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  1. Haven't been back here for long while. This forum still exist.
  2. lol... Thanks Guges.... You really should come over to Krytac forum. It's just getting a bit frustrated to visit ASF. The board is getting slower and the graphics are buggy. I miss the good old days when Battlepriest runs the board.
  3. MK2 does has m120 installed for the US version. Unless you are outside of US like UK or Japan then it will have a m100 or m85 spring respectively. The stock gearbox can easily handle m125, m130. Above m140 I would suggest switch to solid bushing. With m150, you should by pass the mosfet. If you are curious why you should visit the Krytac forum. Speaking of which, most accurate information is on the official forum. I encourage you to visit. Just keep this in mind, don't upgrade for the sake of upgrade. And not all upgrade is as good as others claim. http://krytac.forumchitchat.com/
  4. Shameless plug. Get a Krytac. But don't take my words, Just look at all the Youtube videos with people using Krytac.
  5. KWA G36c? that's still available? They haven't made that for a long long time.
  6. Jaeger6... First let me say Thank you for your service for our country. You are doing a something that we can't do. As for Airsoft, I looked at it like a game of tag. Some people are more serious than others but statistically the majority of the players are in the early to mid teens. And honestly most players are influenced largely by video games. Even most young adult that played airsoft wouldn't have the same mentality and discipline of those have been formally trained. Milsim events is basically one big giant LARP with toy guns and people just play soldier without worrying any real consequence. So my suggestion is find people with like minded and willing to learn to build your team. But do expect people to not follow orders and go on their own. Adjust your expectation is necessary when playing at games or events with people that's not familiar to you. Now if you like me. I had done plenty Milsim games on either side. However, I do enjoy more when playing on the rebel side because we can do all sort of shenanigans. ;-) You might want to give it a try next time.
  7. When I was the Product Manager for KWA, we have to be extremely careful with the design of the gun. Legal issue have a huge impact how a replica can be made. We have to consider the following... 1. Trademark, which include Brand name / Model name. Unlike oversea regions like Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan. They don't always enforced Trade mark laws. However, selling a replica with actual branding / model name in US, Canada, UK and part of Europe can get you in legal trouble. This is why some airsoft companies will try to obtain licensing agreement to produce the replica with proper markings. Then again, even with a licence to produce. There are other safety / liability issue that are REQUIRE manufacturers to add Extra TEXT right on the gun. You'll see those commonly on Cybergun and Umarex / Elite Force products. Which is another subject to discuss. 2. Trade Dress. Similar to Trademark, but this address directly to the SHAPE and/or FEATURES of the gun. A Classic example is the Glock replica. You aren't going to find any US retailers selling a Glock like model nowadays. And Glock have filed multiple lawsuit against anyone who import, and sell any replica that resemblance the SHAPE of their Glock series gun. KWA had to changed their design/Shape and call it the ATP for this reason. 3. Safety and ATF. This mostly applied to product sold in US. BATFE (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) or short for ATF. Have very specific ruling on What is a Firearms and what is NOT a firearms. And they ruling is ABSOLUTE, any violation can be fine to jail time. Some of the replica that is sold in US, especially those Gas Blowback category are NOT ATF approved. Case in point the the KWA LM4 project that I was in charged with, the original design was done way back in Late 2009, The original gas rifle have the same EXACT dimension as the a real AR. The gun was already sold in Asia around 2010 label under KSC. The problem is, this gun can't be sold in US because the same dimension allows anyone to replace the trigger group and the airsoft lower receiver CAN INDEED fit a REAL upper receiver. That's a HUGE no no for ATF. KWA have to modify dimension THREE times in order to get approval from ATF. The gun finally released in US around early 2012. There are other guns that was BANNED on the ATF list. Like the WE M4 mentioned in previous post because it can be easily modified. 4. Airsoft parts vs. Real gun parts. As I have mentioned above that ATF have absolute ruling on a replica being a Firearms or not. This also affect how after market accessories are fitted into Airsoft gun. Obviously, most of us would love to fit real firearms accessories. However, airsoft manufacturer changes some design to be airsoft specific only to avoid ATF final ruling. For example, Thread pitch on upper receiver, some airsoft gun can't fit real rail unless you have a re-threading tool. Buffer tube dimension, some of them are either too small, or too large. Flash hider is CCW instead of CW just to name a new. As for your specific question on Taurus PT99 c02 pistol vs. the real Chrome finish, The color or the finish usually have little or no bearing on manufacture decision. The honest truth is, manufacture will make whatever gun that yield the most profit. Color variation usually will increase production cost and affect profit margin so most manufacturer will make only the most popular color... which is BLACK. Unless the gun is super popular. Like the Krytac Warsport LVOA with the Green finish. (Shameless plug here.)
  8. I honestly don't have a problem with people playing speedsoft or hardcore milsim. It's a game to have fun after all and people should enjoy the game and not using it as their own ego trip. Which unfortunately I've seen a lot of these videos lately.
  9. Just the other day, we had a discussion with DSG and HPA. The player base have changed.
  10. Buy a CQB gun, Wants to shoot long range. I fail to see the logic. Then again, it's airsoft. Or is it Speedsoft now-a-days. I must be getting old.
  11. I'm afraid no one can really give you any answer until you have something else to compared with. For one, I've never heard of 6mmProShop mag. That's probably something Evike sold exclusively. Besides, if it's a free bundle so I really don't know how good those mag quality. I recommend you to try mid cap that's tested and proven. Like PTS mag. They are expensive for a good reason. And their quality is consistent.
  12. That just mean Gunfire / Specna is doing the same thing as Echo1. Multiple OEM.
  13. For the record, Krytac have the same Marui thread pitch. So as long as your tippmann have the same thread pitch than you should be able to tighten it. My other concern is the thickness of your upper receiver. Trident Rail have anti-rotation tab on the back on the rail which will slide over the upper receiver. If your receiver is too thick then you'll probably have to do some filing to get it fit.
  14. Haha.... Goodluck flat pop the LM4. 1. Although it's easy to pump more power by changing gas valve but your gas efficiency will decrease. 2. Your FPS shot to shot in between will continue to drop because of gas eschange. Dropping FPS will drop in range and accuracy. 3. Hop-up is not like AEG hop-up system. There are very little aftermarket support for KWA hop-up to improve any range. 4. Not many tightbore barrel available for LM4.
  15. You mean KWA/KSC. KWC isn't affiliated. As for new for the glock series. I highly doubt it given with their track record. Yih Kai (their OEM) doesn't like to invest on anything new. If your FPG a PTS conversion kit or complete gun when you got it? There is quite a few different between the two.
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