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  1. thanks, yea I figure the hurricane kit couldnt be that good for 60 bucks and I agree with the cheaper metal receiver, id much rather save the money
  2. I screwed with the screw on the bottom of the pistol grip, that supposedly moves the motor up and down and now I cant get it to shoot like it used to. does anyone know how to fix it or have the same prob?
  3. the G&G ump is supposedly good, I have a CA mp5 a4, its awesome I never had any problems with it and it shoots 320 fps stock. ICS's are good to, I have their m4 and its great, but if u get an mp5 I reccomend the a4 because it has a full stock which means a large battery.
  4. I want a TM ak-47, with a metal body and real wood furniture, there are a few diff wood kits/metal bodies, is one better than the other? or are they basically the same also, what is the best way to get it between 350-400fps thx -adam-
  5. I have an ics M4 too and I was wondering the same thing, I wouldnt mind upgrading a couple things to make it work but not the whole mechbox I live in florida too
  6. anyone know if I can put a sun project m203 on an ics m4? I was thinking I need to kinda make it an m16 so it will fit right and it says the m203 only fits on marui guns, can I just buy a marui barrel? where would I find one? thanks ps. I don't want the marui m203, the sun project one appeals better to me
  7. ok well basically on the inside of the foregrip theres a little plastic peice on each side that holds in it place, and both broke off recently and now the whole foregrip slides up when I hold it and covers half of the barrel, its hard to explain but I was wondering if u guys knew of any good metal foregrips (they don't have to hold a battery) that I could get for it thanks -Adam!-
  8. basically im trying to remove my flash hider and put in the new metal one I bought, and I took the little allen screw out of the bottom and I cant figure out if I screw it off or just pull it out and ive tried screwing it both ways really hard and pulling hard, im triyng to to break the gun, so if anyone knows how to get it off I would appreciate it, thanks
  9. I ordered a classic army mp5 a4 (the full stock version) and a 9.6v 1700mAh battery pack and I received the battery today and then gun is coming tomorrow and I have second thoughts if the battery will fit in the stock or not thanks also the connector on the battery is big, unlike my m4 (the battery goes in the foregrip) and I wonder if the one on the mp5 a4 is big or not if u have anything that can help me please let me know sry for my newbness, lol
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