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  1. I'll second Tanaka or even Marushin and I've never even owned one. A problem you may encounter sooner or later is the Umarex and WinGun single action models are CO2 powered. There was a post made on another forum where a person with a WinGun revolver had the "cup" that holds the piercing seal for the CO2 cartridge break into several pieces. There are no replacement parts available so if that happens you have a $150 paperweight, unless you can find a donor revolver.
  2. Welcome from Oxford County!
  3. I got a relatively inexpensive set of smooth white resin grips I'm working with now, trying to make it work with judicious removal of some of the material. I also found out Army grips at the front edge is 4" long, real steel is 3 7/8". Juuuuust enough to be aggravating.
  4. Thanks, I've got an Army Armament 1911 that I want to swap out the boring black checkered grips on it, but the spacing of the screws on the Army is 3 3/32", real steel is 3 1/16". I was hoping there was an existing airsoft brand with the same spacing as the Army so any grips available for those would just "drop in" fit without requiring any modification.
  5. Was wondering if anyone here who owns TM and WE 1911 pistols could do me a favor and measure the spacing of the grips screws center to center for each manufacturer and post those numbers here? TIA
  6. Maybe something like this and just wear it backwards? https://www.midwayusa.com/product/185423/gunmate-guide-chest-holster-right-hand-s-and-w-n-frame-4-barrel-nylon-black
  7. My $02, I think WE uses the "Part 38" designation for their slide release regardless of the model 1911. Your pistol is the GI version of the P-14.45 pistol, the "Hi Capa" pistol uses a 2011 style frame that is different in design as shown below. However if you notice, both diagrams show the slide release as "Part 38" even though I'm almost 100% certain they are not interchangeable. P-14 Hi Capa Did the release that didn't fit look like the first or the second one?
  8. Wow, I thought I was one of the old timers here at 52. Same here, I don't play, just plink and they're an inexpensive alternative for wall hanger display weapons.
  9. Another possible issue now would be if the cap screw backs out during play and gets lost, then you also lose the spring and the follower.
  10. Per forum rules a price must be included with all sale postings.
  11. Pictures? NM, I looked online. I REALLY wish there was a damned "delete" option for posts...
  12. Concur with the used thing. I just got a JG M16A3 AEG for less than $75 shipped and all it needed is a battery. There's deals out there, you just have to be patient/vigilant and look frequently.
  13. That is a thing of beauty. Well done! I too would like to see a firing video.
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