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  1. I'm not sure about the other locations, but the Oakland AEX simply DOES NOT work on ICS much less do they sell them. You can pretty much assume with the other stores they don't; but firsthand the Oakland store will refuse to work on ICS. Even if they do get paid. I haven't been online in forever.
  2. I second that. That's the other main reason why I decide to get a G36c (now a G36). I don't have a problem with MP5's it's just they're so boring because I see them everywhere. If I see one with a 'nade launcher strapped to it I'll change my opinion for that moment. Other then that the MP5 thing is a little old; I'm surprised no one mentioned the MP7.
  3. There might be one; personally I've never heard anyone mention a 24 hour rule (or I don't remember). Just making sure, awhile back a lot of "newbies" were havin at it and not reading through the rules (this was awhile ago), I'm not sure who, but one of the mods started hunting. Anyways. About the propane. Propane is bad. Screws up your seals, not safe. If you want more info there's a thread on it if you search along the lines of "prove that propane = green gas". Something like that. Sure it's a cheap substitute for expensive green gas or HFC 134a, but the simple argument is; if it's bad for your gun, why bother using it?
  4. I currently don't use my sidearm, simply because I don't use that much ammunition. I have a 470 hi cap, 150? mid-cap, 50 low cap, two 100 mags. If I went through all of those mags there's something wrong with me. HOWEVER, if I had a Tanaka M40 (which I'm hoping I can save up for) I'd most likely use my sidearm; which would be my HFC 1911. If I had one probably a P90 or a G3SAS; those DO count as sidearms still right?
  5. This has nothing to do with the thread, but for future posts, please DO NOT double post. Go to edit and add whatever else you need to say. Double posting if you didn't know is when you post more than once (you posted 3 times) in succession.
  6. LOOOL oops I forgot about that. I've been out of airsoft for too long. In another post I assumed the PDI and SP were on same ratings.
  7. WhAT?! 170%? I have an SP110 Spring and I'm around 400-410 w/ .20 gram bb's or 375 w/ .25 gram bb's.
  8. Civilians cannot buy GI MARPAT. I don't know the techinicalities of someone enlisted buying you some. I'm pretty sure this just doesn't apply to here in CA.
  9. I have the semi version and my friend has the full auto version. Pretty good starter GBB although I have an HFC 1911 now so it's a backup GBB. Mine came out to 110 after shipping (I didn't get mine from Evike).
  10. Do they still use the 2 piece gearboxes? Those things make upgrades nearly impossible. My friend has a 120% that shoots only 375. I have a 110% spring in my CA that shoots 400. As long as they don't have 2 piece gearboxes they're fine. I think that's the only beef most people have with them. Oakland AEX and Gamepod in Antioch don't touch ICS at all, they could still make money even though they know it's worthless, but they won't touch it. "Unclean! Unclean!"
  11. I've heard time and time again that the KM TN performs a lot better than the Prometheus just because KM is teflon coated.
  12. If you're looking to upgrade in the future it'll be impossible to get your ICS to go more than 400, or you'll be lucky to hit just that. My friend has a 120% and is only shooting around 375 w/ .20 gram. I have a 110% shooting 400 w/ .20 gram or 375 w/ .25 gram. In layman terms...the way the ICS is designed you'll have waaay too much trouble trying to produce power from upgrades. My friend has the MP5A5 and questioned the whole upgrading thing. When he heard I was getting 400fps from just an 110% spring he came to the conclusion that maybe you really can't upgrade them because of the ICS design. I'm not sure if they've fixed the problem, but it's supposed to be this "gap" from the actual bb chamber and the gearbox which makes upgrading too much trouble. I've been to Oakland AEX and a store called Gamepod in Antioch, they both say the same thing; coincidence? No. My friend knows his AEG inside and out if you want to question his tech skills.
  13. Yeah. Especially any of you tekkies that work on gas guns AND smoke.
  14. Ugh...broken seals. *shiver* I couldn't do that to my beautiful 1911.
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