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  1. TDS

    Why can't I post?

    lol, right, thanks.
  2. So I took a year off, went to go post up some stuff in for sale, and I don't have permission Wasn't able to track down the new for sale rules, could only find the old thread, whats the story here?
  3. TDS

    EdGi Barrels

    The people that ship your boxes are the lowest common denominator, I had a peice of /solid/ 1/4" TALVT6 titanium get bent in shipping due to it being shipped under a 200lb steel park bench and the guy grabbed it by the end and levering it out. I've had some 1/4" wall 6061 square stock arrive and wouldn't fit, I was scratching my head for a few days until I bothered to measure it and found out it wasn't square anymore, god only knows what caused /that/ It is no fault of EDGI or any other manufacturer, crap gets bent or broken in shipping occasionally, its how it is. small thin things usually get shipped on the floor of a truck along the sides where thousands and thousands of pounds of freight can shift and smush them. Regardless of if they are stainless steel or not (which you seem to think is some sort of god metal), it's /going to break/
  4. TDS

    EdGi Barrels

    Ive received warped barrels before, it isn't that uncommon for long thin packages to get pulled or twisted out of a truck and slightly bent. and edgi barrels aren't solid X** stainless. Stainless is generally weaker and more prone to damage than standard steel.
  5. The exploded diagram that came with your rifle explains what exactly should be underneath that hop screw and in what order.
  6. several years ago tanaka had some legal issues and production was stopped, supply is just now drying up.
  7. yep it could have fallen out the bottom good news is its a simple fix, get an O ring who's diameter is about the same diameter as the hole, cut a 1/4"ish segment off of it, put it in the hole, done. you might have to make a few to get it just right.
  8. the wheel can't be in incorrectly but if you adjust it all the way down and still get no hopup, you didnt put the rubber spacer on the bottom of it
  9. now that I think about it I think there was a peg to keep it in line and then a second peg that was the spring loaded ball bearing, someone with a KJW will have to confirm, if you push on the peg it should go "down" , its not cast into the receiver.
  10. iirc there are spurs on the bottom of the hopup screw, on the gun there is a tiny spring and ball bearing that causes the "clicking" they probably shot out when you took it apart.
  11. trial and error though guns with pcs don't shoot quite as hard.
  12. and all of those wreck barrels as well.
  13. well thats responsible of them... At least tightbore sales are going to increase with the number of barrels that are going to be obliterated by them, lol.
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