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  1. Title related. I'm looking specifically for an M4A1 with a Knights Armament type M4 RAS quad rail, fixed FSB, and 14.5" barrel. I'm looking at the following possibilities: G&P M4 http://www.evike.com/products/37369/ + G&P RIS http://www.evike.com/products/29014/ $325 or KWA KM4 RIS http://www.evike.com/products/31649/ $330 I figure the G&P is the better option between these two. Or is there a 3rd option that I haven't considered? Thanks
  2. I think the editing time is 3 days? I have a for sale posting older than that. Now I can't edit it to lower prices or remove sold items. What am I supposed to do? I would imagine not everyone looks down at further posts for updates on sold items/lowered prices
  3. yo dawg I herd you like BUMPING AUGHGHG anyways yo make me an offer thats what OBO means PPL!!!
  4. Hi-Capa is SOLD PENDING FUNDS I can't edit the first post :(
  5. I got all this stuff for sale or for trade. All items are OBO, make me an offer via PM. I'll get pictures of the items without pictures tomorrow. I can combine shipping if you buy multiple items. What I'm looking to trade for: -Bags, Backpacks, MOLLE Load Bearing gear, MOLLE pouches etc in FDE or CB or OD or Black -Another GBB, perhaps a USP, Glock, or other from KWA, TM, KSC, KJW, etc -"real steel" gun parts/ammo (any caliber) -Magpul items: AFG, magpuls, stocks, handguards, etc -Anything from 5.11 tactical -PS3 games -HDMI cable -550 Paracord -Computer stuff: hard drives, cpus, graphics cards, etc. -Anything else (make me an offer!) What I'm not interested in: -Non-GBB airsoft gun -Non-GBB airsoft gun parts/accessories 1x Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa 5.1 $85 Shipped -Comes with 1x Magazine. The Mag leaks because the O-rings dried out (I think). Also comes with original box, manual, and TM bb's. The gun is used and shows signs of wear, but it is still fully functional (with a working mag). 1x Black Vertical Foregrip $10 Shipped -Classic Army Grip 1x NiCad 8.4v Battery $5 Shipped --Barely Used, I don't know the condition because its NiCad and might have lost some charge 1x NiMH 8.4v 1200mAh Battery $ 10 Shipped --Barely Used 1x NiMH 8.4v 1400mAh Stick Battery $15 Shipped --Barely Used 1x Woodland LBV with 4x Double Mag Pouches, 1x Dump/Accessory Pouch, 1x Butt Pack $60 Shipped -GUARDER MOD II vest, used but in very good condition. Bought for $145 same as this: 1x ACU uniform top & bottom $45 Shipped -Medium Regular Size. Bought on an airforce base, not some cheap ripoff. This has IR reflectors. Includes US ARMY velcro patch. -Used but in very good condition. No rips or tears *PICS INCOMING* 1x Woodland uniform top & bottom & hot weather cap $15 Shipped -Medium Regular Size. Bought on ebay used, military issue. Has rank pins on the top and the cap. Has an American flag as wells as a squad patch on the shoulders. -Used but in good condition. Has some small holes and imperfections from use. *PICS INCOMING* 1x Pair of Blawkhawk Nomex "fury" Gloves $50 Shipped http://www.blackhawk.com/product/Fury-Glov...x,1048,1498.htm -Green, Used but in very good condition *PICS INCOMING* 1x Pair of Cold Weather Wool Fingerless Gloves $15 Shipped -OD in color -Used but in good condition *PICS INCOMING*
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