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  1. Does it REALLY matter that much? So what, you have to :censored2: a GBB to chamber the first round. OH NOES! Physical exertion. Sure I may have asked some silly questions when I first signed up here but those questions were actually worth answering. At least once anyway. Not 5 or 6 times like this thread. Whats the deal anyway. You want a pistol that you have to :censored2: so its looks and feels more realistic, or are you just plain lazy and want a fixed slide so you can just shoot stuff? If thats the case go buy a mini AEG. In conclusion
  2. That looks like one of them automated sites to me mate, Like when you type in something that isnt a real site. And it comes up with a page that has EVERYTHING on it. Like Health, business, sex, lifestyle, holidays. That kinda . Have a look at either redwolf or airsoft armoury depending what country u live in. BoShek
  3. Orange Paint?? Whats the point. OK I know its so people can distinguish real guns from airsoft guns and other replicas, but surely the guns should come witha removeable PLASTIC orange tip EVERYtime. Not this "lets spray the guns with orange paint and remove the markings!" No one wants to pay over 100 quid for a gun and get it out of the box only to find its been vandalised. It should be up to the buyer whether they keep the orange tip on, not the seller. I mean, you could buy a real gun with no orange tip and keep it in ur house. Maybe some people want to do that with airsoft. I mean, you could buy an airsoft gun, take the orange tip OFF when your using it at home I.e (safe environment) Garden/customised indoor area/range. And then while your transporting it anywhere put the orange tip back on. Its not like people who have real guns would want to put an orange tip on them, coz they don't want anyone to see it until the moment they use it. for example. Some guy puts a pistol in his jeans and takes a taxi into a city to rob a bank. He's not gonna put an orange tip on it while he's carrying it just incase no one sees it. Coz nobody IS gonna see it. The same with airsoft. No one will see it when your at home. And if your responsible and transporting it to an airsoft site no one is going to see it coz it will be in a case or box AND you could put the plastic orange tip on it just incase it gets checked. I just think its silly how replicas of such high quality and realism have to be vandalised and ruined with orange paint just beacuse theres a few s out there who take them out on the streets and pretend they are real. Those people need to be shot with a REAL gun. Then they might use their brains and see what they are doing is uterlly STUPID. I've said my piece BoSHek EDIT BY MODERATOR: Please keep the language PG-13.
  4. I got it from www.airsoftarmoury.co.uk In all it came to about 123 quid. with 2 cans of gas and 6000 BB's. I live in england tho. Quid = pounds. I expect thats over the 200 dollors ur willing to part with. and your quite right it is the navy seals favoured pistol, as it is our special forces favoured sidearm. The SAS! Go have a look at my TM GBB SIG 226 thread in gas guns BoShek
  5. hey leon. I would suggest the TM sig sauer GBB P226. I don't know much about GBB but I just got this one and its awesome! very accurate. nice weight, and looks very realistic. Working de-cocking lever, the slide locks back and it has hop up.
  6. ok, so ive had the gun a couple days now and have got more used to it. I allow the mag and gun to warm to room temperature before I shoot it. Usually hold the mag in my hand for a while before I go outside. Its been about 11 or 12 degrees C here the last few days. I think what I did the day I got it was shoot it too soon. It was still really cold from being in a parcel in the back or a van driving all round the country for a few days before it got delivered. If I had to say how powerfull it was...I'd say its definatley more powerful than my springer KWC sig 226 and maybe a bit more than my pump action springer MP5 (when it was new, its a bit f00ked now). dunno if its AS powerful as my Gamo P-23 .117 Co2 pistol tho. Anyway, now that I allow it to warm up its definatley a lot better. I'm really pleased with it. And in the summer when the temp is up in the 20's and 30's I expect it will be even more powerful. I wouldnt like to risk using greengas on a plastic slide just for the sake or shooting a few plant pots and fences in the winter though. Anyone else have this GBB and have anything to say about it? BoShek ooh I took a picture of it standing up on a table and made it look like its made out of water using some software. I call it "Liquid Sig"
  7. Finally got it! Its nice and heavy. Its not as powerful as I expected but I think that might be to do with the cold. The bb's tend to glide rather than blast out and hit stuff hard. They were even bouncing back at me from a polystyrene target at 5 meters! The little hop up thing has an arrow. I assume the way the arrow is facing = more hop up. Do I apply MORE if the bb's are going down after a few meters and LESS is they are going up? All the instructions are in japanese or sumthing and this is my first GBB. Anyway, just thought I'd let you all know I've got it because ive been going on about it for so many weeks. heh. is the lack of power due to the cold? (it aint really THAT cold at the moment) or is the gun just less powerfull than I expected? Thanks BoShek
  8. im from cornwall. would like to meet up for a game. theres bugger all down here, I will travel. not too far tho. maybe meet halfway?
  9. The first springer airsoft gun I ever bought (or BB gun as I called them back then) was a COLT 45 (I think it was 45, might have been 25 lol) Basically it was this mini MINI little gun with crap range and FPS. Although it was fairly accurate) Anyway. I loved this little gun. I must have been 11 or 12, maybe a bit younger. Anyway, that eventually broke and I got a KWC heavyweight sig P228 off www.airpistols.com. That was my baby, it lasted me ages, then I got drunk one night and dropped it in my garden (btw, garden is totally SAFE.) Anyway, I dropped it and something broke. The mag wouldnt stay in, it just fell out when I put it in. I took it apart and never manged to mend it. I eventually binned it and got myself a sig 226 KWC springer from a fishing tackle shop nearby (which recently burned down. Shot gun carts going off everywhere aparantly). I still have that springer to this day and use it pretty much ever couple days. The only problem is that the mag release is a bit dodgey and I'll put it in a holster or my mate will come round and spin the gun round on his finger (like your mates do) and the mag will fly out. Also, when you take the mag out of the gun with BB's in it, two BB's will always fall out of the mag?? dunno why. I even bought a silencer for the sig and blew 200 quid on a bloody night sight. haha Anyway, on with my life of BB and airsoft interest. heh. I think it was the same year, or maybe the next summer, must have been about 16. I bought a springer bolt action MP5 off of the same site I got the 226. I still have that and the only thing that gone wrong is that little bits have broken off the extenable stock so its a bit wobbly. I havent had any .20g bbs for ages so im just using cheap yellow ones. (probably damaging the barrels of my MP5 and 226). After that I read about CO2 pistols and got a gamo P23 .117 (I think thats the cal) off the SAME site, lol. Its modeled on a sig P232 I think. Can you see a trend? yes I like sig sauer! Anyway, I don't know if this could be classed as an airsoft gun because it shoots way way smaller BB's than a 6mm. and they are lead. its actually pretty powerful. I wouldnt ever use it to shoot at anybody, not that I ever do with any airsoft gun coz I live in a crappy part of england and there are NO airsoft sites anywhere :( I still use all 3 of these guns I have mentioned. (nearly everday at the moment) And they never sit in a drawer or cupboard. in fact, the P23 and the P226 are sitting along side me on the desk as im typing, both loaded and ready to go shoot some plant pots when I have a rolly after typing this. also, I have a really small CYMA gun next to me, that was £3.99 from a market. hahaha. its so shite. its cool though coz its loosely modeled on a sig sauer (maybe all of the p200 range put together) it really is crap though. anyway, I'm 18 now and I want to take the next step forward in airsoft. I cant afford an AEG rifle and ive heard electric pistlols are crap so im getting a Sig Sauer P226 Railed Frame Gas Blow Back by Tokyo Marui. I really cant wait. Im going to focus on sidearms for a few years coz they are gonna be cheaper than rifles. You know people say students are always short of cash. Im not even a student anymore. I'm in a limbo between College and a job. getting the GBB for christmas. I really cant wait. I guess I just LOVE Sig Sauer. Ive always been really into the SAS. Ever since I bought hidden and dangerous for the PC and learned who the SAS were and how they progressed after WW2 and became who they are today. The SAS have pretty much adopted the Sig 226 instead of the browning high power of earlier days. I suppose thats why I like Sig so much. plus they look so much more mean but beautiful at the same time than say Glock or any other make for that matter. Anyway, thank you to anyone who read this far to see me thanking you for it. Greatly appreciated! I took a picture of the 3 main guns I said I have and messed around with the photo on some crappy software. Heres the link http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/24716474/ I've ordered a SIGARMS "Presicion Firearms" Hat off ebay aswell! YEY! hehe. thanks for reading. Stupidly long post. Sorry! BoShek (Andy) Any airsofters in cornwall UK want to get together and start some kind of group thing? P.S Nice gear protegechris, Looks mean! :o)
  10. Hey thanks! brilliant. now I can go ahead and order it all knowing im getting the right stuff. I spose really they should have all this listed with the gun on the website. I.e which gas to use, which BB's to use. thanks lacessit! p.s Nice G3 :)
  11. I'm about to purchase the railed frame gas blow back sig 226. You guys told me to use HC134a gas with it coz green gas would damage the weapon after an amount of time. The site im going to buy the gun from (wolfarmouries) lists related products on the same page as the sig. Like this. If you are interested in this product, you may be interested in the following: FIMO Inter Corp Green Gas Predator 134a gas by abbey Should I get the 134a predator for the blow back 226? A different website to the one im buying the gun from lists these gases for blow back pistols: 250ml Blowback Gas (G17) Hi-Power SP1574MA A. Eagle 400ml Blowback Gas (summer) SP1575MA A. Eagle 750ml Blowback Gas (winter) Should I still stick with the Predator 134a gas by abbey or get the American Eagle Winter gas, seeing as im getting the gun in winter? One more thing. Should I use 0.20g bb's? I think anything heavier than that might not perform as well as it could. Thanks! This gas stuff really has confused me. Your replies will be greatly appreciated, especially any quick responces because im aiming to order the gun, gas and bb's in the next couple hours. THanks again. BoShek
  12. Think I'l buy one from england then. They don't spray them or destroy the names over here. thanks. u've made it alot clearer
  13. Shes good? Good at what? ;o) as if we didnt know. I just picked my nose. It bled. Now I have bleedin boges all over me thumb Tissue please waiter!
  14. Ghost Recon rules!!! Munz and Tunney are an unstoppable team! (or as I like to call them. "Tons of Money" coz they are worth millions!) The best FPS ive ever played would have to be Perfect Dark on the N64. Sure, the graphics aint as good as stuff thats out now but the smooth controls of the 64 make it so easy to control Jo and it feels like your are part of the game, not just playing it. Same goes for Goldeneye ont he 64 but PD is the best! BoShek P.s, yes I play video games (and PC)
  15. Just a thought, the guy never actually said the can exploded. The gas could have just leaked out into the dogs mouth or into its throat or stomach. He said it was messy. If a person emptied a whole can of gas into themselves im sure it would be messy. They might be high for a few minutes but I expect they would be quite ill. Personally I think the dog could have bitten through the can. like someone already said, dogs have a powerful jaw. Also, he didnt say what kinda dog it was. it couldve have been a breed of dog that is renound for having the most powerful bite in the world. don't ask me what that is coz I know nothing about dogs. On the other hand though, it could just be a load of old bull HooOOoOoo000OooOo000Oooo00nkey. Bull Honkey BoShek
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