesto, California: A 23 year old wounds 17 year old student at California Beauty College. 8/24/06: Essex, Vermont: 26-year-old entered Essex Elementary School intending to kill his ex-girlfriend and instead killed two teachers and wounded a third. 8/31/06: Hillsborough, North Carolina: 19 year old accused of killing his father is arrested after wounding two students. Pipe bombs and firearms found in his minivan 09/28/06: Bailey, Colorado: 54 year old man armed with a revolver and automatic pistol takes 6 girl students hostage at Platte Canyon High School, and kills one. 03/22/01: Granite Hills, California. 1 teacher and 3 students wounded by 18 year old at Granite Hills High School. 5/19/98: Fayetteville, Tennessee. 18 year old killed one student in the parking lot at Lincoln County High School. 5/1/92: Olivehurst, California: 20 year old kills 4 four and wounds 10 in a seige at his former high school. 11/1/91: Iowa City, Iowa: a 28 year old kills 5 and wounds 2 at the University of Iowa. 1/17/89: Stockton, California: 26 year old armed with an AK-47 assault rifle & 2 Desert Eagles, kills 5 wounds 30 in a Stockton elementary school playground. 12/6/89: Montreal, Quebec: Marc Lepine shoots and kills 14 female engineering students at Ecole Polytechnique. 9/26/88: Greenwood, South Carolina: 19 year old kills 2 and wounds 7 in a Greenwood elementary school. 5/20/88: Winnetka, Illinois: 30 year old kills 1, wounds 6 students at a Winnetka elementary school.
  12. Seems to me there would be zero gain: The gains of a stronger spring come in a more rapid compression of the air in the cylinder meaning more is pushing the BB before it leaves the barrel. A larger volume cylinder (whether in stroke or diameter) with a stronger spring would be the ultimate gain in this scenario. Increasing the volume of the cylinder with the stock spring would produce zero or negative gain in that the stock spring would be trying to move more air [read: resistance] through the same compressing nozzle. Ergo the piston head would actually be moving slower and only produce the same output. The best way to improve the spring piston system would be to have the air compressed in the cylinder by bolt pull, and released by a valve at trigger press, much in the way a pump BB gun works. Would release max compression immediatly for max effective energy transfer to BB and would produce the most consistant FPS. Just a thought.
  13. It's a little more ($130) but the UTG S368 (L96) is a choice rifle for the entry level sniper. Any way you go you'll need to add optics, which will be difficult to do with a $80 budget. If you don't have the time/money/dedication to invest in the sniper role, it might not be for you. Especially since a backup weapon (SA or FA) is almost esential if you're playing with others toting AEGs.
  14. Break it down... Or, given that you probably had a feeding failure and damaged the nozzle set, throw it away and replace.
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