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  1. I use the marushin maxi bb's right now, but I'm switching to biotech. Even if they are ridiculously expensive, they're better for my land. Oh, and thanks for the site JourneyMan.
  2. Unless I am mistaken (Someone correct me if I am) Tokyo Marui has not yet announced an exact release date for the TMP, MAC-10, or any the other guns that have not been released so far. All that they have said, is that the guns are going to be made reasonably soon, if possible.
  3. thank you for the help, but I was hoping for american suppliers.
  4. Well then, perhaps what we need is to compare the two. What are the non-cosmetic advantages of an mp7 over an mp5k?
  5. he said that he was itchy. but ,seriously, be more specific next time.
  6. No you can't. You can get EXCEL biodegradable bb's. This thread is specifically asking where you can by BIOVAL/BIOTECH bb's. Only bioval/biotech bb's are truely annd completely biodegradable. Thanks for helping though.
  7. Thats what its called and I agree. But, personally, I love how the scar looks- fish-tail and all.
  8. Less Caps Lock, more detailed and coherent speech. Then someone can help.
  9. ...How? Why? (someone help him anyway...)
  10. I am fully aware of this. All that I wanted to know was if there were any stores in the USA that carry bioval/biotech BB's. can anyone help?
  11. I appreciate your help very much, but are there any US stores that carry them?
  12. Where can you buy Bioval/Biotech Bio-BB's? Ive searched thouroughly and cant find a store that carries them. Could anyone here piot me towards an online store that I've missed?
  13. I have the 600 round tm ak mag. my question is in my post. you cant leave a normal magazine with the spring compressed, so can you leave a wound hi-cap( lets assume its empty)? how do you un-wind them?
  14. Read around the different forums, be creative with how you use the search function, use google, and you'll find everything that you need to know. There are lots of places where you can get detailed answers that most people just don't have the time to type out for you here. If you have a question that you CANT answer using the above methods, many people here will be happy to help.... just make sure that you have already done the research and that they know that you have already done the research. Best of luck! -col.char (note: this is a topic that, due to the popularity of this question, if something like it isn't already stickied(my memory is awful, sorry) it should be. thats my opinion)
  15. Absolutely! As soon as a reliable, or, heck, even an unreliable hundred-mag comes out - It,s mine!
  16. -and none of the other improvements that make this model so tempting. -Col.char
  17. Have any marui AEG's been discontinued and revived before?
  18. which guns are "current"? does current mean newbie-friendly? and what would I need to search for for ca maitenence info?
  19. More work? How so? and what are the chances of getting a lemon? on a side note, it looks like CA guns don't have to have their trademarks removed, is that true?
  20. I thought that this was only true about the newer models, and the purpose of this post was to compile a list of all CA and ICS guns that your comment (about the extra maitenence) is true for.
  21. Are there any CA or ICS guns that are as Newbie-friendly and reliable as a marui? And what about them isn't as Newbie-friendly as a marui?
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