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  1. The KSV G17 slides are durable as hell, they wont break in the first hand...unlike the G34 wich does break after more use.
  2. It was about time...I used a gas for so lng that is a mix of duster and green, and an hour ago I was practicing IPSC in the basement when the slide cracked right below the barrel. It was expected after months of use with that gas. Im going to order a metalslide for my Glock34. Right now I replaced the slide with my G17 slide...looks kinda cool with the longer barrel through the G17 slide, because the recoilspring is fisnished on it, but the G34 recoilrod still is strong.
  3. Screw the 5,1 and get the 4,3 instead, that is a great gasgun. Its shorter but awesome, I know because I own and shoot one reguraly. Deadaccurate and also looks great, and is a allaroundgun. The 5,1 looks Darn ugly IMO.
  4. The G34 is one of the best handguns ive shot. Its very accurate, shoots very powerfull and is very much suitable for IPSC-stages. Ive run countless rounds through mine with no signs of wearing it off. I havent even needed to replace the recoilrod on it yet. I thought maybe the plasticslide would break but its not even one little crack on it. I would prefer a metalslide on mine..someday I will get one. The G34 is the gun I use mostly of my 5 handguns I own. So pick up one...U wont be dissapointed.
  5. Nice man, you are truly an artist. Its a shame I cant do that upgrades to my guns. I don't find anywhere to buy the parts (metalslides, sights, springs, highflows, et.c.)
  6. AEG:S seems pretty boring considering no recoil at all, and a motorsound on it.
  7. Its nothing wrong the KJW G27, I have countless rounds thorugh since I bought it last July with no problem whatsoever. It is a real tackdriver! You can trust it every time...although it is a gashog.
  8. This is yellow gas: http://www.garderoben.se/produkt.php?id=1130
  9. Its getting hot outside now and, and me and my familj go to grill and picnic often during these times. I have since I bought it last year, brought my little GLOCK27 that we enjoy shooting when grilling. Its incredible how much fun this little gun is for everyone. Alternative 1:Now I use a gas that is half as strong as green gas, its called Ultra Air Gas and the FPS we get with it outside is not what we enjoy enough. I mostly shoot inside in our basement and the light gas is great there. But outdoors is another matter. So I need stronger gas so the FPS can increase. The airsoftstore I buy from has received "Yellow Gas", is it a gas I should buy for these outdoor plinking moments? My G27 has metalslide that is strong enough to handle stronger gas. My other 4 handguns all have plasticslides. Now I know that you will tell me that it will ruin my gun, but im not intended to use the stronger gas every time, its just for outdoor plinking sessions. Alternative 2: Or should I sell my GLOCK17 that I also have (I have a buyer that is interested) and buy a SigmaCO2 for outdoor plinking? I already have a G34 wich has great FPS!
  10. Hicapa 4.3-My favorite GBB! The Sig226 has to high bore axe. but its still fun shooting it thought.
  11. From the rumors ive heard, the TM Hi-Capa 4,3 shoots better than every WA-handgun there is, including infinities. True?
  12. TM Hi-capa 4.3-For targetshooting and practical IPSC-style shooting. I love mine, its my best shooting gun. Glock19-For combat and holsterwear. USP.45-I cant say anything because I don't own this piece, but a bit large for my taste. Go for the USP Compact.
  13. I have the TM 4,3. and sometimes if you don't load the rounds in the mag right, side by side, it will not feed at all.
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