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    G36C Classic Army KJW m700 (custum paint) KJW M92 Nickel Plated More broken springers than you can shake a stick at
  1. I cannot find any existing threads on this topic, but if there are please direct me to them. I have a kjw m700 police model. I absolutely love this rifle, amazing range and accuracy. I wanted to know -If the takedown was inferior in anyway -What the length of the rifle is in pieces -If the take down harms accuracy. -If anyone is selling one. Personal experiance and owners please comment. Rumors to a minimum.
  2. Okay, I just got a KJ works M9 off of ebay and it came with the safty broken. I mean that the safty is "loose" meaning that t falls down and locks the gun after every shot. Is there a way to tighten the safty or fix this problem.
  3. I see someone is looking for information on the m700 and I own one of this rifles and my opinon is, it is a great rifle for the price. I believe that KJW is severly underated for I have had nothing but fantasic experiances with their products. I have been using my with propane which requires a certain balance of lube to not take away from accuracy and when I did the power and accuracy of this rifle was aww inspiring. At first I thought it was too good to be true but it was worth every penny. Definitly recommend it for anyone trying to break into sniping. Any more question or some story from battles I used this rifle in just pm me. Free Bump edited for grammer
  4. I'll take it send the bill to the email address I PMed you
  5. I know this is a tall order but if someone has a KJW m92 full metal or extra magazines. I need a second one and about two more magazines to complete my dual weilding experiance. I really really want another Nickle plated one and will pay $115 dollars plus the price of shipping. If not then I will take a black or chrome for $80 shipped. The gun needs to be FULL METAL, meaning no plastic slides. The magazine may not leak or the price will drop. Finally there can be no mechanical problems. I do not care about the color of the magazines. Thanks for looking at my request -KnowFear
  6. This fore grip is the fiberglass one correct, also does it come with the rails. Sorry if you already answered these question N A HURY. Free Bump
  7. I live on a farm. I house farm that is. One where all the houses are the same. But not for long, College here I come.
  8. I just got it repaired . the guy put on a new hop-bucking. I did try the spining and up and down but it didn't do crap. It looks like the sleeve was glued to the barrel . I am taking it back and going to have them fix it again, last time it took two weeks . but they are the only ones that are near me and the got some competetive rates (I guess I know why)
  9. I am try to remove my barrel from my g36c to put in the longer one for a g36k. However one little spacer piece poped out and the barrel when I put on it has some sort of clear tube on the end of it, coming from the hop-up system. I can't get the barrel out becasue of the tube and the tube is starting to tear, I can't push it back in because the tube is folded. Help me please.
  10. Alright everyone lets take a step back. This is not a Classic vs Mauri thread. I am merely looking for some cheaper manufactures that are out right crud. I have suggested Mauri to these guys but the plain and simple truth is $$$. These are high school freshmen, they don't have $300. I think I know of a few things to suggest now. Thanks. UTG Beta Spez $120 at local shop w/ mag, bat and charger.
  11. When a product says Clone they basicly mean cheap knock off, right? Or is there some cases in which a clone is okay. Personally I never trust anything beside Classic or Mauri but I got some friends that are trying to break into airsoft. But they young, got no jobs, so got no money. I told them to clear any AEG through me first. They keep bringing me print-outs of ebay Clone auctions, 'It says clone of TM ak-47 and full metal, only $70' . I keep telling them bad idea, however I am not educated enough on the more obscure airsoft manufacters to be 100% sure. I know they first rule of airsoft though "You Get What You Pay For." Help me, help them.
  12. Oh well I might go for it anyway. Thanks for the heads-up BP, I had not seen that "fix" but I know now to steer clear of it.
  13. I am looking at the Maruzen MP5KA4 Kurz. I really like the concept of a gbb smg but I hate with a passion green and 134a gas. I want to know, is there a way to upgrade this thing so that propane will be safe to use.
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